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No room for the common supporter

Roar Guru
24th September, 2008

Out of curiosity, I jumped on the AFL site this week to see just how hard it is to obtain a grand final ticket. To my amazement I realised that if you aren’t connected with the AFL, then you have Buckley’s chance of getting a GF ticket.

Of course, GF tickets are always going to be high demand, but I think it stinks that the average Joe Blow doesn’t even have the opportunity to line up and buy tickets.

According to the AFL site, you have to be a member of an AFL club, an MCC member or connected to the AFL in some way. Even being a member of one of the competing clubs doesn’t always get you a seat.

From personal experience, as a country member of the Swans I had no chance of getting tickets during their GF years. Only premium members who payed $800 a year were granted access to GF tickets. I presume it would be the same for other clubs.

So there are only two legitimate ways (not counting scalpers or ebay) for the common supporter to get tickets.

One is to get lucky in winning a competition or the other is buying a hospitality package, and who can afford that at $2,000 a pop?

So it seems that money can buy everything. I just think it is dangerous for the AFL to shun the common supporter from the GF. They rely on these people to go to games during the home and away season, and if they don’t grant more GF tickets to this group then it could have an effect on crowd numbers in normal games.

Yes, I’m having a whinge because I am neither lucky nor rich. Looks like I will just have to make do with watching it on TV.