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    West Coast Eagles vs. Geelong Cats

    Optus Stadium
    AFL Home and Away April 8, 2018
    West Coast Eagles 95, Geelong Cats 80
    West Coast Eagles Geelong Cats
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q14630   2214
    Q27951   2719
    Q371153   81058
    Q4141195   111480

    Match result:

    The West Coast Eagles almost let it slip, but six straight goals to finish the game has given them an upset win over the Geelong Cats as Gary Ablett copped a hamstring injury.

    Final score
    West Coast Eagles 14.11 (95)
    Geelong Cats 11.14 (80)

    Match preview:

    The West Coast Eagles are hoping to get their first win at Optus Stadium when they host the Geelong Cats there in the final game of Round 3 of the 2018 AFL season. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match on Sunday, starting from 4:40pm AEDT.

    Well the opportunity to be the first WA team to get an AFL win on Optus Stadium has unfortunately passed the West Coast Eagles by, as the Fremantle Dockers have gotten not one but two victories on the new ground.

    In fact because of yesterday’s unusual scheduling, Fremantle have already achieved something that West Coast will rarely get the opportunity to do – not only have they won at Optus Stadium as the home team, but have done so as the ‘away’ side.

    The Eagles will have to wait for a Fremantle-hosted derby to achieve the same feat.

    They’re in relatively good form though – pushing Sydney pretty closely in Round 1, and then achieving a comfortable victory over the Bulldogs in Melbourne last week.

    It’s still probably too soon to say with much certainty just how much those performances are worth, but at the very least West Coast fans deserve to feel optimisitc.

    As for Geelong, their grand unveiling of the star trio of Gary Ablett, Patrick Dangerfield and Joel Selwood last week didn’t really go to plan, ending in 1-point loss to Hawthorn.

    It was the second week in a row that they’ve played in a match decided by less than a goal.

    This week, as last week, Geelong will be missing three crucial players in Mitch Duncan, Lachie Henderson and Harry Taylor – and of course, they’re on a significant road trip.

    West Coast have a big out too with Josh J Kennedy still on the sidelines.

    I expect the Cats to win here – but reckon it won’t be the most convincing of victories.

    Geelong Cats by 12.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match between the West Coast Eagles and the Geelong Cats in Round 3 of the 2018 AFL season at Optus Stadium on Sunday, starting from 4:40pm AEDT.

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    Quarter 1
    3' BEHIND - Daniel Venables (West Coast Eagles)
    4' GOAL - Nic Naitanui (West Coast Eagles)
    6' GOAL - Jed Bews (Geelong Cats)
    7' BEHIND - Dom Sheed (West Coast Eagles)
    9' GOAL - Liam Ryan (West Coast Eagles)
    13' BEHIND - Mark Hutchings (West Coast Eagles)
    17' GOAL - Esava Ratugolea (Geelong Cats)
    19' BEHIND - Dom Sheed (West Coast Eagles)
    21' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    24' BEHIND - Rushed (West Coast Eagles)
    26' GOAL - Jack Redden (West Coast Eagles)
    28' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong Cats)
    30' BEHIND - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    31' GOAL - Mark LeCras (West Coast Eagles)
    Quarter 2
    3' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    7' BEHIND - Mark LeCras (West Coast Eagles)
    12' BEHIND - Esava Ratugolea (Geelong Cats)
    13' BEHIND - Jake Waterman (West Coast Eagles)
    14' BEHIND - Mark LeCras (West Coast Eagles)
    16' BEHIND - Nakia Cockatoo (Geelong Cats)
    18' BEHIND - Nakia Cockatoo (Geelong Cats)
    19' GOAL - Liam Ryan (West Coast Eagles)
    20' GOAL - Luke Shuey (West Coast Eagles)
    23' GOAL - Andrew Gaff (West Coast Eagles)
    25' BEHIND - Lachie Fogarty (Geelong Cats)
    Quarter 3
    4' GOAL - Sam Menegola (Geelong Cats)
    6' GOAL - Lachie Fogarty (Geelong Cats)
    10' BEHIND - Chris Masten (West Coast Eagles)
    13' GOAL - Zach Tuohy (Geelong Cats)
    15' GOAL - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    19' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    24' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    28' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    31' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    33' BEHIND - Jamie Cripps (West Coast Eagles)
    34' BEHIND - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    Quarter 4
    2' BEHIND - Lachie Fogarty (Geelong Cats)
    3' BEHIND - Lachie Fogarty (Geelong Cats)
    7' BEHIND - Lachie Fogarty (Geelong Cats)
    9' GOAL - Mark LeCras (West Coast Eagles)
    12' GOAL - Esava Ratugolea (Geelong Cats)
    13' GOAL - Tim Kelly (Geelong Cats)
    17' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong Cats)
    20' GOAL - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    23' GOAL - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    25' GOAL - Liam Ryan (West Coast Eagles)
    27' GOAL - Dom Sheed (West Coast Eagles)
    28' GOAL - Mark LeCras (West Coast Eagles)
    30' GOAL - Dom Sheed (West Coast Eagles)
    35' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)

    Josh Elliott may be The Roar's Weekend Editor, but at heart he's just a rusted-on North Melbourne tragic with a penchant for pun headlines - and also abnormal alliteration, assuredly; assuming achievability. He once finished third in a hot chilli pie eating contest. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29 and listen to him on The Roar's AFL Podcast.

