Maybe, Davey, maybe you just can’t cop someone else’s code of conduct

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    Test match cricket is an intense sport. Concentration levels are tested as players set for and then relax after an incoming ball 540 times in a day’s play; 540 times a day for up to five days.

    Stress levels are often compounded when things are not going well for the fielding side, so things are invariably said to put the batters off their game.

    Likewise, some batters prefer to keep the silence, while others may be inclined to remind the bowler of their current form.

    We as mere spectators understand it is tense, but seeing the footage of David Warner spewing language at Quinton de Kock as they were making their way off the field in the first Test was ugly.

    Warner is relentless in the field. He sees it as part of the game and, like many players, feels sledging is an integral part of the game. He wore the ‘attack dog’ moniker with pride.

    Therefore, Warner must have a guide for what are acceptable ‘attack dog’ jibes and what are not, likely guided by the people he answers to – or they would have reprimanded him.

    Somewhere, at some time, Cricket Australia must have held discussions on what is acceptable. Apparently, the ‘line’ is mentioning families.

    I’m not sure if Australians involved in the think tank for on-field jibes took into account cultural differences from other nations when they determined the only sacrosanct item to be families.

    Personal attacks seem to be acceptable, as Warner’s comments on the boundary to his South African opponent have largely been dismissed by the Aussie hierarchy.

    Australia have decided that De Kock was out of line in his apparent comments about Warner’s wife. If De Kock did say those things it was poor form, but possibly justified based on South Africa’s code of conduct.

    But this arbitrary line of not mentioning families is ludicrous. Warner has no idea how personal some of the barbs he slings at others are taken. Do they bite as hard as a throwaway line about his wife, which Warner finds offensive? Did Warner not expect some retribution?

    Was Warner upset that his wife was mentioned, or that De Cock was finally tired of the personal insults and put the Aussie in his place?

    Simply put, De Cock beat Warner at his own game, which may be why Warner reacted the way he did – best served cold and all that considered.

    I recall years ago witnessing a young guy, just starting out at a company, who was constantly being chipped away at by an older, more senior employee. Some might call it sledging.

    There were suggestions, but no direct accusations, about the young staffer’s manhood, sexuality, demeanour and the like. To top it off, the younger man was always referred to as “boy” by the senior staffer.

    After weeks of daily taunts, the young staffer was abruptly addressed one day as “boy” in front of a group of other senior staffers by the antagonist. The young staffer made his one and only retort to the senior staffer that day: “At least your wife calls me ‘big boy’.”

    The senior staffer fumed and made a lunge at the junior. Colleagues grabbed him and led him off. The junior continued to drink his coffee.

    Lessons were learned by all that day and the senior staffer was finally seen in the ugly glow of his incessant nastiness – what people would call bullying today.

    I wonder what that then-young staffer thinks of David Warner today.

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    The Crowd Says (166)

    • March 9th 2018 @ 3:24am
      vistro said | March 9th 2018 @ 3:24am | ! Report

      Isn’t it uncanny that Sarwan, Styris, Harbhajan…Quinny all over stepped the line vs Aus…but these good Aussie boys would never do that…oh no never! Bunch of rats.

      • March 9th 2018 @ 7:46am
        Nudge said | March 9th 2018 @ 7:46am | ! Report

        Didn’t Sarwan sledge Mcgrath’s sick wife? And didn’t Harbhajan get racist with Symonds and call him a monkey.

        • March 9th 2018 @ 8:06am
          jameswm said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:06am | ! Report

          Sarwan made a stock standard sledged about McGrath’s wife, and didn’t know she was sick (I believe).

          Harbhajan got away with it because India own cricket. Flat out lied and got away with it. Any sanctions and India would have picked up their bat and gone home.

          Lehmann says something equally as bad, owns up, apologises and pays his dues, but keeps the stigma. Harbhajan gets away with it.

          Cultural differences indeed.

        • Roar Guru

          March 9th 2018 @ 9:15am
          spruce moose said | March 9th 2018 @ 9:15am | ! Report


          Sarwan did no such thing. Get your facts straight. The words used that day are beyond question.

          McGrath went in with a homophobic sledge of Sarwan (asking him is it like to suck Brian Lara’s appendage), to which Sarwan responded with “I don’t know, ask your wife”.

