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Ten NRL SuperCoach podcasts to sink your ears into

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23rd March, 2020

Initially, podcasts were the medium most convenient for me to stay up to date with my passion for American politics, and then, one by one, rugby league pods started sprouting up and I found myself going to bed earlier and tuning in to my favourite footy shows by ear.

I have discovered endless options for compelling rugby league content, and refreshingly produced and hosted by relative unknowns that offer a new ‘expert’ twist on our game not available on TV.

Several of the podcast hosts I have never seen, but audio is one of the most intimate forms of media that allows you to constantly build your own images of the subject and the hosts in your mind. It is more stimulating than watching the same old same old on TV.

I am part of the growing ‘earfluence’ brigade who spend more time listening than watching.

You can listen to a podcast anywhere, anytime via laptop, iPad or mobile phone and the subject matter tends to resonate better than watching on TV.

There is no doubt that the rise of footy podcasts has taken eyeballs away from the NRL shows on cable TV. To combat that, the most popular podcast is the Matty Johns Podcast, and it is also shown on NRL on Fox.


It is very difficult to get a look in on Fox Sports if you are not a retired former star player, but many of the unknowns on the podcasts actually have a higher level of expertise depending on the subject, and consequently more entertaining as learning is a stimulant.

If you happen to be into SuperCoach then you have an array of outstanding poddies. Here are a few:

  • NRL SuperCoach Champions. This gets automatic credibility as it has two former SC Champions Catfish and Bear. Both guys are outstanding and to listen to their wisdom it is easy to comprehend how they finished on top of 120,000 contenders.
  • SC Playbook. Debut season headed up by the astute Tim Williams, brother of Raiders half Sam. Tim has four overall finishes in the top one per cent across his past five active Super Coach seasons and anyone that plays SC will know what an amazing feat that is. Joining Tim is last season’s winner, Declan Creek, and runner up Walson Carlos. Engrossing stuff, not to be missed.
  • The NRL SuperCoach Podcast
  • The NRL SuperCoach Talk Podcast
  • Mike and Savs Show NRL SuperCoach Podcast
  • The Weekly Rub Down
  • Fifth And Last NRL Podcast
  • Wests Tigers Podcast
  • The League Digest
  • Tooheys-News-Podcast

Most of the content is raw and opinionated from genuine experts who are dedicated to their sport and are astute enough to find their niche. Footy TV shows have become very predictable, and if you happen to miss a show, chances are you read the story in the morning’s paper anyway.

Cable TV tends to be very critical on the game, the players and the clubs, that is of course unless the story is about someone who has a mate on the show, or is linked to his old club. Podcasts focus on positives about the players and the game and don’t get bogged down with elongated negative stories.

If you get uninterested listening to a podcast then it is easy just to choose another one or fast forward.

TV will always be saved because rugby league is such a spectacular viewing medium, but it is when the full-time whistle blows that earfluence starts to take over.