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AFL Power Rankings 2018: Round 5

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    Power Rankings on a Thursday morning? What is this sorcery?

    A very long round of footy, and a very hard round to judge. As always, there’s a lot of movement in the rankings (expect that for a long while, probably up until the last weeks of the season) and all but one team move. Enjoy.

    Last week: 5

    Chugging along beautifully at the moment, really, and there ain’t much to say other than that. They’ve shot to top of the ladder, and they’re top here as well.

    Last week: 6

    This team is flying high. I’m going to make a very early call: the Cats (and the Tigers) will be the highest ranked Victorians come Round 23.

    Last week: 7

    Redemption. Legitimate, proper, authentic redemption. One of the better wins of any team this season.

    4.Sydney Swans
    Last week: 1

    Didn’t expect this one, and I’m pretty sure the Swans camp didn’t either. A bad Friday night, but it isn’t the end of the world.

    5.GWS Giants
    Last week: 2

    Their draw against St Kilda was strange. Leon Cameron described them as ‘lucky’ after the game, and that’s probably apt. Mind you, they aren’t the only NSW side who disappointed on the weekend.

    6.North Melbourne
    Last week: 13

    This is a side that is pummeling the life out of predictions, and pessimism. I’ve never particularly liked North Melbourne. I still don’t, but I’m sitting up and taking notice. As should most in the footy community.

    Last week: 4

    I had them fourth last week, then they go and get smashed by the Kangaroos. Can’t win ‘em all, though, and it isn’t panic stations yet. ‘Yet’ being the key word here.

    8.West Coast
    Last week: 8

    On one hand, they won. On the other, they struggled to put away Carlton at the ‘G. They’re still tracking well above my expectations, and the derby will be a cracker.

    Last week: 11

    Flying a little under the radar, and jeez this team has looked sensational the past fortnight. Their clash against the Tigers on Sunday, much like the Derby, is suddenly very promising. Win that, and who knows from there?

    Last week: 12

    I dunno who this new fast-paced, accurate-kicking and winning Freo side are, but I like ‘em. Derby week! Derby week! Sunday’s derby will be a classic.

    11.Port Adelaide
    Last week: 4

    Sigh. My optimism never lasts long in footy (and especially in these rankings), and a fair bit of it surrounding Port has vanished in the past two weeks. They should still make finals, but they’d wanna polish up some of their performances. And fast.

    Last week: 9

    You’d be kidding yourselves if you were 100 per cent, unequivocally certain this team was a contender. It’s actually frustrating to watch the Dons, and they’re constantly sitting on the ledge of awfulness. They fell off it on the biggest of stages yesterday.

    13.Gold Coast
    Last week: 15

    Did anyone watch this one? They dominated at stages, were challenged at others, but pulled of their third win in five weeks. That ain’t thaaaat bad a record.

    Last week: 10

    Melbourne hasn’t changed. I’m almost tempted to use the word disappointing, but I’m pretty sure the Dees have monopolised the damn word.

    15.St Kilda
    Last week: 17

    Much, much better. A draw is up there among the most frustrating things in the universe, but as always with this side, a quick look at their score (10.13) shows that they had opportunities to win this game. Still, can’t fault this week’s endeavour.

    Last week: 18

    Showed a fair bit of pluck, which, short of winning, was about all you could want from this side. Actually, almost defeating West Coast probably deserves a little more credit than it got. Good chance at a Friday night win against the struggling Bulldogs tomorrow night (yes, really).

    17.Western Bulldogs
    Last week: 14

    A shadow of themselves. They’re stranded at 1-4, but they’ve got Carlton, the Suns and Brisbane to come.

    If all three play at their best or near enough, I can foresee multiple losses headed the Bulldogs way. That couldn’t possibly happen, though. Right?

    18.Brisbane Lions
    Last week: 16

    Ugh. They almost won, but then again they’ve almost won about three other times this season. GWS this week will be tough, but then again that’s what we said about the Port Adelaide trip. Then again, nothing can avoid crashing to 18th on these rankings. Pity.

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    The Crowd Says (80)

    • April 26th 2018 @ 7:31am
      Maurice said | April 26th 2018 @ 7:31am | ! Report

      Good to see Richmond in there adjusted rightfull place.
      Geelong are about 3 places too high and with North hard to see them ahead of the pack of about 6 you could flip a coin over. Make that 7 Melbourne ain’t as bad as they have been playing.

      • Roar Guru

        April 26th 2018 @ 8:08am
        Cat said | April 26th 2018 @ 8:08am | ! Report

        Ain’t about how good or bad you think a team should be, its about the performances they are actually putting up. Agree Melbourne should be better considering their list but their performances have been woeful.

        I’m surprised to see Geelong that high but considering they played 11 players under 50 games each (7 had a combined 38 between them), no full forward, no recognised key defenders, no number one ruck and were on the road against a team 3-1 (at the time) pushing for top 4 this year, its a pretty fair effort to win by a very convincing margin.

        Who would you have above Geelong right now? Clearly Tigers form puts them above and they are but the rest near then can be argued both ways.

