2017 AFL Draft: Club-by-club review, my take on every team

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    After much anticipation and debate the 2017 AFL Draft is done and dusted. Who did your club get? Below I’ve put together a club-by-club review of the night, and offered my take on each club’s draft crop.

    Adelaide Crows
    12 – Darcy Fogarty
    40 – Andrew McPherson

    Adelaide were the beneficiaries of the first big slider of the night as Collingwood’s surprise decision to draft Jaidyn Stephenson at pick 6 saw Darcy Fogarty tumble down the draft order.

    The best South Australian prospect in the mix landed right in their lap, ironically taken with the pick they got for a wantaway Charlie Cameron.

    Medmium defender Andy McPherson was a second local prospect with two picks. There won’t be any Jake Lever-esque go-home factor here.

    My take: It wouldn’t be a surprise if we are some day looking back upon Fogarty’s slide to pick 12 as the bargain of the draft, he has the ability to be a genuine superstar if he puts it all together.

    Brisbane Lions
    1 – Cam Rayner
    15 – Zac Bailey
    18 – Brandon Starcevic
    41 – Toby Wooller
    43 – Connor Ballenden
    54 – Jack Payne

    Brisbane took Cam Rayner at pick 1 as it was widely reported they would do, but surprised us a little with their remaining first-round picks.

    Small, tough midfielder Zac Bailey and medium forward Brandon Starcevic weren’t expected to go as early as they did – Starcevic in particular – but the Lions clearly see something in them.

    They also picked up a pair of tall players out of their academy in Connor Ballenden and Jack Payne, and another tall in Toby Wooller.

    My take: The Lions have chosen to be bold by backing themselves in to keep Cam Rayner in Brisbane and picking they players they wanted with their other top 20 picks rather than the ones we might have expected. I like that. Here’s hoping it pays off.

    Cam Rayner

    (AAP Image/Craig Golding)

    Carlton Blues
    3 – Paddy Dow
    10 – Lochie O’Brien
    30 – Tom De Koning
    70 – Angus Schumacher
    78 – Jarrod Garlett

    Carlton added another helping of pace and class to what is beginning to look like a promising emerging midfielder group with Paddy Dow and Lochie O’Brien in the top ten.

    Tom De Koning gives them another ruckman to develop for the long term, while Angus Schumacher has some promising athletic traits.

    Picking up former Gold Coast Sun Jarrod Garlett was one of the big surprises of the night though. He returned home to WA in November 2016 to deal with a private family matter, so the Blues must be confident he’s ready to move across the country again just a year later.

    My take: I really like how Carlton’s future midfield is coming together – they’re spending early picks on hard-to-find attributes like speed and elite skills, a strategy I very much approve of.

    That said, perhaps there will come a day when they regret passing on the chance to pick Darcy Fogarty at pick 10.

    The Garlett pick may not come to anything, but didn’t cost anything, and is potentially a bargain if it goes well.

    Paddy Dow Lochie O'Brien

    (AAP Image/Brendan Esposito)

    Collingwood Magpies
    6 – Jaidyn Stephenson
    39 – Nathan Murphy
    50 – Tyler Brown

    Collingwood put the first real twist into the story of the draft when they picked up Jaidyn Stephenson at pick 6 despite many expecting him to fall a bit later down the order.

    After that, remarkably, Nathan Murphy who they had been linked to at pick 6 for some time proved to be available at pick 39, and they snapped him up.

    Lastly they matched a bid for father-son prospect Tyler Brown at pick 50.

    My take: I’m a big fan of Stephenson, and Murphy at pick 39 looks like a potential bargain, so on those two picks alone I’d say the Pies have gotten great value out of this draft.

    That said, I imagine supporters of the club that once picked Matthew Scharenberg and Nathan Freeman with consecutive top ten picks might be worried about now using one on a bloke with a heart condition.

    Not picking up a key position player of any kind for a list that has maybe three in total is a headscratcher, but there weren’t necesarilly any obvious choices available at their picks.

