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2018 FIFA World Cup Optus streaming schedule

Mohamed Salah runs. (Photo by Erwin Spek/Soccrates/Getty Images)
12th June, 2018

Optus Sport will be streaming every match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Australia. Here you can find details about how to live stream their coverage of the tournament, which will be hosted in Russia.

The first game set to be played on Friday, June 15 at 1am (AEST), with hosts Russia playing Saudi Arabia.

From then on, the group stage will feature either three or four matches per day, before the knockout stage concludes with the final on Monday, July 16 with kick-off in the deciding match set for 12am (AEST).

Optus, while formerly only available to customers of their broadband or mobile network, have opened it up to the wider population for the World Cup, with a subscription costing $15 per month.

How to watch Optus Sport’s coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

To watch the coverage provided by Optus, you will either need to have an ongoing mobile or broadband plan with them, or subscribe to the service for $15 per month.

The process to sign-up is relatively straightforward, with each match then set to be live with a short build-up beforehand.

Optus have also launched two 24 hours per day, seven days per week channels to cover the World Cup with extra content. Replays are also available of each match on demand to members.

Full Optus streaming schedule at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Game No. Group Date Time Match Venue
1 A Fri 15 Jun 1:00 AM Russia vs Saudi Arabia Luzhniki Stadium
2 A Fri 15 Jun 10:00 PM Egypt vs Uruguay Ekaterinburg Arena
3 B Sat 16 Jun 1:00 AM Morocco vs Iran Saint Petersburg Stadium
4 B Sat 16 Jun 4:00 AM Portugal vs Spain Fisht Stadium
5 C Sat 16 Jun 8:00 PM France vs Australia Kazan Arena
6 D Sat 16 Jun 11:00 PM Argentina vs Iceland Spartak Stadium
7 C Sun 17 Jun 2:00 AM Peru vs Denmark Mordovia Arena
8 D Sun 17 Jun 5:00 AM Croatia vs Nigeria Kaliningrad Stadium
9 E Sun 17 Jun 10:00 PM Costa Rica vs Serbia Samara Arena
10 F Mon 18 Jun 1:00 AM Germany vs Mexico Luzhniki Stadium
11 E Mon 18 Jun 4:00 AM Brazil vs Switzerland Rostov Arena
12 F Mon 18 Jun 10:00 PM Sweden vs South Korea Nizhy Novgorod Stadium
13 G Tue 19 Jun 1:00 AM Belgium vs Panama Fisht Stadium
14 G Tue 19 Jun 4:00 AM Tunisia vs England Volgograd Arena
15 H Tue 19 Jun 10:00 PM Colombia vs Japan Mordovia Arena
16 H Wed 20 Jun 1:00 AM Poland vs Senegal Spartak Stadium
17 A Wed 20 Jun 4:00 AM Russia vs Egypt Saint Petersburg Stadium
18 B Wed 20 Jun 10:00 PM Portugal vs Morocco Luzhniki Stadium
19 A Thu 21 Jun 1:00 AM Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Rostov Arena
20 B Thu 21 Jun 4:00 AM Iran vs Spain Kazan Arena
21 C Thu 21 Jun 10:00 PM Denmark vs Australia Samara Arena
22 C Fri 22 Jun 1:00 AM France vs Peru Ekaterinburg Arena
23 D Fri 22 Jun 4:00 AM Argentina vs Croatia Nizhy Novgorod Stadium
24 E Fri 22 Jun 10:00 PM Brazil vs Costa Rica Saint Petersburg Stadium
25 D Sat 23 Jun 1:00 AM Nigeria vs Iceland Volgograd Arena
26 E Sat 23 Jun 4:00 AM Serbia vs Switzerland Kaliningrad Stadium
27 G Sat 23 Jun 10:00 PM Belgium vs Tunisia Spartak Stadium
28 F Sun 24 Jun 1:00 AM South Korea vs Mexico Rostov Arena
29 F Sun 24 Jun 4:00 AM Germany vs Sweden Fisht Stadium
30 G Sun 24 Jun 10:00 PM England vs Panama Nizhy Novgorod Stadium
31 H Mon 25 Jun 1:00 AM Japan vs Senegal Ekaterinburg Arena
32 H Mon 25 Jun 4:00 AM Poland vs Colombia Kazan Arena
33 A Tue 26 Jun 12:00 AM Uruguay vs Russia Samara Arena
34 A Tue 26 Jun 12:00 AM Saudi Arabia vs Egypt Volgograd Arena
35 B Tue 26 Jun 4:00 AM Iran vs Portugal Mordovia Arena
36 B Tue 26 Jun 4:00 AM Spain vs Morocco Kaliningrad Stadium
37 C Wed 27 Jun 12:00 AM Denmark vs France Luzhniki Stadium
38 C Wed 27 Jun 12:00 AM Australia vs Peru Fisht Stadium
39 D Wed 27 Jun 4:00 AM Nigeria vs Argentina Saint Petersburg Stadium
40 D Wed 27 Jun 4:00 AM Iceland vs Croatia Rostov Arena
41 F Thu 28 Jun 12:00 AM Mexico vs Sweden Ekaterinburg Arena
42 F Thu 28 Jun 12:00 AM South Korea vs Germany Kazan Arena
43 E Thu 28 Jun 4:00 AM Serbia vs Brazil Spartak Stadium
44 E Thu 28 Jun 4:00 AM Switzerland vs Costa Rica Nizhy Novgorod Stadium
45 H Fri 29 Jun 12:00 AM Japan vs Poland Volgograd Arena
46 H Fri 29 Jun 12:00 AM Senegal vs Colombia Samara Arena
47 G Fri 29 Jun 4:00 AM Panama vs Tunisia Mordovia Arena
48 G Fri 29 Jun 4:00 AM England vs Belgium Kaliningrad Stadium

Knockout stage

Round of 16
Game No. Date Time Match Venue
49 Sun 1 Jul 12:00 AM 1C vs 2D Kazan Arena
50 Sun 1 Jul 4:00 AM 1A vs 2B Fisht Stadium
51 Mon 2 Jul 12:00 AM 1B vs 2A Luzhniki Stadium
52 Mon 2 Jul 4:00 AM 1D vs 2C Nizhy Novgorod Stadium
53 Tue 3 Jul 12:00 AM 1E vs 2F Samara Arena
54 Tue 3 Jul 4:00 AM 1G vs 2H Rostov Arena
55 Wed 4 Jul 12:00 AM 1F vs 2E Saint Petersburg Stadium
56 Wed 4 Jul 4:00 AM 1H vs 2G Spartak Stadium
Game No. Date Time Match Venue
57 Sat 7 Jul 12:00 AM W49 vs W50 Nizhy Novgorod Stadium
58 Sat 7 Jul 4:00 AM W53 vs W54 Kazan Arena
59 Sun 8 Jul 12:00 AM W55 vs W56 Samara Arena
60 Sun 8 Jul 4:00 AM W51 vs W52 Fisht Stadium
Game No. Date Time Match Venue
61 Wed 11 Jul 4:00 AM W57 vs W58 Saint Petersburg Stadium
62 Thu 12 Jul 4:00 AM W59 vs W60 Luzhniki Stadium
Third-place playoff
Game No. Date Time Match Venue
63 Sun 15 Jul 12:00 AM L61 vs L62 Saint Petersburg Stadium
Game No. Date Time Match Venue
64 Mon 16 Jul 1:00 AM W61 vs W62 Luzhniki Stadium

All times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).