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'It's dangerous': Nadal rips Kyrgios for reckless shot

18-time grand slam champion Rafael Nadal has criticised Nick Kyrgios for a “dangerous” shot during the pair’s second-round meeting at Wimbledon.

In a tense affair, Nadal overcame the Australian in four sets 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 7-6.

During the third set, Kyrgios didn’t apologise for blasting a forehand right at Nadal, a decision he later doubled down on in his own press conference.

While Nadal didn’t appear to have a problem with Kyrgios failing to apologise, he did say the shot could be dangerous for others on the court or in the stands.

The meeting between the pair was always going to be a fiery contest after Kyrgios’ recent comments about the “super salty” Spaniard.

Nadal admitted after the match that Kyrgios has many of the tools needed to be a grand slam champion, yet reinforced that he needs to provide the same level of effort against everyone he faces.