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    • 2:33pm
      Mike said | 2:33pm | ! Report

      Wondering what kind of arrogance led Chris Scott to decide to go in with no ruckman against Nic Nat and Lycett. We were smashed at stoppages and our midfield had to do it all alone. Not surprised GA and cockatoo ended up injured. Our midfield with be ruined having to play without a ruckman and Blicavs and Ratugola will end up with long term injuries getting poleaxed by taller hard bodied ruckmen.

    • 10:08pm
      Lroy said | 10:08pm | ! Report

      Upset according to who??

      Redden, Sheed, Shuey, Gaff…………… thats FOUR names without mentioning our All Australian backline!!

      Darling is tearing it up… we have 4 new guys who are all guns….

      Eat it you doubters.. the top 4 sides this year will not feature a single side based in Melbourne.

      Crows, Port, Swans and Eagles, in that order.

      Forgot to mention the Flyin Fijian… genuine oversight.

      • 10:42pm
        Doctor Rotcod said | 10:42pm | ! Report

        The look on Ablett’s face when Naitanui ripped the ball out of his hands and spun 270 was priceless

    • 9:54pm
      Lroy said | 9:54pm | ! Report

      Be afraid..be very afraid…

      If Naitanui and Kennedy stay fit all year the Eagles will win it!!!.

      they’ve got a good lineup anyway.. but with the human wrecking ball and one of the best centre half forwards ever to play the game… its all over!!

      • Roar Rookie

        Mattician6x6 said | 10:41pm | ! Report

        Riding shotgun with you lroy.
        Jetta, hurn, Shep, barras, Nelson and gov forming a great defence atm.

      • 10:46am
        Aussie Opener said | 10:46am | ! Report

        Not getting ahead of yourself much eh ? I think West Coast can make the 8 , but we shall see.

      • 2:34pm
        Mike said | 2:34pm | ! Report

        Naitanui is a massive advantage. He did as he pleased against Geelong’s pretend ruckmen. I think he is still underrated for what he brings to the team.

    • 8:14pm
      Wheely Bin Man said | 8:14pm | ! Report

      Simply Wow!! What a game. Fantastic comeback by the Cats – how strong is that midfield when it cranks up!! plus Tim Kelly and Sav! So pleased the Eagles came back instead of hanging their heads and letting it slip away, showed the grit that’s needed to go further this season, great experience for the young ones.
      Well done Cats and commiserations on the injuries.
      Finally, the 1st win at the new stadium on the board Eagles!!
      Hope Ryan not too serious?

    • Roar Rookie

      Mattician6x6 said | 8:08pm | ! Report

      Its still reverberating guys EAGLES EAGLES EAGLES

    • Roar Guru

      Rick Figjam said | 7:25pm | ! Report

      Congrats you mongrel Eagles.

      Thanks for the call, Josh.

      • Roar Guru

        AdelaideDocker said | 7:29pm | ! Report

        Commiserations, Rick.

        Your boys should savage the Saints next weekend, so all will be good again.

      • Roar Rookie

        Mattician6x6 said | 7:42pm | ! Report

        What was that rick? I’m sure you meant EAGLES EAGLES EAGLES Sounds as good now as 92 & 94 😉

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 7:24pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      Tom Hawkins kicks his third goal after the siren, but it doesn’t matter, WEST COAST WIN!

      West Coast Eagles: 14.11 (95)
      Geelong Cats: 11.14 (80)

      • 7:53pm
        Doctor Rotcod said | 7:53pm | ! Report

        Almost too hard to listen to Ablett going off,hoping it’s a temporary problem
        Courageous by the Cats to outscore the Eagles after quarter time
        Their young defenders giving up six in a row might be a worry against Port in two weeks time

    • Roar Rookie

      Mattician6x6 said | 7:24pm | ! Report

      We are coming no question, the pundits may rate freo higher but they don’t have a jk waiting in the wings kids

      • 7:34pm
        13th Man said | 7:34pm | ! Report

        Both sides look good, derby in round 6 should be a ripper! Freo do have a bloke that can handle Kennedy though in Alex Pearce, has towelled up Dixon, Daniher and Lynch.
        Hope Liam Ryans injury isnt bad, seeing him play AFL is good for footy regardless of who you support.

        • Roar Rookie

          Mattician6x6 said | 12:19am | ! Report

          Can’t wait for Derby, will be fierce as both teams will want that piece of history. Good to see Pearce at your mob getting a clean run, freo look a different side with him holding down a kdp.
          Wce recruiting dept looking quite good with recent picks and draft strategies. With brander getting good wafl form and Oscar Allen soon to return from injury last year with Ryan, ainsworth and perteculle looks great
          Venables, Willie and waterman gaining confidence and again special mention to gaffy and way he has transformed into a inside mid.
          Hurn and jets complimenting the great defensive work of gov, barras and Shep with some of the best foot skills in the game.
          Darling continues being the superstar he is and nic and Scott the angry man lycett reminding all if you have two good rucks play them.

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 7:20pm | ! Report

      3:31 – Another goal form Sheed. Eagles are going to do it easy! Cats have lost it.

      West Coast Eagles: 14.11 (95)
      Geelong Cats: 10.14 (74)

    • Roar Rookie

      Mattician6x6 said | 7:20pm | ! Report


    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 7:19pm | ! Report

      Nothing like finishing the weekend seeing Geelong lose a close one … even if it means watching the Eagles win.

    • Roar Guru

      Rick Figjam said | 7:18pm | ! Report

      No excuses.

      Well done Eagles.

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