          That Jane McGrath was sick was immaterial to that sledge.

          McGrath absolutely “crossed the line” first that day.

          • March 9th 2018 @ 9:56am
            Nudge said | March 9th 2018 @ 9:56am | ! Report

            Spruce, how about you get your facts straight. I asked a question. That’s why there is a question mark after the question

            • Roar Guru

              March 9th 2018 @ 9:59am
              spruce moose said | March 9th 2018 @ 9:59am | ! Report


              Well, consider the question answered.

              • March 9th 2018 @ 11:46am
                mickyt said | March 9th 2018 @ 11:46am | ! Report

                Spruce correct. Millard went personal first.

      • March 9th 2018 @ 8:06am
        Bretto said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:06am | ! Report

        Warner is a prat. He can’t rant and rave all day and then be all offended when someone says something back. “I shagged your missus” or something similar has been muttered millions of times over the years. The only line would be the suggestion of violence of any type, especially against children. Having said that, it would be far better if they all just acted like grown ups.

        • March 9th 2018 @ 8:43am
          Mickey of Mo$man said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:43am | ! Report

          I shagged shagged your missus bretto

          • March 9th 2018 @ 8:51am
            Bretto said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:51am | ! Report

            I’m glad somebody did.

            • March 9th 2018 @ 9:00am
              twodogs said | March 9th 2018 @ 9:00am | ! Report

              😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Wish Warner had enough wit for a reply like that.

        • March 9th 2018 @ 4:16pm
          nickbrisbane said | March 9th 2018 @ 4:16pm | ! Report

          In what other workplace would you have to put up with this kind of bullying?

      • March 9th 2018 @ 8:57am
        Marshall said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:57am | ! Report

        ‘Bunch of rats’ – Classy.

        You sound about as classy as the players you mentioned above.

      • Roar Guru

        March 9th 2018 @ 11:56am
        JamesH said | March 9th 2018 @ 11:56am | ! Report

        While I do wish Warner would tone it down a bit (e.g. the screaming at Markram), this article is a little on the naive side.

        Firstly, the idea that de Kock and most other international cricketers don’t understand where to draw ‘the line’ is pretty far-fetched. For all his carry on, have we ever seen or heard about Warner blowing up to the extent he did in that footage (the drunken swipe at Joe Root aside)? Doesn’t this tell you that sledging someone’s family in international cricket is relatively rare? Virat Kohli spewed constant vitriol at the Aussies (including Warner) in the test series last year but no one in the Australian camp complained about him crossing the line – or at all, for that matter.

        Secondly, I wish people would stop making out like de Kock is some kind of victim here. We’re apparently supposed to be understanding of poor little Quinton being pushed to the edge by Warner’s sledging and saying something crass back, yet Warner getting upset about his wife being sledged is unacceptable? Come off it. They were both out of line in the way they responded, and the fact that de Kock appealed his sanction after admitting to what he said is bizarre.

        De Kock has twice been sanctioned by the ICC for physical on-field altercations; once in a test match vs Bangladesh and once in a domestic match. The guy is no saint and is perfectly happy to ruffle feathers for a reaction himself. He knew exactly how far he was going when he brought up Warner’s wife, as evidenced by the grin on his face when he entered the stairwell.

        These guys are both geese and they just got de Kooked by the ICC. *Drops mic*

    • March 9th 2018 @ 3:26am
      Farqueue said | March 9th 2018 @ 3:26am | ! Report

      The saffas can’t have it both ways.
      After the AB run out they were complaining about Warner giving it to Markram about his huge mistake.
      The next day apparently it’s ok to say dirty things about someone’s wife .
      So South Africa ….is it open slather or not.
      It’s not a gentlemans game anymore.
      Hasn’t been for a long time.
      Players appeal when they pretty sure it’s not out…if umpire gives it not out…you want to review it….na… don’t think it was out…that’s basically cheating…not very gentlemanly.

    • March 9th 2018 @ 3:34am
      Farqueue said | March 9th 2018 @ 3:34am | ! Report

      Isn’t his name de kock….not de cock.
      Hard to take article too seriously when you can’t get that right.

