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Ice Dogs defeated by Thunder in Perth

It's prime hockey season in Australia and across North America. (Photo: Andrew Kitchener)
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25th June, 2017

A later third period goal propelled the Perth Thunder to a 2-1 win over the Sydney Ice Dogs on Saturday night.

The Dogs opened scoring at Perth Ice Arena, when Grant Toulmin netted one against the Thunder’s Peter Di Salvo. The goal was made possible because of Stephen Johnston’s and Todd Stephenson’s beautiful set up.

Play resumed and soon after Grant Toulmin was sent to the box for hooking. Damien Ketlo stood tall, making important saves including a beautiful one on Perth’s Jessyko Bernard.
The Dogs successfully killed the penalty but seconds after Jessyko Bernard tied the game.

A multitude of penalties followed in the period but neither team were able to capitalise on the opportunities.

The score remained the same in the second period. Both teams steered clear of the penalty box with the only penalty being called halfway through the period when Jonathon Bremner was assessed a minor for hooking.

Tensions flared as the Ice Dogs hit the ice for the third period. A battle for the puck ensued as both teams aimed for the one goal that would give them the lead in the game.

After a power play opportunity for the Dogs five minutes into the final period, Perth took the lead when Jessyko Bernard scored his second of the night. A final power play with 3:43 remaining was given to Sydney but unfortunately they were unable to find the back of the net.

After a close game, Sydney has the opportunity to bring home a win against the Thunder, as they play the team again on Sunday night at Perth Ice Arena.