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What Red Bull are after is consistent point scorer, they dont have to be capable of beating Max. In fact the preference would be that they don’t. The other seat in the Red Bull is for team points.

Slim pickings at Red Bull

If that had been QC, the kick would’ve been charged down and he’d have got a yellow card as well…

Quade who? Foley is clearly Australia's first-choice flyhalf

Never ever said Foley doesnt make errors. But when he does, he makes less of them than QC and their magnitude has less impact on a game (3 less yellow cards for starters…..) Maybe, juuuuust maybe this is part of the reason Cheika hasn’t started him at this World Cup.

Never said other players don’t make errors either. Now you’re just making stuff up… : )))

Quade who? Foley is clearly Australia's first-choice flyhalf

Hear hear. NB…

Their own little world indeed….Watch out using words like “delusional” though, or one gets asked to go to a “psychology” forum. (Face palm)

Quade who? Foley is clearly Australia's first-choice flyhalf

TWAS – You dispel diddly.

These “facts” you talk about are either 1. not facts or 2. details that you twist to suite your own argument and then claim as “facts:. And you seem to go to very long lengths to prove it, to the point that opposers eventually give up on the conversation. Which you then probably claim as a “victory”.

The end game of this conversation is that IF you were right then Cheika would have him in the run on side. He doesnt. So either Cheika knows more than you or….hmmmm I’ll park that there.

You just can’t resist an argument – hence the Monty Python reference. (A sketch that I love by the way).

Quade who? Foley is clearly Australia's first-choice flyhalf

I feel as though I’ve inadvertently stumbled onto the (online version) set of Monty Pythons “argument” sketch…. mind boggling. And numbing.

Quade who? Foley is clearly Australia's first-choice flyhalf


“….though in the past it has many times”…

If this was true. then Cooper would be 10.

(Lee – Can I claim the ace)?

Quade who? Foley is clearly Australia's first-choice flyhalf

Reading your last comment, your login name is apt. Round and round and round……

Quade who? Foley is clearly Australia's first-choice flyhalf

TWAS – He didn’t get a yellow card for starters.

He can take on the line and isn’t afraid of getting caught in the tackle. His defence is much better now that he’s tackling around the legs and not trying ball-and-all-tackles. He can play against the All Blacks without going weak at the knees. Better goalkicking. As general kicking. Less risk. More consistent….all these are what QC has a tendency to NOT do.

He’s been given many chances since his debut in 2008 including a chance in the biggest match of all at Eden Park and fluffed his lines (again). And it cost the team courtesy of his yellow card. Is Foley as brilliant as QC “could” be? No. But he’s had ample chances to cement the 10 jersey and hasn’t. QC needs space to operate as creatively but if he doesn’t get it his plan B is terrible. Foley certainly isn’t as creative as QC with space, but his plan B is much better than QC’s. I’d love to see QC play like he did against Wales at Millennium a few years ago, he was magic. But he doesnt have those games often enough. An occasional 9/10 then lots of 4 or 5’s.

In the end TWAS, Cheika obviously see’s Foley as a better option than Cooper. What better judge than the man charged with coaching the national team? I’ll trust his judgement, its worked well so far. No?

Quade who? Foley is clearly Australia's first-choice flyhalf

Spot on TMan.

The set piece (particularly scrum) will be weaker without an experienced (and tall) 8 – unless Poey proves me wrong. Apart from that, the combination of Pooper’s different games brings similar traits to a 7 & 8. Pococks abilities over the ball, defence and ball running/tackling breaking plays are classic 7. While Hooper is not as strong over the ball he is everywhere with has great tackle busting running, link play and great defence. The question is whether this hybrid can actually work at the top of test level rugby.

Bledisloe Cup preview: Time to put a stake in the ground

I agree Not Bothered. Not sure why Cooper continues to deserve more chances at 10. Its time to move on. He crabs across field and rarely takes on the line (particularly the ABs) which defences easily read and smash the guy he then passes to. His defence (while better) is still not great. If he was worth his salt he would be starting 10 in every game since at least 2011. He’s not. He’s not consistent and is too flaky depending on the day or his mood. Give me solid dependable Foley with Gits or Toomua outside him than the “potentially” great Cooper whose miraculous passes might stick. Gits with Toomua is def worth a shot too.

I really wanted QC to fire at the beginning of this international season but it hasn’t happened. Its as often as the blue moon last week that he has a cracker so let him move to Toulon, his game at the level below Tests is better suited to it.

Wallabies announce team for Bledisloe: Pocock and Hooper to start


Wallabies announce team for Bledisloe: Pocock and Hooper to start

Its a close call. I think Kepu’s performance in general play outweigh his weaker scrum compared to Holmes stronger scrum but weaker general play performance..

Picking a pack to take on the All Blacks

Lay down misere. A great signing for both teams..

