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The biggest AFL tournament kicks of in Dublin, Ohio

The biggest AFL tournament kicks of in Dublin, Ohio

9 Oct 2014

This weekend there will be the largest Australian Football tournament in the world – and it won’t even be held in Australia. It’s the 17th USAFL National Championships in Dublin, Ohio.

Australian rules football: An international game

8 Oct 2014

Australian rules football at an international level is often regarded with some amusement by the association football, rugby union and rugby league crowds, primarily because of its lack of competition outside the country.

2014 EU AFL Cup to be the biggest ever

6 Oct 2014

With all the Aussie rules seasons over, the centre of Australian football moves to London and the 2014 Euro Cup.

International Cup 2014 preview: USA Freedom

5 Jul 2014

For the first time at the AFL International Cup, the United States will be sending two women’s sides to take part – the Freedom and the Liberty. I had a brief chat with their coach Leigh Barnes about how preparations are coming along.

IC 2014 preview: USA Revolution

4 Jul 2014

As we head towards the 2014 International Cup, I had a brief chat with Matthew Bishop, the coach of the United States mens Australian Football side, the Revolution.

International Cup 2014 preview: India Tigers

3 Jul 2014

In the lead up to the AFL International Cup, I had a brief chat with Sudip Chakraborty, the secretary general of the Australian Rules Football Association of India (ARFAI).

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