      • Roar Guru

        March 9th 2018 @ 4:03am
        Corne Van Vuuren said | March 9th 2018 @ 4:03am | ! Report

        Nothing wrong with this opinion piece, dismissing an opinion because the writer misspelt a name gives little credibility to your own opinion

        • March 9th 2018 @ 8:08am
          jameswm said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:08am | ! Report

          Yeah but a pretty big error.

          • Roar Guru

            March 9th 2018 @ 9:52am
            Corne Van Vuuren said | March 9th 2018 @ 9:52am | ! Report

            Do you know who the Author refers to when he writes de Cock?

        • March 9th 2018 @ 8:58am
          Marshall said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:58am | ! Report

          the 384239048290th opinion piece on this issue from people who weren’t there and don’t know what happened.

          The poor horse has been beaten to death, please have mercy it’s crying out!

          • March 9th 2018 @ 5:16pm
            Scorching said | March 9th 2018 @ 5:16pm | ! Report

            Itd hardly be crying out if it had been beaten to death

            Sorry, no relevance, just couldnt help myself

      • Roar Guru

        March 9th 2018 @ 8:16am
        Wayne said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:16am | ! Report

        Its a pretty big error in the scheme of the article. Reminds me of such classic video games where A Gelchrast was wicket keeping to the bowling of J Guisseppi.

        • March 9th 2018 @ 8:45am
          Mickey of Mo$man said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:45am | ! Report

          the good old days or Ponting 07

      • Roar Pro

        March 9th 2018 @ 2:50pm
        Kurt S said | March 9th 2018 @ 2:50pm | ! Report

        It was indeed an error in the final check through and a lesson learnt for next time. My auto correction feature of the word processor I used changed the name. I obviously hit ‘yes’ when I should have hit ‘no’ to to the auto correct in the final review.

        As for dismissing the whole article for that paux pas? That is your call.

    • March 9th 2018 @ 4:13am
      Ad-0 said | March 9th 2018 @ 4:13am | ! Report

      Having been lucky enough to have travelled extensively, I think you are bang on the money in your consideration of cultural differences and sledging. In saying that, Davie Warner has travelled a lot and should be aware of that too.

      The problem is that Davie is a prime, A1, first grade dumb arse. Maybe his Mum smoked while she was pregnant. A great bat, mind. And he does really annoy the Poms so he’s not all bad.

      • March 9th 2018 @ 11:45am
        Dodo Vita said | March 9th 2018 @ 11:45am | ! Report

        Yes, someone should tell Warner that he’s a bit too simple to engage in sledging. He is not capable of wit…just raw insult. And the fact that he repeatedly goes berserk when someone mentions his family is an announcement to all world cricket to direct their on field sledges to that topic. He perpetuates the sledge cycle. Is there no one in the entire Australian camp who can see this? Tell him to walk away.

        I’ve been an avid Australian cricket fan my entire life…but when I see Warner on the field I want to see him fail. I want to see us win but not with his help. At all levels in Australian sport we have a no d*ckheads policy. The policy should be extended to exclude foul mouthed gutter snipes too.

        Warner could learn a thing or two about behaving from the great Adam Gilchrist – someone all Australian cricket fans admire. An inspiration with the bat and the gloves, and a gentleman on and off the field.

        • Roar Guru

          March 9th 2018 @ 2:09pm
          JamesH said | March 9th 2018 @ 2:09pm | ! Report

          It’s a good thing we actually don’t have a ‘no dickheads’ policy, otherwise Lillee, Marsh, McDermott, Hughes, Warne, McGrath, MacGill and Hayden (just to name a few) would have been in a bit of trouble, given their own on-field efforts.

          Elite sport will always have its fair share of carry-on because to succeed at that level you have to have supreme self-confidence, which sometimes leads to egotism and a refusal to back down or accept defeat. It’s been a fact of elite sport for decades; it isn’t changing any time soon.

          • Roar Guru

            March 9th 2018 @ 2:25pm
            Handles said | March 9th 2018 @ 2:25pm | ! Report

            Hope you are talking Kim, not Merv…

            • March 9th 2018 @ 3:24pm
              jacko said | March 9th 2018 @ 3:24pm | ! Report

              Does a tongue in the captains ear cross the line?

