Why we don’t like Bernard Tomic

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    Bernard Tomic has got it wrong. After his straight set loss to Mischa Zverev at Wimbledon, he commented that the reason the Australian public didn’t like him was because we were jealous of the life he was living.

    He could use cash to buy a cash or house while most of us struggle to get a loan. But, he’s got it wrong.

    We like Adam Scott, we like Jason Day, we like Matthew Dellavedova, and I wouldn’t mind their career earnings which so far dwarf Bernard Tomic’s. No, we dislike him for a number of reasons, the largest one being that he is obviously talented but doesn’t have the fighting spirit or desire to give 100 per cent.

    Lleyton Hewitt won Wimbledon and Pat Rafter went down in a classic to Goran Ivanisevic. Both of these players would freely admit that they weren’t the most talented on tour but they fought hard and never gave up. Bernard may continue to play on the ATP tour but the current Davis Cup captain must be close to putting a permanent marker through his name.

    The reality is at the moment Tomic can do as he says, getting into the main draw at ATP events and having a crack if he wants. His ranking dropped to 59 just before Wimbledon and his opening round loss would likely means he drops further into the 60s.

    Bernard Tomic mid swing

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    It is conceivable that the ranking slide continues and that Tomic falls outside automatic qualification for tournaments. If this happens, its unlikely that he would swallow his pride and go through qualifying. So, I’d expect in the next six months we will see a renewed focus or possibly an exit altogether from the game.

    We don’t like Tomic because he gives up. We also don’t like him because he has continually snubbed Tennis Australia, which has provided him with funding early on, and a number of former players who have offered assistance. Say what you like about Nick Kyrgios, but its obvious he has a mountain of respect for Hewitt and, injuries permitting, will most likely make the top ten or even higher.

    Finally, we don’t like Tomic because he shows no respect to his sport. If he is bored and wants to stop playing, that’s fine. Stop playing. Don’t be bored and continue to play on, deciding when to try and when to throw a match. The poor people who can’t splash cash on a house may have paid money to be a spectator and are not getting any value from that lack of effort.

    So, Bernard, if you are reading, you are wrong. Your lifestyle has nothing to do with why we don’t like you. There are many, many other reasons why.