Kane Douglas signs with the Reds, will be available for World Cup

Sorry, but for mine Higginbotham wouldn’t get a guernsey (and won’t) as he just doesnt add enough consistently. And Slipper for me is slipping down the ranks as well – great around the park but scrummaging is a problem. From what I’ve seen of Sio and Holmes when they came on, both are ahead of their rivals in the scrum contest, though I would take Kepu over Holmes due to better non scrummaging duties.

Skelton still isn’t ready for a run against the AB’s, they are too clever and will exploit his weaknesses moreso than other teams have already. That he can’t jump and is suspect in the scrum add to my doubt that he is top team material – yet. His carries are good and that he can now go 80 ins is something I didnt think he’d achieve for a big bloke but he has. It gives me optimism that he will imrpove the other parts of his game (except the jumping – thats never going to happen). In the absence of Carter and Douglas and on the performance against the Bokke, I would give Horwill the other lock spot. He seems to relish these emotional encounters (last game, backs against the wall etc). Pocock worked well at 8 and locked the scrum well and having him on at the same time with Hooper yet still having 3 line out options gives us a real chance to dominate the break down without losing lineout options.

Bench? Palu to cover the backrow, Skelton, Slips, TPN and Holmes.


Picking a pack to take on the All Blacks

Agree. I re-watched the SA game last night and if what Horwill copped isn’t striking, I dont know what is. Open handed , yes. But it definitely wasn’t a push, it was a distinct hit – to the head no question. Provocation? Yes, but not to the degree of Sanchez. Horwill merely hit a ruck to clear Etzeben out as the whistle was blown.

And to his credit Horwill didn’t flail about on the ground like a soccer player. I hope this trait of diving the Argies are bringing to the game doesnt catch on. That is something worth booing…

Hooper hopeful of being cleared by SANZAR

Indeed, we will have to! : )

As I said, I was really hoping he had a cracker against the Boks – I really did – so that this can all be put to bed. But I have to disagree (you knew i would) that the backline has to train around him cos when he’s in the sin bin, what then? Foley doesn’t get flustered like QC, take son the line if needed plus its the stability and continuity that he brings along with creativeness from his 7s experience that at the moment makes him our best pick at 10. Phipps at 9, Toomua at 12 with Gits as super sub on the bench to cover 10/12. Then TK (13), Folau and Speight then any of the following AAC/Tomane/Horne as wingers.

[Highlights] Wallabies overpower lacklustre Pumas 34-9

You had me till “Cooper at 10″…

If he needs confidence and guidance at this stage of his career then its too late. How long ago did he first start for the Wallabies? And we are STILL waiting for him to get confidence? C’mon.

Cooper has had plenty of chances since prior to 2010 yet he still hasn’t grabbed it. If he had he’d be the automatic selection at 10. He isn’t. A big chance last week and again this week to influence a game and I don’t think either can be described as even “solid” which is the very least you get from Foley. (And if not Foley, then Gits or Toomua). Foley isn’t as creative but the amount of times QC’s “miracle balls” work is about as often as a miracle itself. (The last one in a test match was against Wales a couple of years ago). He often runs across field and doesn’t like to take on the line – which defences know and makes it easier for them to read what he’s going to do (or not going to do). add to that his defence and stupid penalties (ala last night) and its easy to make the case against him. He can teat a team to shreds, no doubt. But often that is when the team he’s playing against is not in the same class or lacking confidence themselves. And that doesnt happen often against the top 5 in the world.

For the record, I was soo hoping that against the Boks he’d finally prove it, particularly when I saw the the players selected around him.

[Highlights] Wallabies overpower lacklustre Pumas 34-9

I’m pretty sure it won’t be Daniel Ricciardo. Firstly, why would Red Bull let go of their senior driver only 2 years into his tenure, to be replaced by who? Max or Carlos? Not yet. Your counter argument may be that Kvyat only did the one year apprenticeship, but that would mean 2 youngsters in the senior team trying to push it forward.

Grosean is in a holding pattern while Renault conclude their deal to re-enter F1.

I think the Hullk will be pushing pretty hard for it and wouldn’t be tempted by a WEC swap just yet – he still hasnt been able to show his true potential in a top flight team which is frustrating him, surely. The unluckiest driver when it comes to being in the right seat at the right time. Or is it that he’s juuuust not good enough to be be picked for the good seats? I like the Hulk and would love ot see him do well, but not sure it will ever happen.

Jenson is a great fit for Williams at this stage of his career and their position in terms of ticking all the boxes on track – quick, experienced et al – and off track. What JB brings OFF the track is a bit of class, professionalism & marketability that sponsors love. A sponsors dream. It would suite McL as they have a glut of driver talent and no where to put them. Saying goodbye to JB would be a tough decision for them though, as they lose someone with all the attributes mentioned above – particularly the ones that keep sponsors happy which at the moment is critical. Williams would be more than happy to welcome him back as they get someone eminently more marketable (and British!) than Felipe.

Who should fill the second Williams seat?