        • March 9th 2018 @ 6:05pm
          GD66 said | March 9th 2018 @ 6:05pm | ! Report

          Me too Dodo. And what the hell is all that palaver with the velcro straps on his gloves that have to be ripped open a second after the bowled ball has passed ? Are they really that uncomfortable ?

      • Roar Pro

        March 9th 2018 @ 4:08pm
        Kurt S said | March 9th 2018 @ 4:08pm | ! Report

        Yes, I reside in other countries at times and am mindful of the potential to cause rift over seemingly meaningless throw away lines.

        I’ve been in places where if you tried to goad someone by making a comment regarding their wife, the reply might be “Which wife are you talking about?”

    • March 9th 2018 @ 4:55am
      John said | March 9th 2018 @ 4:55am | ! Report

      Completely agree, and I’m Australian.

      I really don’t care what Australian players or hierarchy think s stepping over the live. If that’s how you want to play it then there is no line.

      They’re behaving like children who want to pick up their toys and go home. Its pathetic.

      • March 9th 2018 @ 9:00am
        Marshall said | March 9th 2018 @ 9:00am | ! Report

        Who is threatening to go home?

        all Warner did was turn around to want to beat the living daylights out of the bloke. His teammates stopped him.

        No one is taking the bat and ball and going home. Warner even graciously accepted his punishment and moved on, Smith did the same and took ultimate responsibility for the team in his latest pressor.

        Bizarre comment.

        • March 9th 2018 @ 1:42pm
          Christo the Daddyo said | March 9th 2018 @ 1:42pm | ! Report

          “all Warner did was turn around to want to beat the living daylights out of the bloke. His teammates stopped him.”

          You know this is actually a very big problem though, don’t you? The vice-captain of the Test team is so lacking in self-control he has to be held back by his team-mates.

          Astounding anyone could minimise this incident.

          And if you think Warner has “moved on”, you’ve got rocks in your head. He still clearly doesn’t understand or accept he’s done anything wrong, and that it’s all the Saffas fault.

          • March 9th 2018 @ 1:52pm
            Marshall said | March 9th 2018 @ 1:52pm | ! Report

            He graciously accepted his punishment and has moved on to the next Test.

            Not minimising anything, I am saying what actually happened in retort to the assertion that they are ‘taking their bat and ball and going home’ which is just not true.

            My head is just fine and rock free.

            • March 9th 2018 @ 2:50pm
              John said | March 9th 2018 @ 2:50pm | ! Report

              No – you’re a fool like Warner.

              No-one gave them the authority to determine boundaries for sledging doing. If they want to dish it up they should cop it as well. Who gives a damn if he feels a South African stepped over the line. What line? Their line? Your line? There is no line.

              Screw your line.

              • March 9th 2018 @ 3:02pm
                Marshall said | March 9th 2018 @ 3:02pm | ! Report

                1) Ironic, I never stooped to anything personal now you are abusing me calling me a fool while complaining about Warners behavior
                2) There are boundaries for everyone in society that aren’t explicity, they are implicit societal conventions – abuse abouts ones family/partner generally falls with this
                3) Clearly the Match Referee ‘gives a damn’ because he has fined and charged De Kock.

                I’m not sure what I said to make you so emotional.

            • Roar Pro

              March 9th 2018 @ 3:03pm
              Kurt S said | March 9th 2018 @ 3:03pm | ! Report

              I didn’t see much to call gracious about Warner’s comments after the punishment handed down. I saw it as him making excuses and justifying the undignified way in which he, the vice captain, handled himself.

              Did Warner think he could poke the bear the way he did and not expect to be bitten back? As others have said, de Kock has form.

              • March 9th 2018 @ 4:54pm
                Marshall said | March 9th 2018 @ 4:54pm | ! Report

                What terrible logic. Excusing poor behavior by De Kock with the ‘he was asking for it’ defense.

                Victim blaming in it’s truest sense.

              • Roar Pro

                March 9th 2018 @ 6:23pm
                Kurt S said | March 9th 2018 @ 6:23pm | ! Report

                Marshall, I am in no way defending de Kock and I’m unsure how you came to that conclusion.