    Jaidyn Stephenson tall

    (AAP Image/Craig Golding)

    Essendon Bombers
    49 – Jordan Houlahan
    66 – Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
    76 – Matt Guelfi

    It was never going to be big names for Essendon but forward Jordan Houlahan could be good value at pick 49, Matt Guelfi provides the inside mid option fans wanted, and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher is very, very fun to say.

    My take: Sam Hayes was just two picks away from sliding their first selection… oh well. A relatively quiet draft, if any one of the three becomes a serviceable player then it’ll be a win.

    Fremantle Dockers
    2 – Andrew Brayshaw
    5 – Adam Cerra
    44 – Hugh Dixon
    59 – Mitchell Crowden
    65 – Tom North
    69 – Lloyd Meek
    73 – Sam Switkowski
    75 – Scott Jones

    The Dockers eventually settled on Andy Brayshaw and Adam Cerra with their two top five picks and in doing so have added leadership, class and all-round midfield talent to their mix.

    Neither is especially known for their speed, but that is something that Fremantle do already have a decent pinch of.

    What else they picked up is an obscure and interesting mix. Hugh Dixon could be a key forward for them at pick 44, Sam Switkowski and Scott Jones could have early impact as mature players.

    My take: I’ll admit that part of me remains sceptical about Ross Lyon as a rebuilding and developing coach in general, and I have some fear that’ll he find a way to grind elite talents Brayshaw and Cerra down into taggers or lockdown small defenders.

    Really though, you can’t go wrong with two picks in the top five. Strap yourselves in.

    Andrew Brayshaw Adam Cerra

    (AAP Image/Brendan Esposito)

    Geelong Cats
    22 – Lachlan Fogarty
    24 – Tim Kelly
    36 – Charlie Constable
    57 – Gryan Miers

    Geelong benefitted perhaps more than any other club from sliders in the draft this year with Lachlan Fogarty, Charlie Constable and Gryan Miers all going later than expected.

    Fogarty and Miers provides their forwardline with a pair of small goalkickers for the future and Fogarty can become a midfielder in time.

    Constable is a big beast of an inside midfielder who once he improves his running could be really valuable to the team, and the Cats can be patient with him.

    Tim Kelly on the other hand is a mature WAFL star who Geelong will be hoping has an instant impact for them as they push for a flag in 2018.

    My take: When you consider what they got for the picks they have, Geelong look like one of the big winners of the night. A great balance of planning for the future and some instant impact. Kelly and I think also Fogarty can play plenty next year.

    Gold Coast Suns
    19 – Wil Powell
    42 – Charlie Ballard
    52 – Brayden Crossley
    55 – Connor Nutting

    Gold Coast have been criticised at times for putting too much stock in skinny flanker types with their early picks, and 65kg Wil Powell at their first selection won’t do anything to dispell that perception.

    Charlie Ballard could be good value as a tall midfielder at pick 42, and the Suns also picked up two of their academy players in Brayden Crossley and Connor Nutting.

    My take: I thought the days of the skinny flanker type might have ended with Scott Clayton on the way out of the Suns, but I guess not. Hardly sold here.

    GWS Giants
    11 – Aiden Bonar
    27 – Brent Daniels
    28 – Sam Taylor
    56 – Zac Langdon
    65 – Nicholas Shipley

    A classic case of best available at the first pick, and fill needs with the later ones from the Giants. Bonar is potentially a bargain at pick 11 as he can develop into a damaging tall midfielder if his knee holds up.

    After that, a small forward in Brent Daniels and a tall defender in Sam Taylor fill in the gaps as arguably the two biggest needs on GWS’ list. Zac Langdon is a mature player from WA.

    Nicholas Shipley also makes history as the first western Sydney local to join the club via their academy.

    My take: We might not see any of these players ready to make a massive impact for GWS in 2018, but the first three in particular look like smart longterm investments.

    Hawthorn Hawks
    45 – James Worpel
    67 – Dylan Moore
    71 – Jackson Ross

    It was always going to be a case of wait and see for the Hawks but when their turn finally came around they got a tough inside midfielder in James Worpel, a small and quick mid/forward in Dylan Moore, and a tall mid/forward in Jackson Ross.

