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Always loved writing and thought I should give this a go. Love most sports although the Sharkies are the team I'm the most passionate about. Follow me on Twitter @davidholden3101



That’s in Queensland?

It’s Round 3 - lay off the State of Origin talk!

Well done. Finally someone is talking reality

Cameron Smith's Cronulla complaint is crying over spilt milk

No Steve Smith?

Ashton Turner stuns India

I’d like to see Super Netball recognised as the premier women’s sport in Australia. It certainly is on many levels but seems to get a little lost in the race to promote other codes. Coming from the dad of two netball daughters.

After a year of progress, here's what women's sport needs to work on

Thanks Ronan. Any idea as to what Maxwell’s average and strike rate is when he doesn’t bowl six overs? Just looking to check he isn’t being replaced because he’s being belted around.

Maxwell's bowling can shape Australia's World Cup campaign

There is some talk that the Sharks are under the cap for 2019, so it’s questionable as to what calibre player they would need to offload. Heard that Ava is off to the UK so be interesting to see how it plays out. Kudos to Barry Russell for speaking out

NRL penalties will force Sharks to lose a player: reports

I understand the importance of expanding the game, but culling or relocating Sydney teams is surely just shooting the NRL in the foot. Like it or not, Sydney and Brisbane are NRL heartland. By reducing Sydney teams, you disillusion a number of fans who are then at risk of checking out the Giants or Swans. The effect at the grassroots level would be just as significant.

Fixing rugby league step two of five: Reduce or relocate teams

Couldn’t agree more. Sharks will have a few things to sort following the salary cap ruling but they are more financially secure than a number of clubs who are already propped up by the NRL. The media love to paint a picture but it is far from the reality

Fixing rugby league step two of five: Reduce or relocate teams

Paine is also 34. Assuming you are right and he plays until he retires in a few years time, who are you picking to replace him?
Stats can also be moulded to support an argument. Say you take Carey’s average over the last 3 seasons only. 38 innings, average of a bit over 36. I still think he’s next cab off the rank.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

Maybe, but Carey is averaging 75 so far this Sheffield Shield season whilst Philippe has scored a century. Paine should, and will, be the keeper in the Ashes but it’s not as if he doesn’t have challengers going forward.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

I agree that Paine needs to score some runs to hold off his challengers including Alex Carey, Matt Wade and even Josh Philippe.

It’s fair to say though, with Smith at least another 12 months away from the captaincy, we need Tim Paine leading the side in the Ashes series

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

Depends who you support…for me, 2016 was clearly the best ever. No second place unfortunately.

Eight reasons the 2018 grand final was the best in a decade

A bit harsh, I think. Barty is only 22 after a couple of years off and De Minaur and Popyrin are only 19. I think Popyrin has the best potential of the lot and could be top 10 within 2-3 years

Maybe we all just settle down about Australia's next generation of tennis players?

Of course we do. It’s a different type of tennis, is fun to watch, it’s generally something that Australians are good at and is why middle aged guys like myself can still get a hit of tennis every now and then.

There is no doubt that a singles grand slam title carries more weight but that’s no reason to phase doubles out of the sport.

Do we need doubles in tennis?

Perception doesn’t always equal reality. I will be the first to admit there are some grubby players in that team but not one has been accused of a serious offence so why the Cronulla hate everywhere? Can you imagine the outrage if Fifita was DUI? Flanagan had to go and I think John Morris will actually be good for the club, both in terms of performance and sponsors.

Is John Morris too nice to coach the Sharks?

“A team of baddies”. I’m not sure that “cheating” on a coin toss compares to any type of assault, so I think the “baddies” tag is a bit overdone for the Sharks. DUI, assault etc, we should be focussing on some other teams.

John Morris is well respected down at Shark Park, doing some great work with younger players. I think he will be fine.

Is John Morris too nice to coach the Sharks?

They absolutely can. I’m just thinking that more fathers than mothers are cricket fans generally. Happy to be proven wrong

Scheduling change for 2019 puts WBBL it at risk

Yes, fair enough. We don’t appear to have a Terry in our midst. Hazlewood and Starc should get plenty of wickets though (if Starc can get it to swing)

Three changes confirmed in new-look Australian squad to play Sri Lanka

I may be crazy but, with the exception of Sidds, I like that side. If a couple of the newbies can get some runs at the GABBA, the Ashes may not be as bad as we think. I’m old enough to remember the UK media labelled worst Australian team ever win the Ashes around 30 years ago. A young Steve Waugh and Mark Taylor ripped them apart. Hopefully history repeats.

Three changes confirmed in new-look Australian squad to play Sri Lanka

Difficult to argue with the call to drop Finch and M.Marsh, but it feels like we are just shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is a shame that no fringe players have really put their hand up with Smith and Warner out

Aaron Finch, Mitchell Marsh set to be dropped for Sydney Test

Surprised Suncorp Super Netball didn’t make your list. Record tv ratings and attendances in best quality netball competition in world. It remains the premier women’s sport in Australia

The best women's sports moments of 2018

Spinsky, as a long term Sharks supporter, I agree that the place is in need of a clean out. Though I think Barry Russell may be a little too honest compared to other club CEO’s, this may work for us in the long run. If news of the $8m cash injection over the next month is true, we are a long way away from financial oblivion so hopefully relocation gossip can be put to bed.

Confession of a Sharks tragic

Thanks all. I didn’t name Seibold, Bennett or Cleary as I think all will get at least 2 seasons to get the job done. Of course, if one of those teams goes into freefall, anything can happen.

I can understand the comments re Brennan and Brown but I still don’t think either have a squad with the same quality as the Eels, Cowboys or Raiders. Although with Ramien, Klemmer and others joining the Knights, the pressure will start to build on Brown.

I think Hasler and Pay are safe. Re St George, the calls for McGregor come annually but a similar finish in 2019 is probably enough

The NRL coaches under pressure in 2019

That was a fantastic effort last night. Sometimes it takes adversity to bring out the best in someone, so with no Smith or Warner, Khawaja shined. He went with a clear plan to play the spinners (much like Hayden did many years ago in India) and it worked. With Head and Finch looking solid to, hopefully there will be competition for spots when Bancroft, Smith and Warner return. A top 6 of Warner, Finch, Khawaja, Smith, Head and Maxwell looks pretty good to me although there is a long way to go before that becomes a reality. Paine had a real captain’s knock and I’d love for him to be VC once Smith returns

Khawaja and Paine come of age as Australia shine in Dubai

Scott, don’t think our premiership window is closed at all. Our current rep players are all running around next year (Wade Graham and Paul Gallen would have made a big difference last night) and we have arguably the best crop of juniors coming through given we are in the NSW Cup and Jersey Flagg GF’s this weekend. The trick is keeping the top juniors at the club which I think goes a long way to explain why we have let a number of first graders leave. We may struggle to win next year but the next 3-5 years look good to me

Seven talking points from Melbourne Storm vs Cronulla Sharks NRL preliminary final