            • March 9th 2018 @ 3:21pm
              Perthstayer said | March 9th 2018 @ 3:21pm | ! Report


              His comment has been clear “it wasn’t my fault, he said something he shouldn’t have”. That is not moving on.

              The physical scuffle was his fault. The words before it didn’t make his limbs move, he did.

              He needs to grow up and try to be a better role model for kids.

              • March 10th 2018 @ 12:09pm
                George said | March 10th 2018 @ 12:09pm | ! Report

                Playing the victim like he always does.

                And the nationalistic Roarers make out he maturely moves on.

    • March 9th 2018 @ 5:32am
      twodogs said | March 9th 2018 @ 5:32am | ! Report

      John, I reckon they’re behaving like adults. Children behaving like children are more children behaving like adults. I buy many cricket bio’s. Though most stretch back to when cricketers were also real characters. I definitely will not buy Warners.
      Mastersledge by De kok. Perfect timing. It may tip Warner over for the next few games. I think the author is correct. Warner was well beaten at his own game.A man must know his limitations Davey and QDK just smashed ya. If laughter is allowed, I give – 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • March 9th 2018 @ 8:09am
        jameswm said | March 9th 2018 @ 8:09am | ! Report

        If you think that sledge will put Warner off his game for the next few tests, you don’t understand him very well.

      • March 9th 2018 @ 9:57am
        Nope said | March 9th 2018 @ 9:57am | ! Report

        You think the author is correct? Says a lot about you.
        David Warners work environment involves people calling his wife a sl#t and wh#re. His opponents and the crowd do it continually. The gutless Barmy Army were into him on the first day of the Ashes;
        “Davie Warner is over the hill, Came second to Sonny Bill” — and New Zealand crowds were just as puerile two years ago.
        You obviously would have no problem with your mother/wife/sister or daughter being referred to in this way.
        What weak and spineless cuck you are.

        • Roar Guru

          March 9th 2018 @ 10:00am
          spruce moose said | March 9th 2018 @ 10:00am | ! Report

          Is twodogs also part of the privileged white class coming down on the working class then?

          • March 9th 2018 @ 10:13am
            Drago said | March 9th 2018 @ 10:13am | ! Report

            Classy Spruce.

            • Roar Guru

              March 9th 2018 @ 12:31pm
              spruce moose said | March 9th 2018 @ 12:31pm | ! Report

              His rather juvenile definition of the world – not mine.

            • March 9th 2018 @ 6:13pm
              twodogs said | March 9th 2018 @ 6:13pm | ! Report

              No Drago, it’s not classy. It didn’t upset me, it wasn’t funny and had no relevance. I felt nothing. Not one of spruces best and, he does have some good ones.

          • March 9th 2018 @ 6:08pm
            twodogs said | March 9th 2018 @ 6:08pm | ! Report

            No, twodogs is working class spruce. Warner is not working class by the way, he’s an extremely well paid individual. The working class are the ones who pay to watch him shoot his mouth off and make a fool of himself. Not necessary – he’s too good a cricketer.

        • Roar Guru

          March 9th 2018 @ 2:17pm
          The Bush said | March 9th 2018 @ 2:17pm | ! Report

          Violence is never the answer. Ever.

        • March 9th 2018 @ 5:42pm
          twodogs said | March 9th 2018 @ 5:42pm | ! Report

          Nope, before I regretfully report your comment to the roar, I want to tell you a story. But before this, at no point did I attack Warner personally in the above comment. Warner did continually deride De Kok to the point where he’d had enough. He seems very good at giving though not so well in taking. Warner would not deride De Kok one on one but had the security of ten men behind him. Just as the barmy not target Warner if it not were an not an army.

          Some time ago there was a man whose brother had been killed in a car accident. He was quite shattered because this brother was his idol. Not long after, his mother was diagnosed with motor neuron disease and had made his best efforts to care for her while his father could not tolerate the trauma and attempted suicide twice. His mother took many painful years to die. Not long after, his father died from scepticemia. This man attempted to care for all this along with supporting a wife and three children along with trying to run a small engineering firm. It was very tough. Many tears flowed but he hung in there and got through.
          This person was me.
          Are you ok with calling me a weak spineless cuck? What is spineless though, is attacking, ridiculing or deriding an individual behind the safety of ten men.

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