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2014: The year of equality in the AFL

3 Feb 2014

All the talk in the off season from various men who count at the AFL has been about equalisation, and I thought it might be handy to get a grasp on exactly what developments took place to bring us up to date. On August 28th, the AFL released a statement on the 2014 fixture which […]

AIS defeat NZ in an Aussie rules thriller

27 Jan 2014

The New Zealand Hawks have gone down to the AIS Under 17 squad in a close match, with the AIS 4.16.40 defeating New Zealand Hawks 5.6.36. Justin Davies is the coach of the New Zealand Hawks, which played out a thriller agains the AIS Academy Under 17s at Westpac Stadium in Wellington on Saturday. A […]

New Zealand Hawks to take on AFL AIS Academy

18 Jan 2014

The New Zealand Hawks will take on a squad from the AFL AIS Academy in Wellington at Westpac Stadium on January 25th with a very strong squad that is believed to be every chance of beating the Australians after the 2013 game ended with a 43-point loss to the New Zealand side. The New Zealand […]

The foundation of state Australian football leagues

The foundation of state Australian football leagues

12 Jan 2014

Followers of the sport of Australian football might be surprised to learn just how unpopular the game was before being adopted by state associations in the 1880s. In almost every territory outside of Victoria, the matter of which rules to play was up for considerable debate. South Australia might have ended up a soccer state […]

East Fremantle FC – the giants of WA footy

East Fremantle FC - the giants of WA footy

6 Jan 2014

The East Fremantle Football Club is often forgotten by some who debate modern football history, but it shouldn’t be. While we know a lot about Port Adelaide and its success thanks to its AFL application process and current presence, little is known outside of Fremantle and WA circles about the club that is the second […]

Port Adelaide and the power of possibility

Port Adelaide and the power of possibility

3 Jan 2014

If you live in Adelaide and follow the footy at all in the last 23 years, you’ll be familiar with the divide that separates the Adelaide Crows and the Port Adelaide Power. One has been a team that for all intents and purposes claimed to represent all South Australians, and the other has been something […]

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