    My take: At this stage of the draft you’re just hoping to find a player who can contribute in some way. The guys Hawthorn took look like they have a decent chance of being that.

    Melbourne Demons
    29 – Charlie Spargo
    31 – Bayley Fritsch
    37 – Harrison Petty
    48 – Oskar Baker

    The Dees could use a little more speed and class and acquire some here in Charlie Spargo and Oskar Baker, and also have another tall defender prospect in Harrison Petty. Bayley Fritsch is a mature player from their VFL team.

    My take: I like the Spargo pick in particular, he could be a regular small forward for Melbourne as soon as next year but eventually press up onto the wing.

    North Melbourne Kangaroos
    4 – Luke Davies-Uniacke
    23 – Will Walker
    62 – Kyron Hayden
    72 – Tristan Xerri
    77 – Billy Hartung

    North were the beneficiaries of Fremantle’s decision to overlook Luke Davies-Uniacke and as a result picked up a player many rated in the top two with pick 4.

    He looks like he could be lynchpin of their future midfield, a Josh P Kennedy or David Mundy type who can have an immediate impact at AFL level in 2018 and who they can build around as they draft more talent over the next few years.

    Will Walker and Kyron Hayden also offer some ball-winning ability while 201cm Tristan Xerri is another tall prospect they can develop.

    Former Hawk Billy Hartung with their last pick is a bit of a flyer but the payoff could be good. After being criticised for a lack of action in the trade period they’ve now recycled two players known for their speed (Alex Morgan the other one).

    My take: Davies-Uniacke was the kind of prospect you just can’t pass up if he’s available at pick 4 in this draft, but I was surprised the Roos didn’t look for a player with a bit more X-Factor than Walker at pick 23.

    Luke Davies-Uniacke tall

    (AAP Image/Craig Golding)

    Port Adelaide Power
    47 – Sam Hayes
    51 – Kane Farrell
    58 – Jake Patmore
    60 – Joel Garner
    61 – Dom Barry

    Port were the beneficiaries of arguably the biggest slider of the night – Sam Hayes, ranked as a top ten talent by some, joining them with their first pick at No.47.

    Joel Garner was also something of a slider and they’ll be happy to invest in him longterm. He along with Kane Farrell and Jake Patmore will offer them some good ball use coming out of defense.

    With their last pick of the night they took a chance on former Melbourne player Dom Barry, continuing their strategy of bringing in experience over this offseason.

    My take: There’s no doubting that Port brought in more recognised talent here than they would’ve thought was likely given the picks they held. If Hayes proves to be a longterm ruckman for them than that alone makes this draft a winner.

    Richmond Tigers
    17 – Jack Higgins
    20 – Callum Coleman-Jones
    25 – Noah Balta
    34 – Patrick Naish
    63 – Benjamin Miller

    As forecast Richmond invested in tall players this year with a big ruckman in Callum Coleman-Jones and a raw but promising tall in Noah Balta joining the club in their first three picks.

    However they went best available at their first selection and that saw Jack Higgins arrive at the club. They have an awesome fleet of small forwards now with him to go alongside the likes of Daniel Rioli, Jason Castagna, Dan Butler and Shai Bolton.

    To top it off they got father-son pick Patrick Naish for a packet of chips and a developing ruckman in Benjamin Miller with their last pick of the night.

    My take: A lot to be happy about here. Most will take some time to develop, but Higgins could play Round 1 2018.

    St Kilda Saints
    7 – Hunter Clark
    8 – Nick Coffield
    35 – Oscar Clavarino
    46 – Ben Paton

    The Saints were heavily linked to Hunter Clark and Nick Coffield in the lead up to the draft and in the end their picks were no surprise. Clark is a ball magnet, and Coffield offers great versatility and speed.

    They then invested some more in the future of their backline with a tall defender in Oscar Clavarino and a medium defender in Ben Paton.

    My take: Clark and Coffield both look like blue chip prospects who should play 200+ games each for the Saints, so this draft is arguably a win off the back of that alone.

