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Why the Giant-sized hate for GWS?

The Giants take on North in the JTL Community Series. (AAP Image/Julian Smith)
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17th September, 2016
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I must admit I am no AFL fan. I haven’t been to a game and I’ve watched no more then three this entire year.

As you can tell by my previous articles I am an NRL supporter, but the last few weeks on social media and sports forums I have realised a growing animosity towards the GWS Giants.

As someone who live in western Sydney it seemed that success and strong performances by the Giants will be appreciated league wide as it increases AFL market share in a rival code’s heartland.

This can only generate more TV ratings, more merchandise sold which then benefits all AFL teams financially.

When the Melbourne Storm were introduced in the NRL, they became most fans’ second team. This was further magnified in 1999 grand final in were pretty much everyone besides St George Illawarra Dragons fans were supporting the Storm.

I can understand Swans fans not liking the Giants as they are cross-town rivals. I understand the AFL has allocated plenty of money into this team, more so than others, and the creation of rules like cost of living allowance may cause other teams to be envious.

Remarks such as “plastic” team and “spoilt brats” is what my colleague from work used to describe GWS.

Is it the fact that AFL is Victoria’s game? Is it that a new team on the block from NSW – one which doesn’t have the same passion for AFL – all of the sudden is going to be AFL’s new juggernaut?

I am not saying it is a good or a bad thing, I am just curious to see why a team which was the laughing stock of the AFL a while back has become people’s number one enemy.


I may not know any players names, or what the rules are, but I’ll be supporting GWS to win against the Bulldogs. Hopefully the Giants can win their first premiership.