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Football's fate is in Steven Lowy’s hands

FFA Chairman Steven Lowy addresses media during a press conference. (Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images)
Roar Guru
7th August, 2018

On July 31, the CRWG committee – formed to develop a new governance system – sent a 100-page document of recommendations to FIFA. From what we know, the document recommends four stakeholder groups totalling 29 votes.

The four stakeholder groups are; state federations, Professional Footballers Australia (PFA), A-League clubs and a women’s group. The report, we are told, has also recommended the addition of coaches, officials, futsal and AAFC (NPL clubs) as stakeholders.

A pathway and timing of the additional members is set, and the only reason they are not included in the original is they are not set up for it yet. I am not sure how many votes each new stakeholder will receive but at only one each it would make 33 votes.

It also has been reported that, in line with the Crawford report back in 2003, the A-League should be a separate entity from FFA, operating under licence from the governing body.

Based on media reports, the new governance procedures would satisfy most parties.

A FIFA committee have until August 21 to approve or disapprove, and pass on their recommendations, with FIFA to then advise FFA of the outcome.

Rejecting the recommendations will more than likely result in FIFA stepping in to replace the board. Steven Lowy has already indicated he will fight this, as FIFA cannot direct an Australian corporation on what to do.

The end result would more than likely be Australia being suspended from FIFA, which would set the game back decades.

It’s actually now in Steven Lowy’s hands, he can lead the conversation and promote the change or he can create a fuss and run the risk of suspension and all that would bring.


Let’s hope over the next few weeks, either the smaller state feds grow some balls or Steven Lowy comes to his senses.