        • April 26th 2018 @ 10:34am
          H2O said | April 26th 2018 @ 10:34am | ! Report

          Easy, Geelong has beaten only the following teams to date:
          – Melbourne (Arguably a lucky win)
          – St Kilda (One of the weaker teams this year to date – one draw against GWS doesn’t hold against the rest of their year so far)
          – Port Adelaide (Personally I think that they are massively overrated). Based on this they haven’t actually beaten anyone of real note. So to put the teams that should be ahead of them (no particular order):

          – Adelaide (Has beaten much stronger teams Sydney, Richmond,
          – Eagles (Accounted for Geelong as well as only 1 loss for the year notwithstanding the unconvincing performance this week)
          – Collingwood (As good if not better performances plus a statement win against a strong Adelaide team)
          – GWS (Over reaction to 1 draw)

          I think the other clubs that are 3 & 2 you could argue about but I personally and this is ultimately what the list is a personal opinion would have those 4 above Geelong that the moment.

          • April 26th 2018 @ 12:42pm
            Joe said | April 26th 2018 @ 12:42pm | ! Report

            Eagles only ‘accounted’ for Geelong after they ran out of steam with 3 players down. Geelong was also a man down before half time against Melbourne… and Hawks… and Saints… and Port. 2 of those games were interstate after six day breaks, only 1 game has been at Kardinia, and the 2 losses were extremely close. And you probably shouldn’t forget that Harry Taylor will be back soon and (hopefully) Henderson back mid-season-ish, meaning the defence won’t have to play multiple recent debutants. Ablett will be back any week now, plus Cockatoo, Guthrie and McCarthy sooner or later.

            I wouldn’t say Geelong are “flying”, I don’t think ANY team is right now, not even Richmond. But in such an even year, things aren’t looking bad.

            • Roar Rookie

              April 26th 2018 @ 1:13pm
              Mattician6x6 said | April 26th 2018 @ 1:13pm | ! Report

              Beat Geelong without jk, nic played 50% of game, Sheppard got a cork which he is still carrying, could come up with a few more examples but facts get in the way.

              • April 26th 2018 @ 1:21pm
                Joe said | April 26th 2018 @ 1:21pm | ! Report

                Missing one key player, having a great ruck play 50% of the game, and one player getting a cork? That’s a dream run compared to the state Geelong was in that game.

              • Roar Rookie

                April 26th 2018 @ 2:57pm
                Mattician6x6 said | April 26th 2018 @ 2:57pm | ! Report

                State lol game was lost in first half mate. Geelong did well to come back but game was already beyond them

              • April 26th 2018 @ 7:29pm
                Joe said | April 26th 2018 @ 7:29pm | ! Report

                Cats fell behind in the second quarter when half the defence was injured and their structure went to shit. WC only kicked 1 goal in the second half before Cats ran out of steam near the end. Bit rich to say the “game was beyond them” when Geelong were 15 points ahead and looked set for a comfortable win with 10 minutes to go.

          • Roar Guru

            April 26th 2018 @ 1:00pm
            Cat said | April 26th 2018 @ 1:00pm | ! Report

            Adelaide – Just put in a stinker a week ago.
            Eagles – barely beat the worst team (and winless) in the league. Should have been an easy 10 goal win.
            Collingwood – a couple wins over horribly out of form teams. Sure helps to get teams at the right time. You talk about not rating Geelong’s win but you rate beating the Dons and Blues? Laughable.
            GWS – these are power rankings, the latest game has the biggest effect. You don’t rate Geelong beating St Kilda by 47 but its ‘excusable’ that GWS couldn’t even get a win? Again laughable.

            • April 26th 2018 @ 2:49pm
              Maurice said | April 26th 2018 @ 2:49pm | ! Report

              If I had to choose between the teams Sydney GWS Adailade or Geelong to play my team this week I would choose Geelong. Not wanting to get into the Symantec s of the definition of power ratings . But to me they seem the lest threatening as with Melbourne are more threatening than some of the teams above them. But that is my opinion. Cat

            • April 26th 2018 @ 3:06pm
              sammy said | April 26th 2018 @ 3:06pm | ! Report

              Based purely on what I have seen recently, I would have Geelong, Collingwood, Richmond and GWS as playing the best football. The crows have been hit really hard with injury and have been a little inconsistent but 2 of their wins were over the current reigning premiers (the only team to have beaten them so far this year) and Sydney in Sydney which is never easy so they deserve to be in the top 8. North also have impressed and the hawks have looked good apart from the weekend just gone.

        • Roar Rookie

          April 26th 2018 @ 1:00pm
          Mattician6x6 said | April 26th 2018 @ 1:00pm | ! Report

          West coast

    • April 26th 2018 @ 8:00am
      I ate pies said | April 26th 2018 @ 8:00am | ! Report

      People are finally seeing Essendon for the the team that I told them they are at the start of the year.
      North Melbournes position is an aberration. They are still nowhere near a top eight team.

