Rating AC Milan’s players in the 2012/13 season

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    After Milan’s third-place finish in the Serie A this year, here is a comprehensive review of each player’s season.

    Marco Amelia – 6.5
    A great second choice goalkeeper for Milan however he has got nothing on Christian Abbiati. Milan don’t need to fear throwing him in the goals occasionally because he performs solidly.

    Mattia De Sciglio – 8.0
    A stunning season from the young fullback. Possibly one of the best young fullbacks in the world at the moment he has shown great ability on the left and right making him the most played defender on the team. He was also capped twice for Italy.

    Sulley Muntari – 7.0
    Not always the best player on the pitch but certainly a hard worker. He scored a crucial goal against Barcelona and played in Milan’s midfield solidly despite being injured for the first half of the season.

    Philippe Mexes – 8.0
    A warrior for Milan in the back, he defended well, stepping up after the departure of Thiago Silva and Nesta. Scored one of the goals of the season with his overhead bicycle kick and the Champions League qualifying goal against Siena.

    Robinho – 6.5
    Despite a generous amount of playing time, Robinho only secured two goals all season. He put in some solid appearances and even secured six assists but he was really a waste of space when he was on the field, his pace and skills not enough for him anymore.

    Antonio Nocerino – 6.5
    If Milan fans were expecting a season reminiscent of last from the Italian midfielder, they were bitterly disappointed. His hattricks and goals a thing of the past, he lacked the ability this year to control the ball. His presence as a high stamina player helped the team but a disappointing season may see him sold.

    Alexandre Pato – 7.0
    7.0? But he was sold? He didn’t make any appearances practically. Yes. But a closer inspection will show that he scored two goals in only 343 minutes of playing time, one of the best minutes per goal ratios in the team. But his injury streak was costing the team dearly and it was time he left.

    Kevin-Prince Boateng – 7.5
    In the midfield, on the right wing, wherever he was played, Boateng played admirably. He did lack a little something in his performances though and like Nocerino, his big goal scoring days are over.

    Giampaolo Pazzini – 8.5
    What a season from Pazzini. Many people would have questioned the transfer of Cassano to Inter but while Pazzini scored 16 goals, Cassano only managed nine. Pazzini stepped up and for the first half of the season was first choice striker. Milan’s second highest goal scorer, he had a great season.

    Bakaye Traore – 6.0
    A free transfer, he didn’t disappoint too much when he played which was extremely surprising. He only played 151 minutes the entire season and a transfer could be well on the cards.

    Francesco Acerbi – 5.5
    What a disappointment Acerbi was. Touted as a great up and coming defender, he lacked pace and didn’t exactly make up for it with anything else. Well sold Milan. He had a great chance to improve his game but failed to do so.

    Rodney Strasser – 5.5
    Another disappointment. Brought back to Milan to be given a chance, he only playd 76 minutes and will most likely be sold on or loaned out, especially with the likes of Bryan Cristante stepping up to the senior team next season.

    Bartosz Salamon – 0
    No appearances for Milan. But he played well for the Primavera and even got his debut for Poland while he was at Milan. Hopefully he remains with Milan and is given some solid game time next season.

    Djamel Mesbah – 4.5
    Why was this man bought by Milan? He failed to perform in every single game he played for them. He has moved on now to Parma and has even struggled for appearances there.

    Mathieu Flamini – 8.0
    While Nocerino stepped down, Flamini stepped up, scoring goals, running well and playing very well in the midfield. Milan will want to hold onto him for a bit longer and he should sign a contract extension in the coming weeks.

    Cristian Zapata – 8.0
    He and Mexes formed the defensive partnership Milan needed. Thiago Silva and Nesta left a big hole and for the first few weeks the experimentation of combinations halted any sort of solid partnership. But Zapata played well, signing on permanently to Milan.

    Riccardo Montolivo – 9.0
    Has Milan found their Pirlo? Almost completely faultless in every game, he managed four goals and four assists. He dominated the midfield and whether he was playing in the centre or on the right, he played admirably. And Milan got him for free!

    M’Baye Niang – 7.5
    People may remember him for his miss against Barcelona but for a kid who celebrated his 18th birthday only a month or two before, he played admirably. He has gotten many great chances and despite scoring only one goal, he shows great promise and timing.

    Ignazio Abate – 7.5
    While his defending in some games has come into question, he hassles well and provides a great attacking outlet, especially against teams that tend to employ a narrow formation. Still too valuable to Milan to get rid of.

    Kevin Constant – 8.0
    Milan started the season with this strange transfer which had even the most optimistic of pundits scratching their heads. He has established himself as the teams first choice left back despite his midfield experience, playing against teams like Juventus and Barcelona, marking players such as Pedro and David Villa.

    Bojan – 6.5
    A disappointing season from Bojan, who was really thrown a chance by the Italian giants and failed to capitalise on it. While he is a solid back up to the starting eleven, he is not worth the €15 million Barcelona want from Milan.

    Massimo Ambrosini – 7.5
    Ambrosini has reinvigorated his career thanks to the absence of De Jong. He is Milan’s fourth most played midfielder, an improvement on last season where he was competing with the likes of Aquilani, Seedorf and Van Bommel. It has been a great season that could see him transferred away from the club he has been at since 1995.

    Daniele Bonera – 5.0
    Bonera, in my opinion, hasn’t played a game of football in two seasons that has shown he is capable of playing in Serie A, let alone Milan. His recent contract extension would be a way of guaranteeing a better price, rather than an actual attempt to keep him playing for Milan.

