START-TIME BINGO: When will the Mayweather vs McGregor fight actually start?

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    Okay, we all know it’s the ‘fight of the century’ but what time does the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather actually start?

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    Even if you have no interest in boxing, chances are you’ll be one of thousands of Aussies searching for a pub to watch the fight.

    The undercard is due to start at 11am AEST on Sunday August 27 in Australia.

    Depending on how long those early fights last, the main event is likely to start around 2pm AEST.

    We’ll have full coverage of the fight here on The Roar with a live blog during the day, including the undercard.

    For more information on the fight itself check out our Mayweather-McGregor page.

    In 2015, before the previous fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao the fight was delayed due to technical glitches and slow processing of pay-per view orders in the lead-up to the bout.

    So due to these reasons there’s no way of knowing exactly what time the big dance will get underway.

    In the tradition of The Roar we’ve decided to have a bit of fun just like we do on State of Origin nights and ask for your predictions on what time we’ll hear the bell to start the first round.

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