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International Cup 2014 preview: USA Freedom

5 Jul 2014

For the first time at the AFL International Cup, the United States will be sending two women’s sides to take part – the Freedom and the Liberty. I had a brief chat with their coach Leigh Barnes about how preparations are coming along. Barnes is originally from Tasmania, where he was a champion full forward […]

IC 2014 preview: USA Revolution

4 Jul 2014

As we head towards the 2014 International Cup, I had a brief chat with Matthew Bishop, the coach of the United States mens Australian Football side, the Revolution. Matt spent some time playing footy in central New South Wales, with most of his senior footy playing footy in Brisbane and Sydney. He began his coaching […]

International Cup 2014 preview: India Tigers

3 Jul 2014

In the lead up to the AFL International Cup, I had a brief chat with Sudip Chakraborty, the secretary general of the Australian Rules Football Association of India (ARFAI). In 2008, Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting began promoting the game of Australian Rules Football in Kolkata, India. At the time Sudip was in his final […]

International Cup 2014 preview: Ireland Warriors

27 Jun 2014

The Irish Warriors are the most successful team in the International Cup, having won the event twice and placed in the top four at every other event since. They are the current title holders. Along with Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, the Irish are in the upper echelon of international sides. They are currently […]

International Cup 2014 preview: Great Britain

22 Jun 2014

In a few short months the International Cup will kick off in Melbourne, and one of the teams making the journey is the Great Britain Bulldogs. The Bulldogs squad consits of 28 players – three from Scotland, three from Wales and the rest from England. The team includes fourteen players presently based in Australia – […]

2014: The year of equality in the AFL

3 Feb 2014

All the talk in the off season from various men who count at the AFL has been about equalisation, and I thought it might be handy to get a grasp on exactly what developments took place to bring us up to date. On August 28th, the AFL released a statement on the 2014 fixture which […]

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