2018 NRL ladder

2015 NRL logoThe 2018 NRL ladder will be live soon, with the NRL season kicking off in March. Here you will find the latest standings and points for your NRL team, updated daily.

The 2017 season kicks off on Thursday, March 8, and takes place over 25 rounds, with each team having one byes throughout the year.

The annual State of Origin will be played over three matches between late May and early July. The 2017 NRL finals series kicks off on Friday, September 7.

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2018 NRL ladder

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NRL ladder explained:
The NRL has a simple points system: victorious teams earn two points for a victory, while losing teams earn zero for a loss. There are no points for a bye.

If a match is tied at the end of 80 minutes of regulation time, there are two five-minute halves of golden point, where any score will be the match-deciding one, be it a field goal, try, or penalty goal. The match immediately ends at that stage.

If the two teams play out a scoreless golden point period, the match will be declared a draw, with both teams earning one point. There have been 12 draws since the introduction at the start of 2003, averaging to one draw a year.

The teams with the most points will finish higher on the NRL ladder.

Teams who finish on equal on competition points after 26 rounds will have their fate decided by for and against, which is calculated by subtracting the number of points scored against the team from the points the team scores over the course of the season.

NRL Ladder history

Under the new finals system, which is the same as the one used in the AFL finals series, the team that has finished in first position has only won the premiership once, the Sydney Roosters in 2013.

The current system sees the first week have top four sides face each other, and the second four (bottom half of the top eight) play each other. The winners in the top four clashes go straight to the third week of the finals, while the losers face the winner of the second four.

The losers in the matches between the second four sides are eliminated, while the winners face the losers from the top four.

Last year’s minor premiers were the Sydney Roosters, and the Broncos were beaten by fellow top four team the Cowboys in the grand final.

The previous system was the McIntyre, the team that finished first would play eighth, second would play seventh, and so on, with the two highest-ranked losers getting a second chance. This was abandoned in favour of the current system in 2011.

Last updated: 13 March, 2018