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Dhoni, a force of nature in Chennai

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26th February, 2013

On Sunday, amidst the heat of Chennai, in MAC stadium at Chepauk, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was belting the Aussie bowlers in front of a wildly cheering crowd reminiscent of the Spanish matadors being cheered on in a bullfight.

The stage for this inhumane slaughter was the reddish Chepauk pitch, which has been uncharitably likened to a drop-in pitch from Mars.

It was to the typical GABBA/WACA pitch what the French open is to Wimbledon.

In this case, there was absolutely no trace of grass on the rectangular plot for the proverbial cows.

The summer is just getting started in Chennai, but the parched pitch already looked like it was pining for the monsoon.

Unfortunately, for the visiting side, the seasonal rain is not expected for another quarter at least.

What rained instead was fours and sixes from hurricane Dhoni’s bat. And when Dhoni reigns it pours runs. T

he avalanche of runs was enough to quench the thirst of the expectant home fans, who have endured what seems like sevaral intense dry seasons for the return of the prodigal son, MS Dhoni.

The day definitely belonged to MS Dhoni – the son of the soil, who also captains the local IPL team, the Chennai Super Kings.


The sweet smell of success permeated the air, and in the end for Dhoni’s adoring fans it seemed the wait was worth it.

Just like a good monsoon.