Bromwich, Proctor allegedly bought cocaine after Anzac Test

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By Josh Elliott, Josh Elliott is a Roar Editor

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    Jesse Bromwich and teammate Kevin Proctor are alleged to have purchase cocaine after the Anzac Test (NRL Photos)

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    New Zealand captain Jesse Bromwich and teammate Kevin Proctor have been accused of allegedly attempting to purchase cocaine in Canberra on Friday night, after the Anzac Test which the Kiwis lost 12-30.

    Canberra man Adrian Mark Crowther faced court this morning for allegedly supplying the two players with cocaine.

    Bromwich and Proctor are alleged to have been captured on CCTV footage inhaling a white substance prepared by Crowther on a mobile phone.

    Crowther was arrested and charged for providing the cocaine and for possession of four grams of MDMA.

    Crowther was searched by police, who allegedly found “a small clip seal bag containing a white powdery substance and one capsule containing a brown rocky substance”.

    The incidence happened at approximately 5:10am on Saturday morning.

    Graham Annesley said the Gold Coast Titans were awaiting more information on Proctor’s involvement.

    “I’ve only just been notified of this,” Annesley told The Courier Mail.

    “The information we have at this stage is very sketchy.

    “I’ve been in touch with the NRL integrity unit and I am awaiting more information on this alleged incident. I have no further comment at this stage.”

    The news comes after this morning Cronulla Sharks chairman Damian Keogh resigned, having been charged with possession of an illegal substance.

    Josh Elliott
    Josh Elliott

    Josh Elliott may be The Roar's Weekend Editor, but at heart he's just a rusted-on North Melbourne tragic with a penchant for pun headlines - and also abnormal alliteration, assuredly; assuming achievability. He once finished third in a hot chilli pie eating contest. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29 and listen to him on The Roar's AFL Podcast.

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    The Crowd Says (77)

    • May 6th 2017 @ 2:05pm
      Your kidding said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:05pm | ! Report

      Well, um , oh , ……lost for words, this is getting bad.

    • Roar Guru

      May 6th 2017 @ 2:09pm
      M.O.C. said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:09pm | ! Report

      “It’s anaesthetic to numb my recently broken nose sir”

    • Roar Guru

      May 6th 2017 @ 2:20pm
      The Barry said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:20pm | ! Report


      • Roar Guru

        May 6th 2017 @ 2:23pm
        Magnus M. Østergaard said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:23pm | ! Report

        How someone can stay up for that long in Canberra is beyond me. NRL need a better media unit.

        • Roar Guru

          May 6th 2017 @ 2:39pm
          The Barry said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:39pm | ! Report

          Haha…no wonder their minds needed altering.

          • May 6th 2017 @ 5:46pm
            bungerx2 said | May 6th 2017 @ 5:46pm | ! Report

            As opposed to Sydney : |

        • May 6th 2017 @ 3:49pm
          Gavin R said | May 6th 2017 @ 3:49pm | ! Report


      • May 7th 2017 @ 12:17pm
        Haz said | May 7th 2017 @ 12:17pm | ! Report

        As Wayne Bennett said, nothing good happens after midnight ?

    • May 6th 2017 @ 2:24pm
      kk said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:24pm | ! Report

      These matters have been reported as though only League people were involved.

      • May 6th 2017 @ 4:29pm
        damo said | May 6th 2017 @ 4:29pm | ! Report

        Did you have some yourself?

      • May 7th 2017 @ 12:25pm
        Sport lover said | May 7th 2017 @ 12:25pm | ! Report

        Any union people involved are totally anonymous in Australia

    • May 6th 2017 @ 2:38pm
      Onside said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:38pm | ! Report

      They had no trouble finding the line.

      • May 6th 2017 @ 4:35pm
        damo said | May 6th 2017 @ 4:35pm | ! Report

        It is a comedy of errors so we may as well laugh.

