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    Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide Crows

    Adelaide Oval
    AFL Home and Away May 12, 2018
    Port Adelaide 95, Adelaide Crows 90
    Port Adelaide Adelaide Crows
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q1139   4226
    Q24630   8351
    Q3111177   10565
    Q4141195   14690

    Match result:

    Port Adelaide maestro Robbie Gray has kicked six goals to inspire his AFL club to a comeback five-point win against arch rivals Adelaide.

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    Final score
    Port Adelaide Power 14.11.95
    Adelaide Crows 14.6.90

    Match preview:

    It’s the first Showdown of the year in one of the biggest derbies in the country, the South Australia match-up between Port Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows at the picturesque Adelaide Oval. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog from 5:10pm (AEST).

    For these two games every year, forget ladder positions, you can almost forget form, because there is always everything to play for between these two local rivals.

    However, there will be one form line that will be of particular note to the Power team, and that is the five-match winning streak that the Crows are currently enjoying in this fixture.

    The last start between these two sides saw a Crows victory in Round 20 last year 18.22 (130) to 7.4 (46). Ouch.

    So given both teams have had a stop-start kind of season, you would think that Port have a little more to play for this evening.

    The Crows are travelling quite well, at least in terms of ladder position, enjoying third place, while their local rivals have seen a strong start to the season fall to the wayside as they hover outside the top 8 in 11th.

    But those ladder positions can be slightly deceiving as well, particularly when you consider the rampant soft tissue injury epidemic hitting the Crows clubhouse.

    Also, throw in the news yesterday that Rory Sloane’s foot injury has been upgraded to a Lisfranc injury (an injury that has ended some careers), you can’t help but think that the Crows are surprisingly ripe for the picking here.

    With Paddy Ryder back after a solid last round return on the bitumen of Optus stadium, expect the Power to take it right up to their local rivals, in a hotly contested game that will be closer than current form suggests.

    Plus, when you are bringing in players the calibre of Chad Wingard, Tom Rockliff and Sam Powell-Pepper, that is a potent line up of names to bring into any side.

    I’m going to tip the underdog Power here to come out firing and take it to their more favoured opponent. This match will be decided by passion, and if the returning names can’t get Port up to rectify the last start demolition against Adelaide, then I don’t know what will.

    Port Adelaide by 11 points

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    Quarter 1
    2' GOAL - Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide)
    5' GOAL - Rory Atkins (Adelaide Crows)
    15' GOAL - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    17' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide Crows)
    20' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    22' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    23' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide Crows)
    24' BEHIND - Steven Motlop (Port Adelaide)
    29' BEHIND - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    32' BEHIND - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    Quarter 2
    1' BEHIND - Jake Neade (Port Adelaide)
    5' GOAL - Richard Douglas (Adelaide Crows)
    7' GOAL - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    8' GOAL - Paul Seedsman (Adelaide Crows)
    10' BEHIND - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    11' BEHIND - Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide)
    12' BEHIND - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    14' GOAL - Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (Adelaide Crows)
    17' GOAL - Travis Boak (Port Adelaide)
    21' GOAL - Tom Lynch (Adelaide Crows)
    30' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    Quarter 3
    4' BEHIND - Ollie Wines (Port Adelaide)
    4' BEHIND - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
    6' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    11' BEHIND - Bryce Gibbs (Adelaide Crows)
    12' BEHIND - Justin Westhoff (Port Adelaide)
    13' BEHIND - Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (Adelaide Crows)
    13' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    16' GOAL - Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (Adelaide Crows)
    20' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    22' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    23' GOAL - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    25' BEHIND - Steven Motlop (Port Adelaide)
    28' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    30' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    31' BEHIND - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    33' GOAL - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    Quarter 4
    2' GOAL - Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide)
    5' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    8' GOAL - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
    11' BEHIND - David Mackay (Adelaide Crows)
    25' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    27' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    28' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    30' GOAL - Steven Motlop (Port Adelaide)

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    • Roar Guru

      XI said | 7:57pm | ! Report

      Great game. Well called, Karlo.

      • Roar Guru

        Karlo Tychsen said | 8:12pm | ! Report

        My pleasure.

        That game almost spoke for itself though, I was just happy to be along for the ride!

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 7:51pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      And Steven Motlop has won Showdown 44 for Port Adelaide at the death, but that was an entire team performance.

      Port looked gone in that first half, but a third quarter masterclass by Robbie Gray, followed by some Port Power dominance in the fourth, all but had this game wrapped up.

      Adelaide however did not go out with a whimper, coming back to take the lead by 1 with 45 seconds to go.

      There would be one last twist in this tale, as Steven Motlop, the man for the moment, kicked what would be the winning goal with 21 seconds to go.

      What a game, what a contest.

      Thanks for joining us here on the Roar.

      Port Adelaide: 95
      Adelaide: 90

    • 7:51pm
      Kangajets said | 7:51pm | ! Report

      Now that was a terrific game

    • Roar Guru

      Rick Figjam said | 7:50pm | ! Report

      Could quite possibly be match of the season.

      • 7:53pm
        Matto said | 7:53pm | ! Report

        Will be up there.

        • 8:08pm
          Sammy said | 8:08pm | ! Report

          Yeah..next time we play them when they are at full strength lets hope we have sloane, b crouch, milera, hartigan, maybe b smith and it will be in front of our crowd..then lets see as we were very average in the second half and a number of younger players didnt turn up..and from 14 frees all port got the next 9 (including wingards stage free that cost a goal) and some shockers were missed for the crows and we STILL nearly won…pffft

          • 8:18pm
            Kurt said | 8:18pm | ! Report


            • 8:29pm
              Fairsuckofthesav said | 8:29pm | ! Report

              24 to 14 free kicks in a 5 point game is huge.

