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NBA LogoThe National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league in North America and is universally regarded as the most prestigious in the world.

The competition consists of 30 clubs, 29 from the US and one from Canada competing in an 82-game regular season.

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NBA teams are divided into two conferences, East and West. Conferences are further split into three divisions comprising five teams each.

The season culminates in the playoffs, followed by the NBA Finals series.

All matches in the playoffs and The Finals are best-of-seven game knockout series. The top eight teams in each conference qualify, with conference quarterfinals, conference semi-finals and conference finals being played to determine who qualifies for the NBA finals.

The most recent NBA champions are the Milwaukee Bucks, who defeated the Phoenix Suns 4-2 to claim their second NBA title.

The NBA, originally the Basketball Association of America (BAA), was founded in 1946. In 1949, after merging with the rival National Basketball League (NBL), the NBA was established under its current moniker.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the league’s leading point scorer of all time (38,387), Wilt Chamberlain has the most rebounds (23,924) and John Stockton has the most assists ever recorded (15,806).


NBA teams

Eastern Conference

Team Location Championships (last title)
Atlantic Division
Boston Celtics Boston, Massachussetts 17 (2008)
Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn, New York 0
New York Knicks Manhattan, New York 2 (1973)
Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 3 (1983)
Toronto Raptors Toronto, Ontario (Canada) 1 (2019)
Central Division
Chicago Bulls Chicago, Illinois 6 (1998)
Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland, Ohio 1 (2016)
Detroit Pistons Detroit, Michigan 3 (2004)
Indiana Pacers Indianapolis, Indiana 0
Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2 (2021)
Southeast Division
Atlanta Hawks Atlanta, Georgia 1 (1958)
Charlotte Hornets Charlotte, North Carolina 0
Miami Heat Miami, Florida 3 (2013)
Orlando Magic Orlando, Florida 0
Washington Wizards Washington, D.C. 1 (1978)

Western Conference

Team Location Championships (last title)
Northwest Division
Denver Nuggets Denver, Colorado 0
Minnesota Timberwolves Minneapolis, Minnesota 0
Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1 (1979)
Portland Trail Blazers Portland, Oregon 1 (1977)
Utah Jazz Salt Lake City, Utah 0
Pacific Division
Golden State Warriors Oakland, California 6 (2018)
Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles, California 0
Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles, California 17 (2020)
Phoenix Suns Phoenix, Arizona 0
Sacramento Kings Sacramento, California 1 (1951)
Southwest Division
Dallas Mavericks Dallas, Texas 1 (2011)
Houston Rockets Houston, Texas 2 (1995)
Memphis Grizzlies Memphis, Tennessee 0
New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans, Louisiana 0
San Antonio Spurs San Antonio, Texas 5 (2014)

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