    • Roar Rookie

      May 6th 2017 @ 2:40pm
      Joe said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:40pm | ! Report

      If proved true this is extremely disappointing. They should both be tested and if found to have taken drugs should both face lengthy suspensions. Bromwich is particular as Kiwi captain and should get a nice long stint on the sidelines. After Tim Simona’s story, Sharks chairman and now this I’m starting to suspect that taking drugs might not be such an isolated incident in the NRL both amongst management and players. Leads me to the next question on whether there is any drug testing and if there is whether it is a complete sham!

      • May 6th 2017 @ 2:55pm
        Your kidding said | May 6th 2017 @ 2:55pm | ! Report

        Looks like it’s widespread in the sport at many levels. The punishments for bad behaviour have to be tougher, not just a bit of time off and counselling.
        Does the NRL really care? Doesn’t look like it.

        • Roar Guru

          May 6th 2017 @ 4:10pm
          Magnus M. Østergaard said | May 6th 2017 @ 4:10pm | ! Report

          Its widespread at most high level sports.

          • Roar Guru

            May 6th 2017 @ 5:29pm
            The Barry said | May 6th 2017 @ 5:29pm | ! Report

            It’s widespread everywhere…

        • May 6th 2017 @ 6:11pm
          Josh said | May 6th 2017 @ 6:11pm | ! Report

          lol it’s widespread in life mate. Honestly who gets hurt by Jesse Bromwhich shoving a powder up his nose at 5am in the morning. I can’t wait for the day we realise how ridiculous it is that we’re supposed to care what drugs these dudes are taking in their free time. There’s so many more important things happening in the world

          • May 6th 2017 @ 6:59pm
            Swanny said | May 6th 2017 @ 6:59pm | ! Report

            Ok josh

            Don’t have kids mate , if that’s your attitude

            • May 6th 2017 @ 7:09pm
              Josh said | May 6th 2017 @ 7:09pm | ! Report

              Elaborate. My 6 year old son could not care less what Jesse Bromwhich is doing at 5am on a Saturday morning. He cares about watching the storm score tries and then going outside and trying to emulate them afterwards. This whole media circus every time an ‘adult’ takes something than many other adults less good at football do only increases exposure to drugs.
              I don’t understand your thinking

            • May 6th 2017 @ 10:00pm
              Jeff Dustby said | May 6th 2017 @ 10:00pm | ! Report

              Yeah my kids base their life decisions on Jesse Bromwich

              • May 7th 2017 @ 9:47am
                Oingo Boingo said | May 7th 2017 @ 9:47am | ! Report

                I was in the shed with my 3 yr old just the other day when I noticed him scraping up body filler dust off the floor with my credit card , he then ( to my surprise ) started chopping it up and proceeded to roll up an old piece of sandpaper and blow it everywhere ( obviously too inexperienced to realise he had to inhale, but he’ll get it in time ) he then grabbed an empty beer can and mimicked skolling the lot , turned around , punched his mother in the face , humped the dog , had a dump in the corner of the shed , grabbed the car keys and attempted to drive away …. we turned to each other and simultaneously said ” Awwww , how cute , he’s just copying his heroes “.

              • May 7th 2017 @ 9:49am
                Justin Kearney said | May 7th 2017 @ 9:49am | ! Report

                One of your best oingo!

              • Roar Guru

                May 7th 2017 @ 2:30pm
                The Barry said | May 7th 2017 @ 2:30pm | ! Report

                Brilliant OB…!

            • May 7th 2017 @ 3:18am
              Mitcher said | May 7th 2017 @ 3:18am | ! Report


          • May 6th 2017 @ 7:04pm
            Your kidding said | May 6th 2017 @ 7:04pm | ! Report

            Umm, because these guys are supposed to be the cream of the crop and are representing their country. They are also NRL contracted players and if found guilty, have brought the game into disrepute. It is clear, illegal drugs aren’t allowed to be taken by these professional athletes.
            These 3 drug busts this week have let sponsors down, fans down and the game down.
            To say it is okay is blind, head in the sand stuff.