    That said, I really feel like the Saints need some match-winning, game-breaking X-factor in their list, and I’m not sure anyone they picked here provides that. Jack Billings can’t do all the work.

    Aiden Bonar and Darcy Fogarty were options left on the board who might have offered that, but had more risk attached to them than Clark and Coffield – a classic draft dilemma. I’ll be keeping a close eye on how it all pans out.

    Nick Coffield Hunter Clark

    (AAP Image/Brendan Esposito)

    Sydney Swans
    14 – Matthew Ling
    33 – Tom McCartin
    53 – Ryley Stoddart

    Sydney offered one of the big surprises of the first round taking Matthew Ling with a pick in the teens when many expected he would still be around in the 20s or 30s.

    He and Ryley Stoddart, however, both offer a bit of pace and class which the Swans would definitely like to have on top of a team that already packs plenty of punch.

    Tom McCartin is a young tall prospect who only barely qualifies for the draft, he’ll spend 2018 doing year 12 but has plenty of physical development left in him so could prove a bargain.

    My take: As they often do in the draft Sydney defied our expectations, but they’ve gotten it right enough times that you trust them to know what they’re doing.

    West Coast Eagles
    13 – Jarrod Brander
    21 – Oscar Allen
    26 – Liam Ryan
    32 – Brayden Ainsworth
    38 – Jack Petrucelle
    68 – Hamish Brayshaw

    West Coast’s trade period had set them up to make a heavy investment in this draft and they did exactly that with six new Eagles taken.

    Jarrod Brander and Oscar Allen as their first two picks are both key-position prospects, which surprised a few given their need for midfielders.

    However that was addressed later on in the draft to some degree with the acquisitions of Brayden Ainsworth and Hamish Brayshaw.

    They also acquired a bit of X-factor in mature WAFL star Liam Ryan, and Jack Petrucelle, widely touted as the fastest player in the draft.

    My take: It’s hard to read exactly what West Coast’s strategy was for this draft, but I think they need to look at the longterm and they’ve done that here by investing in some quality key position players. Ainsworth and Brayshaw add grunt if not class, while Ryan and Petrucelle can excite.

    That said, arguably the biggest need on their list is for some more genuine X-factor in the midfield, and they didn’t really address this in the draft (as Ryan and Petrucelle aren’t mids) and without a first-round selection next year might not get a chance to do so for another two years.

    Western Bulldogs
    9 – Aaron Naughton
    16 – Ed Richards
    74 – Callum Porter

    The Dogs as widely expected took key defender Aaron Naughton with their first pick, and then would’ve been pleasantly surprised to see classy half-back Ed Richards at their second, given there was talk of him going top 10. Callum Porter is another midfield prospect to develop.

    My take: Naughton could play Round 1 next year, and while halfback isn’t the position the Dogs most need players in, Richards might develop into a classy winger in time. His KJ Apa-esque hair will put Bailey Dale to shame.

    Like the Saints and the Blues, they’re another club who may have to wrestle in the future with their decision to overlook Darcy Fogarty.

    Aaron Naughton tall

    (AAP Image/Craig Golding)

    Josh Elliott
    Josh Elliott

    Josh Elliott may be The Roar's Weekend Editor, but at heart he's just a rusted-on North Melbourne tragic with a penchant for pun headlines - and also abnormal alliteration, assuredly; assuming achievability. He once finished third in a hot chilli pie eating contest. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29 and listen to him on The Roar's AFL Podcast.

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    The Crowd Says (232)

    • November 25th 2017 @ 11:35am
      Ditto said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:35am | ! Report

      Good to see Adelaide landing a couple of South Australians. Even though the draft should be a talent first approach in the last few years they’ve passed on some SA players, Hayward, Burton, Graham, that they could have taken with appropriate picks without compromising the talent first ethos.