      • April 26th 2018 @ 9:59am
        Perry Bridge said | April 26th 2018 @ 9:59am | ! Report

        #I ate pies

        North are doing what footy can allow – building a bit of confidence. They have some strong structural elements that are working currently and you only need contrast Ben Brown to Joe Daniher and you see a world of difference – the talent hasn’t evaporated from Daniher but his confidence has.

        North have a big chance to go 4-2 this week – but then reality will hit home with Sydney at the SCG, Rich at Etihad and Giants in Hobart (a sneaky chance there?) before Freo over at the new cauldron.

        If by some chance North could sneak to 5-5 then they’d be doing amazingly well. Luck and injuries will be a factor as they aren’t that good – I concede that – but, they aren’t that bad either (at the moment).

        • April 26th 2018 @ 10:53am
          I ate pies said | April 26th 2018 @ 10:53am | ! Report

          There is a direct correlation between a tall forward’s confidence and the supply from the midfield. Daniher has no chance at the moment. That aside, his kicking for goal has always been ordinary.
          I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks if North are the real deal. I hope they’re not, but that’s just because I don’t like them; nothing objective there.

    • April 26th 2018 @ 8:08am
      Pope Paul VII said | April 26th 2018 @ 8:08am | ! Report

      North and Collies 4 & 5, then WC, GWS, Freo, St. K.

    • April 26th 2018 @ 8:11am
      Don Freo said | April 26th 2018 @ 8:11am | ! Report

      I wouldn’t be carried away with Carlton’s “competitive” effort. WC win by 10 goals with straight kicking.

      The closeness had nothing to do with Carlton. They were done like a dinner.

      • April 26th 2018 @ 9:39am
        Pope Paul VII said | April 26th 2018 @ 9:39am | ! Report

        Actually your mob were better than WC.

      • Roar Guru

        April 26th 2018 @ 4:58pm
        AdelaideDocker said | April 26th 2018 @ 4:58pm | ! Report

        Yes, but West Coast didn’t win by 10 goals. And yes, I’d say Carlton were competitive.

        • April 26th 2018 @ 9:22pm
          Don Freo said | April 26th 2018 @ 9:22pm | ! Report

          I don’t think they were. They never looked like challenging WC. The scoring shots indicate the WC dominance. Carlton is a desperately weak team right now.

          • April 26th 2018 @ 9:42pm
            PeteB said | April 26th 2018 @ 9:42pm | ! Report

            Yep and WC have an awful record at the MCG. Brisbane’s effort against Port in Adelaide 2 weeks ago was more convincing as was the Bulldogs victory against the Bombers. The Blues should still be ranked 18th.

            • April 26th 2018 @ 9:52pm
              Don Freo said | April 26th 2018 @ 9:52pm | ! Report

              If you like the Bullies against the Bombers, then the Dockers caning the Bombers and blitzing the Bullies is impressive.

              AD is being conservative with Freo to steer clear of accusations of parochialism. I think the Dockers efforts this year are right up there.

              The top 4 at ‘shoving it up ’em’ would be Freo, NM, the Pies and WC.

              • April 26th 2018 @ 10:05pm
                PeteB said | April 26th 2018 @ 10:05pm | ! Report

                Not just makes Dogs better than Blues. Freo yeah there in that mix around 8-9.

              • April 27th 2018 @ 7:19am
                Don Freo said | April 27th 2018 @ 7:19am | ! Report

                Top 4.

              • April 27th 2018 @ 12:57pm
                13th Man said | April 27th 2018 @ 12:57pm | ! Report

                Don sometimes i wonder whether you are actually a Freo fan or whether your taking the pi$$. Most dockers fans would agree we are in that 8-12 bracket but you consistently say we are top 4. Nothing wrong with hoping but a bit of reality, we haven’t beaten anyone good yet. Beat West Coast this week then perhaps we start to notice but for now lets be realistic.

              • April 27th 2018 @ 1:54pm
                Don Freo said | April 27th 2018 @ 1:54pm | ! Report

                Only one thing has changed. Gun, key players who have been out are back and playing.

                You are in for a season of joy but I suspect, from your glum perspective, you won’t appreciate it.

    • Roar Guru

      April 26th 2018 @ 9:16am
      JamesH said | April 26th 2018 @ 9:16am | ! Report

      Hopefully now the EFC coaching staff will realise that the team is not a contender and actually get some games into some promising youngsters running around in the VFL. A few of Kyle Langford, Jordan Ridley, Dylan Clarke, Sam Draper, Jayden Laverde and Kobe Mutch need a clean run at the big league. Some of them might not cut it but it’s time to find out. Langford should never have been dropped after round 2.

      2018 is done, even if we sneak into the eight. Our three off-season recruits are all young enough to be playing their best footy in 2-3 years’ time anyway; no point persisting with guys who have hit their ceiling and are still not playing anything better than solid footy. Myers, Bellchambers, Baguley and Green must be wondering about their futures beyond 2018, while Goddard will surely call time. Tippa unfortunately looks like he needs a spell in the 2s.

    • Roar Guru

      April 26th 2018 @ 9:18am
      DingoGray said | April 26th 2018 @ 9:18am | ! Report

      What’s happen to the banners?

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