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In his younger years Andrew tried his hand at Rugby League, Cricket, Squash, Soccer and Tennis. Upon realising he was rubbish at all of those switched his defeatist tendencies to following an assortment of teams that continue to frustrate him.



I have to say as a Panthers fan from way back I’m genuinely excited about where they can go this year. And while I start most years like that, seven rounds in, it’s still pretty exciting.
Looking at who they’ve already played and to be sitting on top is an impressive platform to build on for the rest of the year.
One point about the Panthers attack, while they’ve struggled to put teams away, 5 of their 7 games have been played at night. I’m looking forward to seeing them again on a dry track in the sunshine.

Penrith's junior brigade finally hit the big time as premiership push beckons

This article made me laugh. The Brisbane Broncos have been the darlings of the NRL for the past 20 years, get free reign with the local media (when the major shareholder owns the only newspaper in town it’s not hard) and has a city of 2.5 million to themselves… They are honestly the biggest under-performers in Australian sport for the past decade.
Here are a few tips…
– Teach the players some humility. They are seriously lacking in that department collectively at present.
– Connect the current playing group with the players that made the club what it is.
– Play the long game and stop looking for short-term fixes. We keep hearing about this boom set of youngsters. If they’re that good stick with them and reap the rewards in the long-run.

A rant from a Brisbane Broncos fan

Some interesting predictions there… I can’t see Merrin providing much value for the Dragons though. Forwards with his body shape don’t tend to last much into their 30’s. He’ll provide plenty of experience for the Dragons but I think the only time his name gets mentioned around Origin is if he gets pushed into the starting team when the Dragons lose a few forwards to the Blues.

2020 vision: Predicting the upcoming NRL season

Great game and even better to seen Penrith getting a win in round 1.
That said, maybe it was just a case of being a bit underdone and understrength, but it was a surprise that the Roosters couldn’t go up a gear after the Panthers started challenging them late in the first half.

Trent Robinson has a big job ahead of him

Ouch! I agree Cricket Australia needs to have a good look at the BBL and consider when the tournament will be scheduled and the number of games. At the moment it just seems to go far too long and the interest has waned by the time the finals arrive.
That said, while the commentary is certainly up and down… I really enjoy Ponting’s commentary and think he adds great value. Fleming too offers some good insights.

The BBL is slowly but surely going downhill

I think it would take something drastic for Cleary to get punted this year. Starting the second season of a 5-year deal, I don’t think Penrith would be inclined to show some extreme tolerance to avoid paying out another sacked coach.

Who'd be an NRL coach? Who is in danger in 2020

Thanks for you comment. I agree… Brisbane desperately needs all those things to grow. I’m just not convinced in the argument for spending billions to host the Olympics, in order to justify building them. Those things alone (better trains/better airport) would deliver a far broader benefit to the Queensland economy over the long-term than the Olympics so why not focus on those areas?

South East Queensland Olympics: Get out now before it’s too late

Thanks for reading and great question… According to the Qld Government’s own figures… the Commonwealth Games were delivered for $2.5billion and delivered a profit of $37million. Interestingly, an independent report from Griffith University revealed the event delivered $2billion in GDP benefits to Queensland, with 85% of that returned to the Gold Coast.
Based on those figures it’s difficult to mount the argument that an event with three times as many athletes and 30% more events can be delivered for $4.5billion. It’s even more difficult to believe it’s going to deliver a $36billion bump to the states’ bottom line.

South East Queensland Olympics: Get out now before it’s too late

Beautifully written Spiro, I have to admit the 91 World Cup was the first time I really paid attention to Rugby. The Wallabies of that era were a class act. A team to be admired as much for their performances on the field as for the people they were off it.

"We're taking Bill back home!" How the Wallabies won the 1991 Rugby World Cup

It’s a good point. When the club is seemingly on the verge of a premiership, surely if they were going to bring in a coach, it would be someone who can take them to the next level. Instead they brought in a guy who specialises in rebuilds. Strange!

The Penrith Panthers: The club that can’t handle success

I agree there’s always a sense that Gus brings a lot of baggage with him wherever he goes. It must be tough to work under him because he attracts attention and not all of it healthy.

The Penrith Panthers: The club that can’t handle success

I’m tipping the Raiders season to end with a golden point loss in a preliminary final…and then Ricky blowing up in the press conference.

Canberra fans beginning to experience uncomfortable levels of belief