    • November 25th 2017 @ 11:44am
      Sugar coated itch said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:44am | ! Report

      Sydney need a lot of run and carry and that’s exactly what they got!! Watch out for the line breakers in Ling and Stoddart!! Clever recruiting in McCartin – will be a superstar in years to come. Go Swans

    • Roar Guru

      November 25th 2017 @ 11:48am
      Cat said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:48am | ! Report

      Very happy with what the Cats picked up. Just what we needed. Despite half the people saying we would take defenders, it wasn’t an immediate need. Small goal kickers were. Can’t fault any of the 4 picks in the least. Kelly will slot right into Motlop’s spot. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see one of Miers or Fogarty play straight away. Will be make or break it years for a couple of perennial injured smalls at Geelong. Good pressure for their spots. Time to step it up boys.

      • Editor

        November 27th 2017 @ 8:52am
        Josh Elliott said | November 27th 2017 @ 8:52am | ! Report

        Early pick would be that Kelly and Fogarty debut Round 1 next year. Very much like what the Cats did both for now and for the future.

      • November 27th 2017 @ 10:47am
        Mattician6x6 said | November 27th 2017 @ 10:47am | ! Report

        Kelly is a great replacement for motlop, definetly worth it as a bloke who has had to work his but off to achieve his goal can offer a lot more than a talented kid to a team in Geelong’s list demographic.

        • Roar Guru

          November 27th 2017 @ 10:59am
          Cat said | November 27th 2017 @ 10:59am | ! Report

          Yeah, I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t make the team for round 1 debut (the spot is his to lose basically and from what I have read he is mature and hardworking enough to let let the opportunity escape). Very happy with his selection, even if we had to reach a little to keep him away from WCE selections.

          • Roar Guru

            November 27th 2017 @ 11:36am
            Cat said | November 27th 2017 @ 11:36am | ! Report

            not let* oops on the typo.

    • November 25th 2017 @ 11:54am
      Ditto said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:54am | ! Report

      On SA talent. Watch out for Mitch Crowden. Another Lachie Neale ?

      • November 25th 2017 @ 1:28pm
        Jon boy said | November 25th 2017 @ 1:28pm | ! Report

        Ditto- Is strong and TOUGH huge tank kicks goals ready for AFL absolute steel surprised SA clubs missed him ?

        • November 25th 2017 @ 6:21pm
          rusty said | November 25th 2017 @ 6:21pm | ! Report

          Had no idea who he was but am stoked Freo picked him up. Seems hard as nails and has played against men which is a huge advantage when analysing west/south aussie draft prospects over their vic counterparts. Crowden may well debut ahead of any of the other Freo picks.

          • November 25th 2017 @ 6:43pm
            Aligee said | November 25th 2017 @ 6:43pm | ! Report

            Many SA and WA draft prospects will play against men in the WAFL, unless the Vic kids are over age and playing VFL they do not play against men.

          • November 27th 2017 @ 9:49am
            sammy said | November 27th 2017 @ 9:49am | ! Report

            you have picked up a really good kid. I saw him play a few league games for Sturt and he looked the goods

        • November 26th 2017 @ 10:58am
          GJ said | November 26th 2017 @ 10:58am | ! Report

          He was on Adelaide’s radar.

          • November 26th 2017 @ 11:19am
            Crowbot said | November 26th 2017 @ 11:19am | ! Report

            He’s only very notionally on the radar, if the club trades in such a manner that there is complete disregard where their 3rd selection ends up, because they have no intention of using it.

            • November 26th 2017 @ 11:31am
              GJ said | November 26th 2017 @ 11:31am | ! Report

              Yes, the club had no intention of taking him in the ND. I believe he may have been considered by the club to be picked up in the Rookie Draft if he was still available.

              The club didn’t expect Fogarty to be available at pick 12. Does that mean he was only very notionally on the radar.

              • November 26th 2017 @ 12:03pm
                Crowbot said | November 26th 2017 @ 12:03pm | ! Report

                OK GJ, could you please tell me if either of Josh Smithson and Jake Weidemann are on their radar. Another Weed would be awesome.

              • November 26th 2017 @ 12:46pm
                GJ said | November 26th 2017 @ 12:46pm | ! Report

                Don’t know.

              • November 26th 2017 @ 1:00pm
                Crowbot said | November 26th 2017 @ 1:00pm | ! Report

                OK GJ, who else, besides Mitch Crowden and any other players that are now not on their radar, are on their radar ? Jackson Edwards don’t count.

