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Some novel ways to get by without sport

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7th April, 2020

LeBron James passes it to Gary Ablett, Ablett fends off the tackles and dishes it out to Zach Hyman, Hyman throws it to Tom Brady and Brady finishes with a goal!

With no sport, you start to hallucinate and make up your sporting moments – even if that is blending sports and players that do not ever crossover with each other.

It sucks for those of us whose lives revolve around sport. If that’s playing, coaching, training, betting, watching, fantasy leagues, whatever it is, we’re hurting.

In saying that, there are people worse off, suffering from actual illness and living a tough life.

Still, the timing of this pandemic couldn’t have been worse for sporting fans. Thhe NHL and NBA were heading into finals and fans are holding their breath to find out what both leagues decide to do with the rest of the season.

Both could recommence in July and since finals take over a month from start to finish, they could end in late August, which would have a huge ripple effect on the following season. The draft lottery would then have to be put on hold to see who finishes where after finals, there would not be any time for summer league, draft combines or a pre-season tournament.


The ideal situation would be to limit the first couple of rounds to best-of-three games, the conference finals being best-of-five, and the final round still being best of seven – even in the crazy situation we are in, there are some traditions you cannot break.

The following season would then be shorter, just like the lockout season, and commence in January.

Toronto Raptors players celebrate with the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Australian hearts were broken when Gillon McLachlan announced the AFL would commence the 2020 season with no crowds. Although it was odd, fans were still happy they did not lose their first-round traditions.

During the second to last game of the round, Hawthorn versus Brisbane, Gillon made an announcement that due to growing risks, the 2020 season would be put on hold, along with the AFLW.

The 2020 season had so many compelling storylines – how would Adelaide, Fremantle, North Melbourne, St Kilda and Carlton fare with all having new head coaches? Would Gold Coast finally reach the finals peak?

Unfortunately, these stories are on hold until at least May 31, although seeing AFL happen again this year is blind optimism at this stage.

Gold Coast Suns players huddle

Photo by Graham Denholm/AFL Photos via Getty Images


Although live sport is now a thing of the past, if you want to relive your childhood or explore games you were not even born for, there are plenty of classic games from every sport to delve into.

If classic games do not do it for you, ESPN’s 30 for 30 series surely will fill a small part of that void.

Another option I used as a kid was to create my own rosters and then simulate the game CPU vs CPU. The camera angles can be changed so it looks more convincing and you can have fun with mates by putting silly bets on – it is actually harder to predict the outcome!