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Why New Zealand should bid for the Commonwealth Games

The Australian Opals will take on China in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. (AAP Image/Michael Chambers)
Roar Guru
3rd September, 2018

There have been questions raised recently about the relevance of the Commonwealth Games. From witnessing the 2018 games on the Gold Coast in April, I can ensure everyone that the games have meaning.

Having seen the spirit and dedication on display, I truly believe that the Commonwealth Games are valuable and should be encouraged.

New Zealand last hosted a Commonwealth Games in 1990 when Auckland welcomed the nations of the Commonwealth. Now, 28 years on, bidding is now open for the 2026 games to take place in eight year’s time. This is a golden chance for New Zealand to rise once again and host a festival of Commonwealth Nations – truly one of the world’s biggest and most important sporting events.

Following the disasterous earthquake in Christchurch in 2011, Christchurch would be a fitting place to host the games. The Gold Coast games in April showed the world that any city can achieve a dream of hosting the games if your heart is there and the determination to succeed to prove the doubters wrong also exists.

Auckland is a world city and would prove to be a winner should New Zealand choose them as their bidding partner. Christchurch is a smaller city that needs a big event like the Commonwealth Games to rise them off the ashes.

The inclusion of new sporting infrastructure, accommodation and other tourism areas will not only boost Christchurch but also New Zealand.

The New Zealand city of Wellington placed a bid for the 2006 games which were awarded to Melbourne but withdrew late in the piece.

Possible cities to have shown interest in the games include Kuala Lumpur, Port Moresby, and Edmonton while Greater Victoria and various Canadian cities have started preparing bids for the 2030 edition.

New Zealanders love their sport and deserve a Commonwealth Games to come and unite Kiwi Sporting fans once again.