              • November 26th 2017 @ 1:10pm
                GJ said | November 26th 2017 @ 1:10pm | ! Report

                The current senior list has 38 players. The existing rookie list has Jarman and Hunter. The club has committed to taking Edwards. They have also publicly stated they will take CEY as a rookie if he’s still available. Based on him still recovering from an ACL you’d expect him to be available.

                So that leaves potentially 2 unknown picks in the rookie draft. As I said in my last post, I don’t know who they will pick. Lachlan Murphy, a development player with the SANFL team has been touted as a possibility with 1 of those picks.

              • November 26th 2017 @ 1:20pm
                Crowbot said | November 26th 2017 @ 1:20pm | ! Report


              • November 26th 2017 @ 1:41pm
                Mattician6x6 said | November 26th 2017 @ 1:41pm | ! Report

                With getting Fogarty the loss of lever seems to be nullified. Start Fogarty fwd next year as the 3rd tall and swing McGovern back into the intercept role.structure and game plan will need very little tinkering

              • November 26th 2017 @ 2:38pm
                GJ said | November 26th 2017 @ 2:38pm | ! Report

                Not sure what the plan will be with Fogarty. His fitness is behind a lot of draftees due to his meniscus injury this year.

                Hard to see McGovern being pushed back. It isn’t perceived he has the same skill set in defence as his brother. There are several other players who I’d expect to trialled in defence first. Doedee seems the most likely longer term replacement. Hasn’t played a game at AFL level yet. so the jury is still out on him. Hampton is another possibility. Cheney is another option (though probably more a break glass in emergency type).

                Doubt we’ll find a genuine like for like replacement of Lever though on the existing list.

              • November 26th 2017 @ 2:41pm
                Crowbot said | November 26th 2017 @ 2:41pm | ! Report

                M6x6, personally I would be surprised if Adelaide tried to turn Mitch into a defender, it would be the equivalent of turning a Ferrari into a Volkswagen. I’m not sure how or if they fit Fogarty into the team in the short term, in the longer term they would see him as more of a midfielder than a forward. He’ll play forward in the state league, because that’s where he thinks he’s at and I guess if he knocks the door down they’ll look at the best way to fit him in the A’s.

    • November 25th 2017 @ 12:03pm
      Mattician6x6 said | November 25th 2017 @ 12:03pm | ! Report

      Great haul for wce, Allen will be developed midfield and with his height and marking the fyfe comparison will come, this continued mention of x factor is odd as x factor is what every team needs and desires and can come in many ways not just in a chris Judd manner.

      • November 25th 2017 @ 7:50pm
        Hector Stubbs said | November 25th 2017 @ 7:50pm | ! Report

        Jack Petrucelle is the fastest player in the draft but he doesn’t have the X-factor to play midfield?
        Liam Ryan was the best forward in the WAFL in 2017,he also played outside mid and took five mark-of-the-year contenders, but he doesn’t have the X-factor? FoxFooty rated Brander the key forward in the draft,despite him playing back for half the U/18 champs,so he’d have to at least run through the midfield from one role to the other, but he doesn’t have the X-factor either?
        I think these players will stun Josh’s eyeballs more than once in 2018

        • November 25th 2017 @ 8:29pm
          Mattician6x6 said | November 25th 2017 @ 8:29pm | ! Report

          Add young blokes already on list but with limited exposure (Nelson, parto, waterman, Venables, rioli, Cole, Watson etc) there is x factor galore.

        • Editor

          November 27th 2017 @ 8:55am
          Josh Elliott said | November 27th 2017 @ 8:55am | ! Report

          Ryan I think will predominantly be a small forward, Petrucelle a half-back, and Brander in a key position, so whatever they provide, they won’t be doing much of it as starting midfielders – of course, if they develop into midfielders, that changes things, but I suspect unlikely to happen.

