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AFL Power Rankings 2018: Round 5

The Cats host the Giants in Friday night footy. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)
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25th April, 2018
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Power Rankings on a Thursday morning? What is this sorcery?

A very long round of footy, and a very hard round to judge. As always, there’s a lot of movement in the rankings (expect that for a long while, probably up until the last weeks of the season) and all but one team move. Enjoy.

Last week: 5

Chugging along beautifully at the moment, really, and there ain’t much to say other than that. They’ve shot to top of the ladder, and they’re top here as well.

Last week: 6

This team is flying high. I’m going to make a very early call: the Cats (and the Tigers) will be the highest ranked Victorians come Round 23.

Last week: 7

Redemption. Legitimate, proper, authentic redemption. One of the better wins of any team this season.

4.Sydney Swans
Last week: 1


Didn’t expect this one, and I’m pretty sure the Swans camp didn’t either. A bad Friday night, but it isn’t the end of the world.

5.GWS Giants
Last week: 2

Their draw against St Kilda was strange. Leon Cameron described them as ‘lucky’ after the game, and that’s probably apt. Mind you, they aren’t the only NSW side who disappointed on the weekend.

6.North Melbourne
Last week: 13

This is a side that is pummeling the life out of predictions, and pessimism. I’ve never particularly liked North Melbourne. I still don’t, but I’m sitting up and taking notice. As should most in the footy community.

Last week: 4

I had them fourth last week, then they go and get smashed by the Kangaroos. Can’t win ‘em all, though, and it isn’t panic stations yet. ‘Yet’ being the key word here.

8.West Coast
Last week: 8


On one hand, they won. On the other, they struggled to put away Carlton at the ‘G. They’re still tracking well above my expectations, and the derby will be a cracker.

Last week: 11

Flying a little under the radar, and jeez this team has looked sensational the past fortnight. Their clash against the Tigers on Sunday, much like the Derby, is suddenly very promising. Win that, and who knows from there?

Last week: 12

I dunno who this new fast-paced, accurate-kicking and winning Freo side are, but I like ‘em. Derby week! Derby week! Sunday’s derby will be a classic.

11.Port Adelaide
Last week: 4

Sigh. My optimism never lasts long in footy (and especially in these rankings), and a fair bit of it surrounding Port has vanished in the past two weeks. They should still make finals, but they’d wanna polish up some of their performances. And fast.

Last week: 9


You’d be kidding yourselves if you were 100 per cent, unequivocally certain this team was a contender. It’s actually frustrating to watch the Dons, and they’re constantly sitting on the ledge of awfulness. They fell off it on the biggest of stages yesterday.

13.Gold Coast
Last week: 15

Did anyone watch this one? They dominated at stages, were challenged at others, but pulled of their third win in five weeks. That ain’t thaaaat bad a record.

Last week: 10

Melbourne hasn’t changed. I’m almost tempted to use the word disappointing, but I’m pretty sure the Dees have monopolised the damn word.

15.St Kilda
Last week: 17

Much, much better. A draw is up there among the most frustrating things in the universe, but as always with this side, a quick look at their score (10.13) shows that they had opportunities to win this game. Still, can’t fault this week’s endeavour.

Last week: 18


Showed a fair bit of pluck, which, short of winning, was about all you could want from this side. Actually, almost defeating West Coast probably deserves a little more credit than it got. Good chance at a Friday night win against the struggling Bulldogs tomorrow night (yes, really).

17.Western Bulldogs
Last week: 14

A shadow of themselves. They’re stranded at 1-4, but they’ve got Carlton, the Suns and Brisbane to come.

If all three play at their best or near enough, I can foresee multiple losses headed the Bulldogs way. That couldn’t possibly happen, though. Right?

18.Brisbane Lions
Last week: 16

Ugh. They almost won, but then again they’ve almost won about three other times this season. GWS this week will be tough, but then again that’s what we said about the Port Adelaide trip. Then again, nothing can avoid crashing to 18th on these rankings. Pity.