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Kevin Durant in green? Why Durant should choose the Celtics

Kevin Durant's arrival in Golden State has the Warriors looking downright scary. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
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2nd April, 2016
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Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant hits free agency at the end of the current season. Many have predicted the 2014 Most Valuable Player will either sign an extension with the Thunder or sign a deal with his hometown team the Washington Wizards.

While both options seem plausible, a better choice – arguably the best choice for Durant would be the Boston Celtics – who will likely also be competing with the majority of the league to attain his services.

A signing with the Celtics for Durant would both benefit himself and the historic franchise. The Celtics currently sit in the top eight in the Eastern conference and are playoff bound for a second year in a row, even after taking severe blows in the last couple of years which include head coach Doc Rivers signing with the Los Angeles Clippers in 2014 and superstars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett being traded to the Brooklyn Nets in 2013.

The Boston Celtics, who many considered to be a rebuild team for many years are now a playoff contender in the Eastern conference and are one superstar away from being a championship contender.

Kevin Durant would be the missing piece.

While the Oklahoma City Thunder have an MVP-calibre superstar in Russell Westbrook and solid players such as Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams, their bench lacks depth. While Cameron Payne has potential and Enes Kanter is a good rebounder, the rest of the bench is average at best.

Dion Waiters has yet to find himself and adjust to his role as sixth man, Kyle Singler has been in poor form and the rest of the bench does not match up well against the other top teams in the league.

The starters, especially Durant and Westbrook are run into the ground which results in the Thunder struggling in the fourth as they have a lack of options and their stars are worn out.

However, the Celtics bench has great depth. Kelly Olynk, Evan Turner and Marcus Smart are all solid bench pieces and contribute to the Celtics success. The addition of Durant would provide much needed depth to the small forward position. The small forward position on the Celtics is the most lacking position containing Jae Crowder and James Young. While Crowder has had a good season, Durant would be a sizeable improvement and Crowder could provide scoring and defence off the bench.


Something the Celtics have that both the Wizards and Thunder don’t have is also a variety of draft picks. In the upcoming draft alone, the Celtics hold their own first round draft pick, the likely high lottery pick of the Brooklyn Nets and the Dallas Mavericks’ first rounder. With a variety of picks and cap space, the Celtics have a chance to make some noise next season.

The Celtics, while only in the bottom half of the top eight in the Eastern conference, they are not far out from a top-four spot and have shown themselves more than capable of handling the contenders. They have defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and other contenders.

The addition of Durant would help the Celtics become a contender and give them a bonafide superstar to carry the scoring. A superstar to lead the Celtics is what has been missing. While Isaiah Thomas is a terrific player and an All Star, to compete for a title, a team needs a superstar to lead them. Kevin Durant would provide this for the Celtics and be a consistent scorer and provide great leadership for the young team.

The Celtics have a great future ahead and can offer Kevin Durant the best possible situation. They offer a bench with great depth, an intelligent coach in Brad Stevens and an organisation with a multitude of draft picks and a determination to win.

What do you think? Are the Boston Celtics the best situation for Kevin Durant or the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Washington Wizards? Or do you think another team entirely?