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    Gold Coast vs. Essendon

    Metricon Stadium
    2012 AFL Premiership Season April 14, 2012
    Essendon won by 17 points
    Gold Coast Essendon
     Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
    Q12315   5636
    Q27547   71052
    Q312779   101272
    Q4131088   1515105

    Gold Coast Suns and Essendon clash at Metricon Stadium with the home side looking to register their first win of the season, and the visitors to avoid their first loss. Join us for live scores and commentary from 7.40pm AEST.

    The Suns will be approaching this fixture determined to win back some respect, after an effort last week against St Kilda that can only be described as pathetic.

    This followed a lacklustre performance in round one against Adelaide, so they must be looking to atone.

    Also motivating them should be the embarrassment that took place against the Bombers in round six last year, conceding fifteen goals in the first quarter before going on to lose by 139 points.

    Almost all have been mesmerized by the feats of Gary Ablett in the first two weeks, and no less a figure than dual premiership teammate Cameron Mooney was unequivocally in the affirmative when asked if the Gold Coast skipper has raised his game to a whole new level.

    Fans, media and opposition have lauded his feats in gathering over 40 possessions and kicking a couple of goals in each match, but the problem has been that his teammates have looked more like spectators themselves, rather than fellow professionals and competitors.

    Only David Swallow could hold his head high alongside the 2009 Brownlow Medalist, fighting hard to win plenty of football and leading the Suns’ tackle count at the same time.

    I blogged the Gold Coast game last week and put the acid on talented youngsters Aaron Hall and Harley Bennell to get more involved physically, but they didn’t respond.

    To this group can be added ex-Bulldog Jarrod Harbrow – between the three of them, they have laid five tackles in the two matches so far.

    And while all three would be considered ‘outside’ players, it is incumbent upon them to get their hands dirty, and apply more pressure than they are currently doing.

    Coach Guy McKenna is going through a dark period, working under the question mark of whether he’ll receive a new contract before the year is out, and many want him judged on the greater defensive presence of his young charges.

    So far it has been non-existent, but they get their chance to turn this around tonight.

    Essendon fans, on the other hand, have appointed teen boy-band One Direction as their mascots, believing their name signifies the only way the Bombers are going. As the club theme song suggests, it’s up.

    This is the last in a ‘soft’ opening treble for the Dons, starting the season playing three teams ranked below them and out of the finals last year.

    Record a win here, as they surely will, and they’ll reside in the upper echelon of the ladder with a confidence boosting 3-0 next to their name.

    The Bombers had to work hard and played well in round one against North, and were happy to get the result last week as injuries started to take their toll in the game against Port.

    Rumours had Brent Stanton being treated for leather poisoning early this week, such have been his ball winning exploits so far in 2012, and he’s been ably supported as would be expected by captain Jobe Watson.

    Leroy Jetta has provided spark and goals in the front half, while the rejuvenated Courtney Dempsey is showing no ill effects from his knee reconstruction from last year, and seems to have come back a more poised player in the backline.

    Paddy Ryder looks to have taken the step closer to the elite bracket that many have been hoping for, while Michael Hurley has yet to taking games apart despite promising to do so. Essendon will only be better when he does, and it could be tonight.

    Time for a prediction then. Gold Coast have only kicked 17 goals this year, and Campbell Brown has four of them, so he’ll be missed, although this may be offset by the return of Nathan Bock.

    He looked a presence up forward in the NAB Cup, but there’s no telling whether he’ll play forward or back.

    No club will say so publically, but the middle tier of 6-8 teams expected to push for finals will be looking at these games against the expansion clubs as percentage boosters, an element which may prove crucial when it comes to securing eighth spot at the end of the year, or even a home final.

    Essendon won’t be taking a backward step, and I don’t see that the Suns have much in the way of arsenal to stop them. Bombers by 70 points.

    Join me here on The Roar and offer up any questions or comments you may have during the live blog, which begins about half an hour before the first bounce, at 7.40pm AEST.