            • May 6th 2017 @ 7:14pm
              Josh said | May 6th 2017 @ 7:14pm | ! Report

              Can you at least change your name so it is spelled correctly pal. Everything you just wrote reads like an NRL press release. The fans have not been let down by the actual actions, in fact none of us would have even known about it had it not been reported. The game has not been let down by the players, they’d play this week if they could. It’s conservative boring dullards who reckon the rest of us fans should miss out on seeing our favourite players because they partied too hard that ruin it for the rest of us

              • May 6th 2017 @ 7:18pm
                Josh said | May 6th 2017 @ 7:18pm | ! Report

                Say they do some lines, have a great Friday night, no one reports it, no one gets suspended;
                who loses in that situation?
                The players acted like human beings and had fun, the fans get to watch them play footy next week. Everyone goes home a winner

              • May 7th 2017 @ 12:22am
                Your kidding said | May 7th 2017 @ 12:22am | ! Report

                Ok Josh, you have now made it absolutely clear that you condone illegal drug use in the NRL.
                A bit baffling but at least you’ve come out and said it. I just hope your point of view isn’t held too many others. It looks like some players and officials may agree with you.

              • May 7th 2017 @ 3:26am
                Mitcher said | May 7th 2017 @ 3:26am | ! Report

                Amen Josh. Amen.
                Really, ‘Your [sic] Kidding’ should be a better grammatical role model for the children the children.
                What if my children happen upon this forum and are unduly influenced in sub grade 2 English usage.

            • May 6th 2017 @ 10:06pm
              Justin Kearney said | May 6th 2017 @ 10:06pm | ! Report

              Agree with you your kidding. These idiots have a duty to the game and everybody who plays it, administers it or supports it.

            • May 7th 2017 @ 3:20am
              Mitcher said | May 7th 2017 @ 3:20am | ! Report

              The cream of what crop? They are the cream of hurling bodies and a synthetic bladder between each other. That’s all.
              If we see them as the shining light on the hill, raising ‘the children the children’ in their image, well, that’s our own sad fault.

              • May 7th 2017 @ 7:19am
                Sam Bartrim said | May 7th 2017 @ 7:19am | ! Report

                But don’t forget the children….Swanny and Justin, you must have little faith in your own parenting if you think what a couple of boofhead Rugby League players do on a weekend has an effect on you’re child’s life. They run into each other with a leather Ball and beat the crap out of each other…if you seriously think that should be a role model or the basis for an astounding citizen then your living in world that isn’t real!!!

              • May 7th 2017 @ 7:24am
                Justin Kearney said | May 7th 2017 @ 7:24am | ! Report

                Sam i strongly suggest you keep any thoughts about my children out of this discussion. That is out of bounds. My comments relate to players making stupid decisions to the detriment of the game.

              • May 7th 2017 @ 9:28am
                Sam Bartrim said | May 7th 2017 @ 9:28am | ! Report

                Oh my lord you take yourself seriously!!! Where do you people come from….

              • May 7th 2017 @ 9:39am
                Justin Kearney said | May 7th 2017 @ 9:39am | ! Report

                From the world where people have the common sense and decency not to make reference to others families on an internet forum. Its one of the golden rules. Try to remember that.

              • May 7th 2017 @ 3:01pm
                Long Line said | May 7th 2017 @ 3:01pm | ! Report

                And if if you want to have a proper, civil discussions, never have it on an internet forum, period.

                Just remember that yourself Justin, before you release the confected outrage.

              • May 7th 2017 @ 3:06pm
                Justin Kearney said | May 7th 2017 @ 3:06pm | ! Report

                Total bs mate. We can rip into each other as much as the mods let us. That is fine. But there is a line in the sand as far as i am concerned when it comes to comments about family. Obviously you dont feel the same. That reflects on you. Enjoy.

              • May 8th 2017 @ 2:54pm
                Kramer said | May 8th 2017 @ 2:54pm | ! Report

      • May 7th 2017 @ 3:15am
        Mitcher said | May 7th 2017 @ 3:15am | ! Report

        Everyone panic.

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