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Central Coast Football [Association] deregistered by Football Australia

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19th January, 2022
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What a story this is!

There are two emails that together have a lot of words so I am going to summarise this reasonably briefly and can copy in posts to questions large chunks of the various emails.

The Central Coast Football [CCF], has done two things Football Australia (FA) and Football New South Wales (FNSW) will not accept. Plus, a further FA / FNSW requirement separate to the first two.

First disagreement: CCA have developed their own player registration system, which according to all the clubs and people involved is many times better than the FA national registration process and secondly is far more useful to both park teams and CCF. The CCF registration system has the full support of all local clubs.

Second disagreement: is CCF have sourced their own insurance which they claim covers more, has more coverage and is a lot cheaper.

These two points have let FA to essentially ban CC teams from all FNSW and FA actives and CCF has been deregistered from organised Football in both NSW and Australia.

The third issue and not directly to local operations is the collection of FNSW and FA fees. CCF being deregistered by FA and FNSW will not need to collect the levies they charge. Further, the argument over the registration and insurance was over a year long. In this time CCF while in dispute have not paid FNSW and FA fees collected on their behalf for the 2021 season.

FA and FNSW are united in their opposition to the actions of CCF and have gone to extraordinary lengths to force the association to use both the national registration system and national insurance scheme.


As a matter of interest, anyone who has dealt with footballs insurance will tell you the long-standing issues. According to local reports, the CCF sourced by CCF is better cheaper and covers more for a longer period of time.

Against the background of these changes, the high-level pathway for Central Coast footballers remains with the two clubs Central Coast Mariners and Central Coast United. Referee and Coach development will similarly remain unchanged from how it has been delivered in recent seasons.

FA and FNSW believe CCF cannot deliver what they can and insist on CCF using their insurance and registration system. Further, they claim the breakaway will destroy the fabric of NSW and Australian Football.

FA also fear other associations will follow suit, and if CCF have identified a better and cheaper insurance other associations will change and use the same insurer.

FA have sent a lengthy email and posted an open letter to all CCF players and officials citing both their concerns and deregistration effects.

Where it ends will be interesting.