          • November 27th 2017 @ 9:14am
            Mattician6x6 said | November 27th 2017 @ 9:14am | ! Report

            Wce are saying Petrucelle is likely to play a small forward role with likelihood of moving to wing in future. Yes Ryan will be a medium fwd( at 185cm with marking ability he is not the front and square classic small fwd) but with rioli there as well lecras and Cripps are suddenly pressured. Midfield there are options already that due yo injury last year were not blooded the way the club would like.

      • November 26th 2017 @ 1:55am
        13th Man said | November 26th 2017 @ 1:55am | ! Report

        Matt what’s your take on West Coast picking two key forwards with there first two picks? I get that Allen may potentially be more of a midfield type but was still surprised they went with Brander over a mid with #13 considering the recent retirements of Pridda and Mitchell and your current KPP strength.
        When Freo kept taking kids and WC key forwards I was wondering if both clubs were mixing each other up a bit!!

        • November 26th 2017 @ 9:32am
          Matto said | November 26th 2017 @ 9:32am | ! Report

          Our policy at almost every draft is take the best player available with our first pick.
          We have midfielders that have been on the list a yr or more that will be much more likely to be able to fill the gap in our midfiled.
          *unless we had of gone Kelly.

        • November 26th 2017 @ 10:12am
          Mattician6x6 said | November 26th 2017 @ 10:12am | ! Report

          Pretty much what matto said, I would imagine duggan goes midfield this year to fill pridda role, Mitch was a 1year player so not as integral as being reported, Venables will be best 22 and ah chee has kinda been forgotten in the midfield conversation atm,

          • November 26th 2017 @ 6:49pm
            Crowbot said | November 26th 2017 @ 6:49pm | ! Report

            I wonder if they were tossing up between Allen and Brander at 13 as next best selection, I have seen some ‘experts’ rate him (Allen) higher than both Brander and Naughton. They may have been a little surprised that Allen was still on the board at 21, so were compelled to pick him, but their original strategy may have been to take Kelly at this pick. Are they better off with Brander/Allen or a combination of Brander or Allen with Kelly ?

            • November 26th 2017 @ 7:17pm
              Mattician6x6 said | November 26th 2017 @ 7:17pm | ! Report

              Apparently wce was shocked Allen was available, I understand getting brander with jk in the thirties know, Allen is a gem more than capable of being groomed midfield.

              • November 27th 2017 @ 10:50am
                David C said | November 27th 2017 @ 10:50am | ! Report

                Pretty sure Richmond would have taken Allen but they couldn’t pass on Higgins when he slid to their first pick.

              • November 27th 2017 @ 10:58am
                Mattician6x6 said | November 27th 2017 @ 10:58am | ! Report

                Was very surprised Richmond passed him up as he looked like the sort of player who would add to their list.

          • November 27th 2017 @ 1:25am
            13th Man said | November 27th 2017 @ 1:25am | ! Report

            Yeah I have to agree, I was actually shocked when they didn’t go Allen at 13, it’ll be interesting to see how they go, I just presumed West Coast would’ve wanted to get some more midfield depth. As I said I think they would’ve gone with Kelly had Geelong not beaten them to him so perhaps you missed out there but no I think you’ve got some really good players.
            Liam Ryan is a jet, will play senior footy next year. (Although for derbies we’ll just let nyhyis tie him up ?)

      • Editor

        November 27th 2017 @ 8:53am
        Josh Elliott said | November 27th 2017 @ 8:53am | ! Report

        No team would say no to a bit more X, but it’s a more clear need for some than others and I reckon for West Coast, particularly through the midfield, it’s an area where they’ve been found lacking.

        • November 27th 2017 @ 9:31am
          Mattician6x6 said | November 27th 2017 @ 9:31am | ! Report

          Josh as we saw aiden went before wce first pick and he was truly the only x factor mid in draft(and way to big of a risk), to get the type of player midfield your saying a club needs to bottom out or pull one outta thin air, wce will usually face the latter so the chance to nab a Judd or natanui rarely presents. Maybe next year is a superdraft but as it stands we got a non wa tall fwd who is a life love long wce fan who will apprentice under jk, a larke medallist who I predict will go midfield ultimately and be comparable to a fyfe or bont and a x factor medium fwd who at 21 is more likely to impact immediately than a tac cup kid.
          Of course I’d love to have the next ablett, fyfe, danger, Martin, Judd etc but that list is small and takes a lot of luck or bad seasons to get and let’s not forget hawthorn recently dominated with a midfield built on very good players with not one genuine permanent x factor mid.

