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The selection of Australia’s Test cricket team always incites fierce controversy and criticism of the selectors. Observing recent selections it is clear that the Australian selectors are not adopting a Moneyball approach.

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On Wednesday night we were lucky enough to witness a grown man – a professional football player no less – wearing a bra.

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Big things were expected from Richmond this season. It was widely accepted in the football world that the Tigers would continue their excellent form from last year.

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The Wellington Hurricanes’ season has been perplexing. They are winning games in a New Zealand Super Rugby Conference filled with teams that have significantly more ‘star power’ than their own.

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When the Wallabies or the Australian and South African Super Rugby provinces sit down to their analytical work, they have at their disposal an imported system to scrutinise the statistics and video.

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One of the main reasons I enjoyed the book Moneyball so much was that I felt like I was reading about a bunch of kindred spirits, people who were seeking better analysis of a game through more meaningful statistics.

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In his highly acclaimed book Moneyball, writer Michael Lewis showed how sometimes you can win, or at least be competitive, by focusing on the basic skills of the game and looking through the athleticism to find value players who have an innate ability to play the game.

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