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Remy Siemsen on winning the Golden Boot and playing for the Matildas

Remy Siemsen (left) of Sydney FC competes for possession against Cassidy Davis of the Jets. (AAP Image/Brendan Esposito)
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11th May, 2020

After returning to Sydney FC this season, Remy Siemsen has lit up the W-League, winning the golden boot at just twenty years old and taking Sydney to a W-League grand final.

This is the third interview in my football’s future series, which offers a unique insight into A-League and W-League’s best young stars.

Jack George: What have you been doing during the self-isolation?

Remy Siemsen: Obviously, it’s been hard, definitely a time to get creative. I have been training one on one with technical work, strength and conditioning and going on plenty of runs and walks with my dog Maverick.

He’s actually been hiding from me because he’s been overworked by the whole family! I’ve also had some downtime and started a Netflix series called Ozark.

JG: I’m sure the dog would be enjoying the attention! Who’s your favourite football team?

RS: My favourite football teams are Sydney FC, the Matildas, the Socceroos, Barcelona and Manchester United!


JG: You say Barcelona and Manchester United are two of your favourite teams. Could you imagine playing for either one of them in the future?

RS: That would be an incredible honour and achievement but my main focus is to reach the national team and to keep just improving and learning and getting better and hopefully opportunities like those may present themselves one day.

JG: Who were your football idols growing up?

RS: Growing up it definitely was Caitlin Foord, Sam Kerr, Kyah Simon and Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham and Luis Suarez to name a few!

JG: It must have been amazing getting to play with and come up against three of your heroes: Caitlin Foord, Kyah Simon and Sam Kerr.

RS: Yeah it was pretty surreal and a dream true learning off the people I look up to and admire. I was fortunate enough to play alongside Kyah (Simon) and Cait (Foord) in my debut season and they really helped me and guided me and I am very grateful for that experience.

I haven’t played with Sam (Kerr) but I hope to one day! I’ve played against Sam but I’d rather be on the same team with a player of that calibre and talent that’s for sure!


JG: Sam Kerr would be pretty scary to come up against! What are your goals for your career?

RS: My main goal and dream is to play for the Matildas and represent my country at the highest level. I also want to play overseas and continue consistent form in the W-League and to take my game to the next level and continue to score goals and work harder, get stronger and be the best player I can be.

JG: How how did it feel to win the W-League golden boot?

RS: It was a huge achievement for myself and I was extremely honoured and excited as I’d set myself a goal to really enjoy football this year and the goals will come more naturally if I’m enjoying my football and that happened. I was extremely happy at Sydney and my teammates are to thank for that.

Such a great squad and I couldn’t have scored the goals I did without their service and support.

JG: Speaking of your teammates, how hard was it having both Caitlin Foord and Chloe Logarzo leave for England mid-season?

RS: Obviously it was a great opportunity for Caitlin and Chloe and as a team, we supported them one hundred per cent. They had belief in us to continue getting the job done and we had great depth in the team to allow for some players to step up and contribute to the team!

Remy Siemsen of Sydney FC celebrates

Remy Siemsen of Sydney FC celebrates her goal during the Round 1 W-League match between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium in Sydney, Sunday, November 17, 2019. (AAP Image/Jeremy Ng)


JG: How did it feel to make your W-League debut?

RS: It felt amazing to debut in the W-League! I was only sixteen and had just been away with the young Matildas and came back the same week and debuted in the derby. It was a massive dream come true especially with Sydney FC, as I have supported Sydney FC all my life.

JG: Obviously goalscoring is your main role in the Sydney FC side, but you have done a lot more than that this season, playing nine key passes. How would you describe your role?

RS: I want to be a positive team member, always sniffing out opportunities for goals working hard for the team to get wins on the board. I love looking for the best options to score goals whether it’s me or my teammates.

JG: Judging by your Instagram and former interviews, surfing seems to be a big part of your life. Have you ever had an accident while surfing?

RS: I enjoy surfing, it’s something that’s active and fun. I’m no professional but it’s a fun hobby I like to try and do. My uncles are avid surfers so they got me into it. I had an unfortunate rock incident a few years back but I learnt quickly not to do that again!

JG: How would you rate your 2019-20 season?

RS: I was really stoked and happy with how the season went but always looking for ways to improve and come back bigger and better each season! I don’t know if I should rate my season but I was really pleased with how it panned out. I know I can build on that season and improve further!