        • November 27th 2017 @ 12:40pm
          Brendon the 1st said | November 27th 2017 @ 12:40pm | ! Report

          Shuey is the gun in the middle for WC but they do need one more real A-grader in there, for all the knockers Mitchell was superb in the elimination final he’ll be missed come finals time.

          • November 27th 2017 @ 2:35pm
            Mattician6x6 said | November 27th 2017 @ 2:35pm | ! Report

            Venables would be ear marked for that imo and also Nelson imo but if yeo goes mid Nelson slots onto yeo hbf beautifully

        • November 27th 2017 @ 12:43pm
          Jack said | November 27th 2017 @ 12:43pm | ! Report

          Yes, I think all the X-factor was gone by the eagles pick who no doubt had their ‘mid’ targets but then went for best players available. They’ve covered the mid issue with longterm picks but yes they needed a walk-up starter preferably with pace. I think what’s overlooked is the depth they have now to mess around with positions and players, as well as younger mids on the rise this season.
          There was talk of Yeo going into the mid (where he wants to play), combine that with AhChee, possibly Shloithe if picked, and Venables. players like Duggan and Redden should improve- Duggan might be a beast this season. Sheed. Then a host of interchangables young and old right back to their mascot – Masten?
          It’s hard to believe they still have Schofield still in the team, somewhat overlooked now, such is the depth. Not forgetting NN and Lycetts return to the centre.
          Also, it seems Simmo may be going for the Tigers brand of forward pressure/lockdown with players now available-Petruccelle, Ryan, Rioli.

          • November 27th 2017 @ 2:43pm
            Mattician6x6 said | November 27th 2017 @ 2:43pm | ! Report

            Schofield is insurance know and we can’t lose all experience as it would create a imbalance on the list imho

    • November 25th 2017 @ 12:07pm
      Macca said | November 25th 2017 @ 12:07pm | ! Report

      Josh – I agree with your take on the blues midfield, after the last 2 drafts you can really see the team and game style Bo,ton wants, plenty of speed and elite foot skills. I am confident it will pay off and we will soon see a more attacking Carlton.

      Jarod Garlett brother has made a miraculous recovery so I think he will be pretty happy back in Melbourne

      • November 29th 2017 @ 4:14pm
        Macca said | November 29th 2017 @ 4:14pm | ! Report

        Just watched an interview with Garlett and even more confident he will settle well – Pickett is his cousin and they are living together which should make a big difference.

        Also spoke of being more mature and desire to make most of second chance etc but words are easy to say.

        • November 29th 2017 @ 9:10pm
          George said | November 29th 2017 @ 9:10pm | ! Report

          Some feedback on former Suns in Blues colours now 🙂 Jarrod is a trouble. His comments on Suns were disgraceful. After 3 days with Blues he had it all figured out. Suns granted him compassion leave to see family, released him from his contract so he could play etc. Suns have one of the best indigenous programs in the league. They have indigenous liaison, coach Lovell and board member Riley have indigenous heritage. There is Harbrow indigenous academy, reconciliation community program etc. Mentioning more aboriginal players on Blues team was just terrible and offensive. When Jarrod played for Suns he had actually 6 aboriginal teammates. Contrary to Jarrod, Shaw is a very nice guy who loves fishing (Thompson his best buddy). He’s a very good runner but that’s about it. He can’t tackle and his disposal is terrible. Maybe change of environment will do him good. For some reason he was never able to put some muscles on (may be sauna gym had something to do with it). I wish Matt all the best and hope he proves me wrong.

          • November 29th 2017 @ 9:40pm
            Macca said | November 29th 2017 @ 9:40pm | ! Report

            As I said George, Pickett is his cousin – I would suggest that is better than the best indigenous program.

            Also no offence but th Suns don’t exactly seem like a club that has had it together off field.