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I checked the book of Gibson quotes. Maybe I misquoted his misquote

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 3

Cam, if you read the article, you would have noticed that the list was in chronological order, not ranking in terms of biggest miracle. Too hard to split in my opinion

2016: The year of the sporting miracle

Quantity of the breach was very, very different but then I’m 100pc biased

2016: The year of the sporting miracle

We were at Cathy Freeman’s night at the Olympics. Never been a part of such a great atmosphere…I will always remember it

What events are on your sporting bucket list?

Chris Matthews comes to mind as well

The ten most cringe-worthy moments in Australian sport

yes, came in at Number 2

The ten most cringe-worthy moments in Australian sport

Sorry my error there. I did know it was pentathlon as I think he tested positive at the fencing discipline. Didn’t transfer to my typing skills however

The ten most cringe-worthy moments in Australian sport

Fair point about Jack. The reason I didn’t include her was that she wasn’t the first, but she would be definitely in the mix. I included the peptides given the scale, but also all the drama at the announcement.

The ten most cringe-worthy moments in Australian sport

I thought for a while about including Sally Robbins and I did mention mental exhaustion as a possible explanation. However at that moment, which is what this is about, it just looked like she had given up.

The ten most cringe-worthy moments in Australian sport

Trying to remain positive because it feels like there is a long way to go in this

This season's NRL ladder climbers and sliders

Probably best you take that up with the Roar management, mate. Hopefully not too far away from starting these again but crazy times indeed

The NRL needs to continue

I’m one of the SCG only members who are too stingy to fork out another $25 for a reserved seat. There’s something pretty cool about lining up at the SCG before the sun comes up. Always look forward to the first coffee!

Is being a member of the SCG worth the money?

Sharks, Saturday night, no crowd, rank underdogs….we win these types of games for fun

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 2

5 finals series in a row is pretty good and I think the Sharks will be thereabouts again. Much depends on Johnson’s fitness but they have a talented group of young players coming through. The future is actually bright at the Sharks

The Sharks' ups and downs

As a Sharks fan, Flanno will always hold a special place for me. Just dirty he has signed on with the Dragons

Why the Dragons can cover Jack de Belin’s loss this season

He develops a great rapport with his players…not sure he is a great coach though as he had an impressive squad in 2016

Why the Dragons can cover Jack de Belin’s loss this season

It will take something of a miracle to turns the Dragons around this year. Shane Flanagan is not the messiah, Scotty, he’s a very naughty boy…

Why the Dragons can cover Jack de Belin’s loss this season

Just saw the Kiwis at $11. Seems good odds to me

Can Australia be beaten in the Women's T20 World Cup?

I think the Sharks were everyone’s number 2 team until we won the comp (although the peptides scandal didn’t help). Now we are hated and I’m more than comfortable with that…means we are a threat

A user's guide to help you select an NRL club to support: Part 1

T20 can be pretty fickle and I don’t think Australia will dominate from start to finish. New Zealand, with the likes of Sophie Devine, Suzie Bates and Rachel Priest, can score quickly and they have that leg spinner in Amelia Kerr who could be in for a big World Cup. A lot of the media is treating this as a done deal and a celebration of Australian women’s cricket. But there are a number of teams that can win on their day. Australia should take out this World Cup, but I think most of us are getting ahead of ourselves

Women’s T20 World Cup to bolster pedestrian international summer

Sorry Mary, I can’t agree with you on this. It’s unfortunate that they need to move from Shark Park for a period of time but there is a valid financial reason for this. The development there has put them in a strong cash position and they are making sound investments so far. Rather than being upset that Shark Park won’t have massive upgrades (which of course every fan would like), the majority would be happy to know that the club is financally viable for the longer term.

They have had an unfortunate runs with CEO’s, and need to look at their recruitment process, but we don’t know the reason why Munro and the Club didn’t work out. Maybe we will find this out in the future and maybe there will be reason for concern, but, for now, you may be jumping the gun on this.

Cronulla's off-field dysfunction will eventually catch up on the field

I agree with that. You need to go with your strongest 11. Marnus, Steve Smith and Travis Head can all bowl some overs if needed

Langer says Test side likely to stay unchanged for June series against Bangladesh

I’ve always liked the theory that, to be a top all-rounder, you need to be good enough in batting or bowling to be picked on that alone. I don’t think we have anyone in Australia who fits that description so we shouldn’t be picking one

Moises Henriques should be Australia’s preferred all-rounder

Could always select himself

Stability returns to Australia's top six

Yes, it’s a fair point, there is no Martin Love, Stuart Law or Brad Hodge waiting in the wings. Shaun Marsh and Tom Cooper are topping the Shield aggregates at the moment and neither of those will get a run. Kurtis Patterson could be that guy but his quad injury came at the wrong time. I can’t see Nic Maddinson or Will Pucovski selected until they can get an extended run.

Stability returns to Australia's top six