    Urby Emanuelson – 6.5
    His pre-season was fantastic and his earlier games showed promise too. However his position and regular team action was questioned and he took a loan to Fulham. With Nocerino likely to be sold, Emanuelson should make a return to Milan.

    Christian Abbiati – 9.0
    Anyone keeping track of an AC Milan game this season via Twitter, would have been bombarded with ‘GREAT SAVE BY ABBIATI!” It has been a stellar season for Abbiati, making countless saves that showcase athleticism of players half his age. His one year contract extension was well deserved.

    Nigel De Jong – 7.5
    The most upsetting thing I heard all year was that De Jong had been injured. He had been playing so well, playing regularly and playing well. The former Manchester City player was a great buy and he proved his ability, reinvigorating his career.

    Didac Vila – 0
    Tried to get rid of him at the start of the season only for a medical to block the move. No appearances, no nothing. He WILL be sold.

    Andrea Petagna – 5.0
    Proved himself in the Primavera and got a three minute call up to the first team in the UEFA Champions league. He will make his way into the first team next year, playing back up to Balotelli with Pazzini injured.

    Mario Balotelli – 9.5
    With only one premier league goal to his name prior to his transfer, Balotelli was not expected to start well. How wrong that thought was. He managed to rack up an extremely impressive 12 goals in 13 appearances and saved Milan on many occasions. He has also kept his off field antics to a low as well.

    Mario Yepes – 6.5
    A solid back up to the starting players he did by no means perform poorly. However his age often shows and he is unlikely to pull on the Milan jersey next season. The image of him still in my mind is his brilliant play to set up Milan’s goal against Schalke in the pre-season friendly.

    Luca Antonini – 5.0
    Antonini may have seen the last of Milan after he managed only 9 appearances all season. Behind De Sciglio and Constant, there is little chance of him seeing game time. A disappointment in most of the games he played this season.

    Cristian Zaccardo – 4.5
    Saw 45 minutes of game time. A strange purchase by Milan to say the least he could even be on the out after only six months.

    Stephan El Shaarawy – 9.5
    If anyone has been the highlight of Milan’s campaign this season, it’s the Italian Pharaoh. He has been fantastic in almost every single game and despite a huge role change after the introduction of the Balotelli, he has made an appearance in every game but two. Watch him next season because he’s only twenty and will surely explode from here.

    Overall, Milan’s season has been well fought. If you don’t agree with any of these ratings or other issue, leave a comment below or talk to me on Twitter @william_mcinnes.

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    The Crowd Says (8)

    • May 27th 2013 @ 9:48am
      Damiano said | May 27th 2013 @ 9:48am | ! Report

      Good article. Keep them coming.

    • May 27th 2013 @ 2:01pm
      Fred said | May 27th 2013 @ 2:01pm | ! Report

      Milan was poor for most of the season
      its a miracle they managed to finish so high
      and lets get this straight
      Montolivo is no PIrlo
      keep it real

      • May 27th 2013 @ 5:01pm
        The (not so) special one said | May 27th 2013 @ 5:01pm | ! Report

        Was thinking that Milan had their Pirlo. The actual Pirlo. They let him go.

    • May 28th 2013 @ 1:20am
      Lloyd said | May 28th 2013 @ 1:20am | ! Report

      Good article but you gave every milan defence men a 8/10? I strongly disagree. Mexes did not have his best season and Zapata, who played well, was not a 8/10 and that was shown by Milan’s shaky central defence. Constante was good, but again not an 8/10. If those 3 players are 8/10 than thiago silva was a 20/10 when he was here. Also Boatang had an AWFUL season, with the worst goals per shots stat in any league. Stephen played well from sept-dec. after that I believe he had 2 goals if I’m not mistake, maybe he was tired, but to me his slow second half hurt his score.

    • May 28th 2013 @ 12:46pm
      Rashaad said | May 28th 2013 @ 12:46pm | ! Report

      At Lloyd, the radon Stephan el shaarawy had less goals in the second half was because balotelli joined and if you take the tine to watch those games you will notice that most of balotelli and pazzini’s goals were set up by el shaarawy, he was note tired, his role changed, he became the play maker instead on the goal scorer, the same way in which kaka played behind gilardino and inzaghi for anceloti… I do agree with you where Boateng is concerned, he had a terrible season though selling him would be a mistake, one bad season isn’t enough to conclude that his done, all he needs is a permanent position to settle in to instead of being moved from one place to the other

      • Roar Pro

        May 28th 2013 @ 7:49pm
        William McInnes said | May 28th 2013 @ 7:49pm | ! Report

        Amen brother! You summed up the El Shaarawy situation nicely!

    • May 29th 2013 @ 12:14am
      Lloyd said | May 29th 2013 @ 12:14am | ! Report

      I’m not taking anything away from elsha, I think he will be a great player, and I have watched every milan game all year, I have flown to milan, from canada just to watch some games this year. I understand that his role has changed once Mario has come in the mix but he also only had 4 assist all season so its not as if he chbaged into a super play maker. At the beginning of the season I believe he over achieved, his finishing was amongst the best in the world, during the second half he could not buy a goal, the reason for this im not sure, Milan believes he was tired. As for Boa, the 1 good season he has ever had, is not enough to justice him staying. And the reason why he has been moved around, because he believes he is a tre quartista, which everyone within milan knows he is not and they are struggling to find a suitable position for him. Milan must cash in on him now before his stock continues to go plummet. We can’t have these mediocre players next year if we want to win the scudetto and challenge for champions league.

    • May 29th 2013 @ 2:17am
      Lloyd said | May 29th 2013 @ 2:17am | ! Report


      Go to that link, it shows elsha before balo and after balo. Even his assist went down after balo arrived.

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