              • 9:00pm
                Bob said | 9:00pm | ! Report

                You had 75 less disposals, yet somehow still had 25 less tackles. I’d say that’s a way bigger reason than a free kick count.

              • 9:46pm
                Sammy said | 9:46pm | ! Report

                But still had more inside 50’s meaning we were more direct when we had the ball. Port went sideways and backwards a fair bit and that was a big reason why they had more ball. Take out poholke, gallucci, otten, mckay and add in sloane, milera, brad crouch and hartigan (who has touched up robbie gray before) and it becomes a far stronger team in defence and around the ball

          • 8:20pm
            Fairsuckofthesav said | 8:20pm | ! Report

            Agree injuries are hurting us .Port wanted it more in the 2nd half. Umpires certainly gave Port a good run. Be interesting to know what what were the free kicks stats in the 2nd half.

          • Roar Guru

            Cat said | 8:28pm | ! Report

            Can’t you ever just admit the better side won on the day? Does ther always need to be some umpire conspiracy and assorted other excuses when Adelaide lose?

            • 8:34pm
              Sammy said | 8:34pm | ! Report

              I would like to know how you defend some of those soft arse frees port got that gave them goals to get them going. We had a heap of 1st team players out and still nearly won the game and didn’t play that great. Why wouldn’t i be bullish if we get our 1st teamers back in front of our crowd for the return later this year. Now go comment on your own team

              • Roar Guru

                Cat said | 9:21pm | ! Report

                This site isn’t for Crows fans only. Anyone can comment on anything.

              • 9:57pm
                Kurt said | 9:57pm | ! Report

                Pull your head in Sammy, if you want to be surrounded by nothing but whinging Adelaide-supporting sycophants, why don’t you head off the Big Footy Crows forum. I’m a neutral fan and thought it was a great game where umpiring simply wasn’t a factor. Power wanted it more, Crows were slicker in the first half but then switched off until 3.20 to go. They lost a thriller, that’s sport.

              • 10:21pm
                Sammy said | 10:21pm | ! Report

                Umpiring no factor at all..so wingard stages for a free and gets it and a goal and gray gets a non existent holding free and gets a goal..amongst many others. Port get the last 10 straight frees in a tight game. How about paying them both ways when they happen..but no we can get hit high and its ok, they can get tackled and no holding the ball and its ok. Cmon take off the blinkers. They had a soft ride ahainst an injury riddled team far from their best in a game won in the last 20 seconds… if you don’t like the facts then go read about your team

              • 10:26pm
                russ said | 10:26pm | ! Report

                poor baby

              • 10:59pm
                Kurt said | 10:59pm | ! Report

                It’s ok Sammy, I feel that way the evening after a close game too sometimes. You’ll feel better after a good night’s rest, and realise you’ve made a dill of yourself. Night night.

              • 9:15am
                Sammy said | 9:15am | ! Report

                I am guessing kurt that you really didn’t watch the game did you by your very ill informed comments

            • Roar Rookie

              Lamby said | 9:29pm | ! Report

              Yep, Port were better on the night.

              Can you imagine supporting a side that can play like that every time they play in a Showdown, but hardly put up a whimper for the rest of the year?

              • Roar Guru

                Joel Erickson said | 9:53pm | ! Report

                To be fair Lamby, Port haven’t even been that side for the past couple of seasons. We’ve just been ordinary against everyone.

            • 9:54pm
              Kurt said | 9:54pm | ! Report

              Cat, in short the answer is yes. No single victory or even premiership is deemed legitimate in the eyes of the whinging masses. To be fair this doesn’t just apply to Adelaide fans, it seems to be a pattern across all teams and indeed society as a whole.

    • Roar Guru

      Joel Erickson said | 7:50pm | ! Report

      Steven Motlop just justified every penny we’re paying him.

      • Roar Guru

        Cat said | 8:29pm | ! Report

        Glad one game is all that his pay check requires … it’s about all he is good for each year.

        • Roar Guru

          Joel Erickson said | 8:32pm | ! Report

          At least that one good match came against the Crows. He could fumble through the rest of the season, and I wouldn’t even care.

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 7:49pm | ! Report

      4th Q
      31‘ – 21 seconds.

      Port Adelaide: 95
      Adelaide: 90

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 7:48pm | ! Report

      4th Q – Goal

      Adelaide cleared, Port gathered, Port challenged in the forward 50, Motlop jinks, he shoots, he scores, and he scores true.

      WHAT A GAME!

      Port Adelaide: 95
      Adelaide: 90

    • 7:48pm
      Kurt said | 7:48pm | ! Report

      Oh. My. God. I am without words. I have none.

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 7:47pm | ! Report

      4th Q – Goal

      Port Adelaide: 89
      Adelaide: 90

    • Roar Guru

      Joel Erickson said | 7:46pm | ! Report

      Wingard just lost us the game.

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 7:46pm | ! Report

      4th Q
      27‘ – 2 minutes to go here.

      Port now with the relieving free kick from defence.

      Massive call by the umpire.

      And now McGovern takes a screamer, he will shoot to take the lead back for Adelaide.

      This game delivers and keeps bringing it.

      Port Adelaide: 89
      Adelaide: 84

    • Roar Guru

      Joel Erickson said | 7:45pm | ! Report

      This is going to be the epitome of a Port Adelaide loss.

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