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Long-time Dragons Supporter almost 50 years! Started in childhood and never stopped. I run my own electronics repair and restoration business from home.



Scott, I’m hearing you. Both had their careers resurrected and it’s on this point that the Red V fans hurt the most. I also think that was the motivating force behind how well they have played. That said, the club’s recruitment and retention made a mess of Dugan’s contract negotiations. Coming out and stating that the Dragons were going to pay him as a centre, when both he and coach McGregor see as a fullback was stupid.
The irony of that is, he will be playing centre for his new club.
Well, let’s enjoy this year.
Interesting to note that some players (the Morris boys come to mind) leave the club and don’t reproduce that electric form at their new clubs. Just saying.

Ten talking points from NRL Round 11

Smacks of Edward VIII back in 1936 –
“I abdicate my throne for the woman I love”.
And that turned out to be a long long happy relationship.
Onya, Cooper.

Stop dreaming: Cronk will never play for another NRL club

Thanks for the story. Yes, I too remember the silence as the scores from other grounds were announced, punctuated by cheers or boos depending who bet on who. And thanks so much for the Cumberland Oval story. They were great days!.

Half a century of rugby league: The grounds

Great story! Love sharing and hearing the memories of the old days. And good catch!

Half a century of rugby league: The grounds

I would have to agree. As a long time supporter, I’d like the Shield back in its rightful place. However, it was the trophy of the NSWRLFC, not the NRL. And I do like the current trophy of Provan-Summons.

50 years of rugby league memories from the grandstand

Hanrahan, when I was a kid that was the story I was told. I dug a bit deeper to unearth this bit of info.

50 years of rugby league memories from the grandstand

Thanks Riley!. More to come. I can’t believe it’s 50 years to be honest…

50 years of rugby league memories from the grandstand

On this rather well-researched analysis, you’d have to say Brisbane gets the dream run! Things that make you go, hmmmm. Maybe Mr. Bennett has more clout that we realise? This is not a random selection to make up the draw!

The five-day turnaround: Brisbane wins again

Gus, in my Dad’s day the phrase did mean a lot. It was a very passionate Australian-ism that meant much much more than “lift”or “we need to rip in”. Dad would yell that one at the cricket, the horses, the footy and us kids. I find myself still slipping into using it.

Dear Dragons, you need to try harder

Agree, Julian. Definitely need a Major-General Pompey Elliot style leader!

Dear Dragons, you need to try harder

I think we are out of maybes where Benji is concerned.

Dear Dragons, you need to try harder

It’s hard seeing this. But I’ve supported the Dragons for almost 50 years now and have seen some ugly defeats in the past. Yes, the 1975 GF comes to mind. But gees, we gotta fix something. What, is my only question.

Dragons search for next point after rout

I’m afraid this foolish experiment should end. Josh Dugan is a FULLBACK and there is where he should play. Kurt Mann needs some time in the Cutters to bring his form online, as does Tim Lafai who went MIA in attack every time yesterday.
Should Dugan be ruled out, as is a likely possibility, then I’d play Adam Quinlan at the custodian role. He is experienced there. I would also bring Euan Aitken back in the centres and Peter Mata’utia and Kalifa Fai Fai Loa on the wing.

Dragons begin Mann-hunt for new fullback

No disgrace in the Dragons’ loss. Their forwards came out fighting from the first kick-off. I honestly think that Dugan is a fullback, Mann is a centre and that’s where they should play. I don’t think it served young Euan Aitken’s game to play him on the wing.
Questionable ref decisions didn’t help, either.

Dragons bullish despite Storm defeat