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Eddie McGuire's Adelaide rant is wrong

Roar Guru
11th April, 2010
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If this week has shown anything, it has shown to me there is a severe outbreak of foot and mouth syndrome in the AFL.

Eddie McGuire’s rant about feral supporters in Adelaide was nothing short of a publicity stunt designed to revive flagging ratings on Triple M.

If the Winter Olympics wasn’t a lesson in what you don’t say, this should be. An AFL club President slagging fans surely warrants sanction from head office – Jeff Kennett was punished for less.

McGuire calling AAMI Stadium “unsafe” is unqualified from him as I can’t remember the last time he sat in the masses with the fans. I think the prawn sandwiches have got to his brain as he forgets how safe AFL games are.

Take it from me; I’ve been to European football grounds where fans are separated to make sure there are no riots and cities are shut down as a precaution for big matches.

Here I can sit next to a Collingwood supporter if I want to.

Also, if AAMI Stadium is unsafe, what does that make Victoria Park? I think on the scale of safeness it makes Vic Park is the AFL’s version of Afghanistan and I’m pretty sure most fans would agree.

McGuire also shows a level of hypocrisy. Was it not him who refused to investigate Magpies fans chanting disgraceful insults at Gary Ablett Jnr?

Was it not three Collingwood supporters who were accused of bashed Nathan Jones’ father Brad at the MCG?


If that’s safer than AAMI Stadium I’ll run nude at the MCG when Collingwood next play.

McGuire has once again given ammo to his detractors (I am not one surprisingly). He has crossed the line between club official/agent and broadcaster which has become increasingly prevalent in broadcasting.

Another man I’m taking aim at is Jason Dunstall, the Foxtel commentator and Hawthorn football director, to show Eddie is not the only one. Dunstall is happy to speculate about other clubs players and their futures.

However, a mention of Campbell Brown and trade week gets him defensive and downright rude to others in the media. If Dunstall cannot perform his duties properly, he must be sacked.

But they both will not face scrutiny. Eddie is too big for Andrew Demetriou and he’ll let it pass.

It’s a shame as it could send a huge message to all club officials by shutting Eddie’s huge mouth.