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Five sports autobiographies I'd love to read

Todd Carney won a Dally M medal by not drinking. Now getting on the piss has seen him sacked by a third club. AAP Images
Roar Guru
20th March, 2013

When you’re sitting on your couch watching the footy, do you ever think ‘boy, I’d love to read a book put out by that guy’, or ‘I’d love to know that guy’s story’.

As a casual reader, I’ve sure though that about plenty of personalities going around today. I’ve read about the lives of Ben Cousins, Brendan Fevola and David Schwartz, all interesting reads, and the people listed below would certainly have my 40 bucks if they published a book.

Todd Carney

The alcohol-fuelled life of Todd Carney saw him booted from the Canberra Raiders and the NRL altogether, before taking the Roosters to a grand final, being selected for NSW and playing a part in the Cronulla Sharks revival (after being booted again).

It would no doubt be an interesting read. The most notable misadventure of Carney’s career is no doubt a police chase through the Canberra suburb of Bruce in a car with his teammate Steve Irwin, the owner of the car.

Irwin was later sacked by the Raiders, as was Carney, and eventually deregistered by the NRL. His battle to return the NRL and attempted switch to English Super League (twice) would no doubt entail a few interesting stories.

Julian O’Neill

Yet another rugby league personality who lost his way early in his career. His alcoholic antics saw him removed from four clubs, as well as the NRL altogether.

He is known for leaving his waste wherever he pleases, which have included under blackjack tables and in team-mate’s shoes.


He also set fire to a 13-year-old on a river cruise, before stripping down and jumping into the river and swimming to shore. His young daughter was also tragically killed when a television set fell on her.

Wendell Sailor

Has there been a more colourful rugby league personality in the past decade? Wendell Sailor has represented Australia in both league and union, and has been a game-changing player in whatever outfit he is in.

While he hardly carries as big a ‘bad boy’ tag as others on this list, he is not without his fair share of controversy, with a cocaine scandal giving rise to the end of his union career.

Shane Warne

Possibly Australia’s most internationally identifiable sports star, Shane Warne and his personal life have been at the centre of the media, especially British tabloids, over the last decade.

The king of spin, one of the greatest bowlers of all time would have plenty to say about his many run-ins with the media as well as his two partners, and should make for one of the more popular books of the year.

Sonny Bill Williams


The man at the centre of the “greatest act of treachery rugby league has ever seen”, Sonny Bill William’s many contract sagas, including skipping the country to go and play union in France, have always taken centre stage when it comes to sporting headlines.

It seems as if each year, SBW is taking on a new team, and even a new sport. Do not be surprised to see a Sonny Bill Williams book top the bestsellers list in the near future.

So what do you think Roarers? Who would you like to hear from in a tell-it-all book?