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Mainstream media is slipping further behind the curve

Mainstream media is slipping further behind the curve

21 Jul 2014

I love quotations. They are windows into the minds of scientists, philosophers, writers, performers, politicians and even, occasionally, athletes. The impending sense of discovery makes scrolling through quotes exciting. Whenever I stumble across a really great quote I’m reminded that well written words are as much a medium for discovery as they are a means […]

Squeak will roar as Wallabies skipper

Squeak will roar as Wallabies skipper

7 Jun 2014

As an eighteen-year-old fresh out of high school I was invited to pre-season training with the Natal Sharks. The sweltering temperatures in Summer time meant many of our fitness sessions were held on Durban beachfront. Covered in sand we ran laps between piers until everyone’s attention was caught by a single runner sprinting to the […]

The pride of ignorance: How should athletes use the privilege of a platform?

26 May 2014

A group of beaming smiles encircle an impossibly adorable lion cub. They rub its belly and paddle away a flurry of playful swipes while cameras go into overdrive capturing the event. Everything about the combination of cute animals and besotted humans appeals to our moral instincts. But in the case of captive wildlife our moral […]

RATHBONE: Mowen’s departure may just be the beginning

RATHBONE: Mowen's departure may just be the beginning

22 Mar 2014

From the evolution of life itself to the survival of businesses, competition plays a crucial role in forcing adaptation. When resources are limited, those who fail to adapt or whose change is too slow are soon trampled by groups able to quickly transform themselves. Sport in Australia is an ultra competitive marketplace. Given our relatively […]

The Brumbies must harness their mental toughness to achieve success

The Brumbies must harness their mental toughness to achieve success

10 Mar 2014

The Brumbies have undergone an unprecedented amount of change leading into 2014. The changes include a new coaching structure, a new HQ, a host of new players and (soon) a new CEO. All of which preceded Ben Mowen’s decision to end his Brumbies career later this year. We’ve already had the disappointment of getting belted […]

RATHBONE: My take on Jake’s resignation

RATHBONE: My take on Jake's resignation

27 Sep 2013

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway Hemingway’s quote can be interpreted many ways, but to me it represents that the best writing, and in fact the best anything, is that which is founded on the truth. Yesterday I jogged through a beautiful […]

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