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The Wallabies scrum must get back on Topo

The Wallabies forwards are continually outclassed - but the opposition gets a little help from the refs. (Photo: Paul Barkley/LookPro)
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9th September, 2013
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The Wallabies scrum is diabolical. Dumb, disjointed and not working as an effective unit. We need to pressure the ARU to get on with fixing this crucial part of their game.

After the abysmal performance by the Wallabies on Saturday the time has come; not for revolution but rather grassroots pressure.

It is time for us, the grassroots supporters, the mugs who buy the tickets, the ordinary girls and guys who put up with the sponsors advertisements, those who set up each Saturday so the juniors, colts and clubs can play to start to make our voices heard.

How can we do anything?

Australia is lucky enough to have one of the best front rowers to ever don the boots and he wore a gold jersey. A man who has the drive and ability to teach the black arts, he has a massive understanding of the mechanics, the psychology, the passion and the rat cunning needed to scrummage well.

I am speaking, of course, about Enrique ‘Topo’ Rodriguez.

Topo has written what is probably the definitive book on the black arts of scrummaging, only he hasn’t left it as some mystical art, he has broken it down into coachable facets of scrum play.

The book is ‘The Art of Scrummaging‘ (click on the link to purchase a copy). Every forward and coach should have this on their shelf – and it should be dog-eared, muddy and well thumbed.

Yet the ARU don’t seem to understand the valuable resource they could harness.


We need to make the ARU understand that they need this man back in the fold. We need to start making noise about this.

How about we start a movement?

Email the ARU (Anyone got Bill Pulver’s email address?).
Tweet the ARU – @QantasWallabies and @ARU_Community.
Write blogs.
Talk to ARU people you know.
Ask former Wallabies to get on board.
Make calls.
Do what you can.

Let’s get the message to the ARU and quickly!