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Are Brisbane at risk of doing a Melbourne next year?

Chris Fagan. (AAP Image/Julian Smith)
16th September, 2019
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Brisbane were undoubtedly the darlings of the AFL in 2019, enjoying a meteoric rise from 15th to 2nd after nine seasons out of the top eight.

They couldn’t quite match their home-and-away exploits in the finals, but the mood around the club is still incredibly high heading into next season.

If you’re thinking this story sounds familiar, that’s because we were saying this about Melbourne a year ago.

Simon Goodwin’s side had endured 11 straight seasons out of the finals, before a stunning run in 2018 saw them finally play September football and make it all the way to the season’s penultimate week.

But this year, the Demons suffered one of the most catastrophic collapses in recent memory, going from a preliminary final appearance to 17th place.

Are the Lions at risk of a similar fall next season?

We were joined by Roar AFL expert Adrian Polykandrites on the Game of Codes podcast to give Chris Fagan’s side a run-down and make a call on what their pass mark should be in 2020.

Listen to the debate:

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