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    Quarter 1
    1' GOAL - Jared Brennan (Gold Coast)
    3' GOAL - Patrick Ryder (Essendon)
    4' GOAL - Tom Bellchambers (Essendon)
    7' GOAL - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
    10' BEHIND - Leroy Jetta (Essendon)
    11' BEHIND - Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
    12' GOAL - Jobe Watson (Essendon)
    16' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
    17' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast)
    19' GOAL - Kyle Reimers (Essendon)
    22' BEHIND - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
    24' BEHIND - Jake Melksham (Essendon)
    25' BEHIND - Josh Fraser (Gold Coast)
    27' BEHIND - Gary Ablett Jr (Gold Coast)
    29' GOAL - Josh Caddy (Gold Coast)
    31' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
    Quarter 2
    2' BEHIND - Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
    5' GOAL - Gary Ablett Jr (Gold Coast)
    7' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast)
    8' BEHIND - Heath Hocking (Essendon)
    9' GOAL - Aaron Hall (Gold Coast)
    12' GOAL - Brandon Matera (Gold Coast)
    13' GOAL - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
    15' GOAL - Gary Ablett Jr (Gold Coast)
    16' BEHIND - Aaron Hall (Gold Coast)
    17' BEHIND - Tom Bellchambers (Essendon)
    18' BEHIND - Ricky Dyson (Essendon)
    24' GOAL - Jarrod Harbrow (Gold Coast)
    27' GOAL - Michael Hurley (Essendon)
    Quarter 3
    3' BEHIND - Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
    6' GOAL - Leroy Jetta (Essendon)
    7' GOAL - Nathan Bock (Gold Coast)
    12' GOAL - Nathan Bock (Gold Coast)
    14' GOAL - Luke Russell (Gold Coast)
    16' BEHIND - Josh Fraser (Gold Coast)
    19' GOAL - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
    24' GOAL - Michael Rischitelli (Gold Coast)
    24' BEHIND - Jarrod Harbrow (Gold Coast)
    26' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
    27' GOAL - Aaron Hall (Gold Coast)
    30' GOAL - Jobe Watson (Essendon)
    Quarter 4
    1' GOAL - Michael Hurley (Essendon)
    4' BEHIND - Michael Hurley (Essendon)
    6' GOAL - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
    11' GOAL - Patrick Ryder (Essendon)
    12' GOAL - Matt Shaw (Gold Coast)
    13' GOAL - Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
    15' BEHIND - Stewart Crameri (Essendon)
    23' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast)
    24' BEHIND - David Zaharakis (Essendon)
    25' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast)
    28' GOAL - Leroy Jetta (Essendon)
    29' BEHIND - Brandon Matera (Gold Coast)

    Cameron Rose is a born and bred Melbournian, raised on a regime of AFL, cricket and horse racing. He likes people who agree with him but loves those that don't, for there's nothing better than a roaring debate. He tweets from @camtherose.

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    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:29pm | ! Report

      It’s been a pleasure to bring you this game on behalf of The Roar, and we can only hope that any more involving the Gold Coast create that level of excitement from now on.

      Have a good night!

      • 12:13am
        ManInBlack said | 12:13am | ! Report

        looking at the TV guide this afternoon I pondered what I’d do instead of watching the FTA game tonight. That certainly changed – a credit to the Suns for really clawing back and making a game of it. Compare to what Essendon did to them last year (granted at Etihad). The Suns will still struggle for consistancy, will for now still mostly be pinching games – but, clearly they aren’t as bad as they showed last week.

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:28pm | ! Report

      At the end of the day, the Bombers are 3-0 and the Suns 0-3, but this game was anything but a cut and dried affair.

      The Bombers have a huge two weeks in front of them, playing Carlton next Saturday, followed by Collingwood the following Wednesday. Such are the travails of the Anzac Day clash. If they are anything but 3-2 after that, then they’ll be well pleased and think of themselves as deserving of finals. They’ll need to lift significantly on tonights effort to trouble the Blues though.

      Gold Coast will use tonight’s match as a platform upon which to build more competitive efforts. The Q-Clash is next week, and that could be a ripper, as the Lions are coming off a trip to Perth.

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:24pm | ! Report

      Essendon chairs off Dustin Fletcher, and the Suns form a guard of honour in a wonderful touch.

      The 350 game veteran was influential late in proceedings, and he’s as hard to get past as he ever has been.

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:22pm | ! Report


      Essendon: Crameri 4, Jetta, Hurley, Watson, Ryder 2, Davey, Bellchambers, Reimers 1

      Gold Coast: Hall, Ablett, Bock 2, Matera, Harbrow, Brennan, Shaw, Russell, Rischitelli, Caddy 1


      Essendon: Monfries 28, Watson 25, Hibberd 25, Jetta 24, Howlett 24, Pears 24

      Gold Coast: Ablett 44, Swallow 23, Tape 21

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:20pm | ! Report

      The Bombers won’t necessarily win any admirer’s out of the game, but they’re 3-0 after three rounds so they’ll be happy enough to escape with victory.

      They were able to dig deep when required, and Watson was a key to that.

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:18pm | ! Report

      What a game it turned out to be, and this should be the Suns base performance going forward. A plucky determined effort, but they ultimately fell short despite the 44 possession heroics of Gary Ablett.

      • 10:21pm
        SurferDon said | 10:21pm | ! Report

        Yes, the Suns showed a lot of terrier here, good signs for the future! But … The Bombers needed that. Nice Suns tribute to Fletch

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:17pm | ! Report


      ESSENDON 15.15.105 def GOLD COAST 13.10.88

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:17pm | ! Report

      Suns still persisting, and Bock finds Lynch, who in turn flicks it to McKenzie to see if he can unleash. He can’t, but Matera puts some pressure on to win a free, but only a behind results.

      GC 13.10.88
      Ess 15.15.105

      20 secs to go 4th Quarter

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:15pm | ! Report

      Brennan has given away some untimely frees and he does so again. Crameri pumps it long, and Jetta soccers one out of mid air, a spark of inspiration deep in the last that will win them the game.

      GC 13.9.87
      Ess 15.15.105

      1 to go 4th Quarter

    • Columnist

      Cameron Rose said | 10:14pm | ! Report

      Hurley gives away a free to Warnock, and they need to attack from here.

      Bock mareks and can only kick long. The only man there is Fletcher, and he will not let anything past in his 350th.

      GC 13.9.87
      Ess 14.15.99

      2 to go 4th Quarter

    , , ,