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    Wests Tigers vs Roosters

    NRL, 11 June, 2017

    Campbelltown Stadium
    Fulltime - Wests Tigers 18, Roosters 40
    Wests Tigers   Roosters
    18 FINAL SCORE 40
    3 TRIES 7
    Referee: Grant Atkins
    Touch judges: Dave Ryan & Chris McMillan
    Video Referee: Ben Galea

    Match result:

    The Sydney Roosters are back inside the top four courtesy of a comfortable 40-18 win over the Wests Tigers this afternoon.

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    Final score
    Wests Tigers 18
    Sydney Roosters 40

    Match preview:

    The Sydney Roosters‘ quest for a top four birth continues this afternoon as they play the struggling Wests Tigers. Join The Roar for live scores from the match and a live blog of the game, starting from 4pm AEST.

    After a poor 2016 season, the Roosters are back on track, and well on course to mounting a significant assault on the premiership this season.

    Trent Robinson’s men are coming off a tough win over the Broncos last week at home and will be favoured to get the job done against a Tigers side that is clearly in its rebuilding phase.

    Tigers coach Ivan Cleary has a lot of work ahead of him as he seeks to rebuild a Tigers brand that will suffer the departures of established stars James Tedesco and Aaron Woods by season’s end.

    Of course, Tedesco today plays against his future club so that should add further spice to what should be a very entertaining contest.

    The Tigers at home are always capable of causing trouble against the best teams in the NRL. When they click with the football, very few teams can match the enterprising play offered by Wests.

    Those performances though have been overshadowed by poor defensive efforts that hinder the Tigers ability to win matches, let alone secure a top eight birth.

    That said, the Roosters can get a little complacent themselves and need to be weary of a Tigers outfit that is capable of making life extremely difficult if their confidence is allowed to manifest.

    On form though, the Roosters have the Tigers covered, and with all their key stars in good touch, Sydney really should secure a win that returns them to at least, third position on the NRL ladder.

    Roosters by 14

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    • 2:02pm
      GC Dave said | 2:02pm | ! Report

      Really good summary William. I have been a Tigers supporter for a long time and in the last couple of years I can’t bring myself to watch through to the end. Most players play with no heart or pride in the jumper. They don’t man up their defence is a joke and their attack is the worst in the competition. The basic tenant to supporting a football side is that they play football. They have breached that condition big time. In short if the players aren’t interested, then why would a supporter be?
      The players have no idea and the committee have no idea.
      The football department are an abject failure, the Under 20’s, who are normally pretty strong, are at the foot of the table (second last), the NSW cup side are at the foot of the table and the NRL team will pick up the wooden spoon.
      Newcastle are behind us now, but they play with spirit and heart and there are green shoots at the Knights..in short, they have a go.
      They are a chance of winning a couple of games before the end of the season, the Kittens are not, unless a team drives over the Sydney Harbor Bridge going to the footy. They would be flat out beating the top NSW team.
      The huon cry is why did we loose the players we did……..well look at the job they are doing, they are hardly setting the world on fire, evidenced by the Tigers position on the ladder.
      In comes Cleary’s bus. The best thing Cleary could do is duplicate Ricky Stuarts whiteboard trick at the eels. One column..required players…one column…playing for contract and one not required.
      He had to turn the side over to even have a chance of improvement. I will be interested in seeing just how much improvement he can get out of the team.
      Tim Sheens could coach, Mick Potter could coach, JT I don’t know but responsibility needs to be taken by the under performing players who just don’t seem to give a tinkers cuss after each game…..close enough or in the Tigers case within 30 points seems to be good enough. They keep sacking coaches and the team keeps glued to the wrong end of the table…..how dumb is that. I’ve had enough.

    • Roar Rookie

      William Dalton Davis said | 11:06pm | ! Report

      Heard that the first half was really good. Got home just in time for the second. Honestly would’ve rather watched Infomercials the quality was so rough. Idk what was worse. The roosters playing like they had already won or the Tigers playing like they had already lost. Ivan’s “f*** me dead” moment pretty much summed it up for me.

      • 3:16pm
        mushi said | 3:16pm | ! Report

        Yep evena s a roosters fan that secodn half was terrible football.

        The roosters were playing like the under 17s vs the under 15s in one of thsoe end of training runs and trying to score every time they touched it whilst the coach fumes on the sideline.

        Sadly the Tigers made Christian Bale look uncommitted as they fully embraced the role of playing like an under15s side.

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 6:02pm | ! Report

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 5:58pm | ! Report


      Tigers 18
      Roosters 40

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 5:56pm | ! Report

      79′ – Tigers looking for another consolation try as this game winds down.

      Tigers 18
      Roosters 40

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 5:52pm | ! Report


      Tigers 18
      Roosters 40

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 5:52pm | ! Report


      Tigers 16
      Roosters 40

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 5:52pm | ! Report

      Su scores for the Tigers as the Roosters once again fail to defuse another chaotic kick. Messy try to the say the least. Symbolic of the Tigers attack tonight.

      Video referee

      Tigers 12
      Roosters 40

    • Roar Guru

      Alan Nicolea said | 5:48pm | ! Report

      73′ – Gordon fails to defuse a torpedo bomb and the Tigers on the attack. They remain scoreless in the second half the Tigers.

      Tigers 12
      Roosters 40

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