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Being inclusive is a “contentious issue”? Huh?

Club and players to blame in Manly pride jersey fiasco as boycott highlights hypocrisy on other issues

The main thing stopping Luka being MVP is the strength of the West. The Warriors, Nuggs, Clips, Suns and Grizz will all be good. He’ll have to have a Jokic-type year statistically to win it.

NBA season 2022-23: Talking myself into my own stupid bet

Any article which mentions The Mule is a worthwhile read. Thanks!

The best Manly-Warringah players who never played representative football

And we wonder why no other league player has come out since Ian Roberts. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself, and yet you post something like this as if its funny or acceptable.

NRL Round 19 talking points: Just another quiet weekend, yeah?

AND it involves the Tigers! NRL 360’s favourite topic! If only Ciraldo was involved in this somehow…

Tigers lodge official complaint after bunker shocker but NRL claims Cowboys challenge was legit

The Tigers should have walked off the field in protest

Tigers lodge official complaint after bunker shocker but NRL claims Cowboys challenge was legit

True, league stats are terrible…but if Radley is an Origin level player, you’d expect at least 1 statistic to reflect that, wouldn’t you?

Statistically, he’s average across the board…Even on defensive measures. IDK, maybe there’s more to him than I can see in the Roosters games I watch, but for someone who I see as a solid but not-outstanding lock, I don’t understand the attention he gets and his Origin selection.

NRL News: Police identify teenagers over Moses threats, Meninga wants Radley eligibility rule change

The average age in the NRL is 24yrs, so age isn’t an excuse. Guys like Ponga and Paps played in that Kangaroos team and both become great players in the same amount of time.

In fairness, Radley is probably just having a down year…his game seems much less impactful when he cant play super aggressive, but for a guy who really isn’t that ‘important’ in terms of his contributions on the field, I just cant get over how much off-field conversation happens around him.

NRL News: Police identify teenagers over Moses threats, Meninga wants Radley eligibility rule change

True…a good nickname goes a long way apparently!

NRL News: Police identify teenagers over Moses threats, Meninga wants Radley eligibility rule change

I really cant understand the appeal of Victor Radley. I feel like there’s no player who we spend more time talking about, who has less impact on the game.

Statistically, he seems to do nothing that stands out. Per game he averages 7 runs for 68run meters and makes 29 tackles. For the season, he has 2 offloads, 7 tackle busts and 2 line breaks.

By comparison, Cameron Murray averages 10 runs for 78mters per game, makes 38 tackles and for the season has 18 offloads, 25 tackle busts and 4 line breaks.

Now, Murray is a great player so maybe not a fair comp, but truth is Radley is no where near the top locks in the game. Guys like Yeo, Matterson, TPJ, Taumalolo, Tino, Jake T are significantly better…even guys like Jack Bird are statistically well ahead of Radley.

In fact, the only stat he does well in are penalties and errors! He has a season total of 10 errors and 7 penalties…about the same as Tino, but in 4 fewer games.

Enough about Radley. Until he proves he’s up there with the best, let him play wherever…it shouldn’t matter, and he shouldn’t be anywhere near the NSW team.

NRL News: Police identify teenagers over Moses threats, Meninga wants Radley eligibility rule change

This could be drawing a (very) long bow, but…this debate reminds me of the English cricket team and the discussion around Root as a captain.

Root was the captain mainly because: He’s England’s best batsmen and other English players come and go from the squad, so the alternatives are limited. But, its clear now, that Root’s leadership approach likely had a negative effect on the team and their self belief, and even though Stokes was an ‘unreliable’ choice, he’s more inspiring and the change is already paying off for English cricket.

Hooper is brave and elite, and changing a captain is momentous, but it's a risk worth taking

If Origin form is the main criteria for selection, I think DCE has to be in ahead of Cleary and Capewell in ahead of Angus Crichton.

Both outplayed their counterparts…especially Capewell, who was pretty incredible in Games 1 and 3. Val Holmes covers goal-kicking in Cleary’s absence.

What if State of Origin really was a selection trial for the Kangaroos?

Being a bit tough on the Raiders there…They’re 5-4 in the last 9 games (including a win over the Sharkies) and have played well after a horror start to the season.

I’m not a huge Wighton guy, but he did play well in Game 1 and didn’t deserve to lose his spot, with or without the Game 2 win by NSW. I’d also add that Crichton wasn’t amazing in that Game 2.

Either way, I don’t think NSW win with Wighton in the side, so agree the discussion around his non-selection being the difference is over the top…But, it says something about Freddie’s selection process, which is a mess, and cost NSW the series.

Five NSW Origin talking points: Freddie finished, Tedesco shows class and how good is Cleary really?

Andrew Johns called him “a block of cheese with legs” in 2019.

Brandon Smith is about to find out whether the NRL finds dissent, homophobia or attacking a player's head worse

I don’t think it matters who coaches the Titans, while they have this spine. The spine is everything in league, and they currently have one of the worst in the game.

They’ll be better next year with Brimson at half and Foran at 5/8. Those two will provide opportunities for Fifita and Tino.

Jayden Campbell is only 22yrs old, but has potential. Ideally, they’d have someone more experienced there to cover for Campbell while he gains experience, but I’d expect them to have a better year in 2023, with or without Holbrook.

Coaches should be judged on expectations rather than titles or they’ll always be scapegoat for poorly run clubs

This is probably being very tough given his age, but Josh Schuster is slowly but surely moving up the Dufty rankings this year…

Forget about the Dally Ms, it’s time to get your votes in for the Duftys

The problem is that we expect NRL Refs to walk the tightrope of calling everything and getting every decision correct, BUT also letting the game flow and not blowing penalties all the time. It’s an impossible situation.

We as fans, and the NRL media, need to stop complaining and accept that within the ‘flow’ of the game, Refs make incorrect or sometimes biased calls. The Dragons were at home, there were 10secs left, the Ref let it go. If he’d called Hunt offside, Dragons fans would be blowing up and the guys on 360 would be complaining the game is being called too strictly.

We either accept that incorrect decisions are made in the name of keeping the game more open and free-flowing, or we ask the Refs to be more strict and call more penalties, which ultimately will annoy fans and coaches and the media, just as much.

Six-again exposed: Hunt should’ve been binned for exploiting loophole as Annesley admits ref error on crucial call

Tolutau Koula will be a superstar. He has all the raw skills needed, but importantly, he plays hard every game. He rarely loses focus and plays with real passion. At 19yrs old, he has huge potential.

Conversely, Josh Schuster continues his path of being on of the most talented yet frustrating, young player in the game. All the skills, but no focus and goes for stretches where he seems to play with no common sense. When he came on for Manly late in the game, Manly immediately started falling apart.

'All over the place': Bellamy blasts Storm defence as DCE and Foran fire Manly to 36-30 win

Head scored a hundred vs Sri Lanka A and 70 not out in one of the ODIs. Would have been a tough call to drop him. Head also bowls handy spin, if needed, so Aus don’t loose too much not having Maxie.

Rainstorm to start, Pat storm to finish as Green and Carey give Aussies upper hand

Actually a pretty good outcome for the POPE system! Well done.

The main stand-outs as guys who shouldn’t be there, are Suli and Cotric.

For Suli, he eats up meters and busts plenty of tackles, but his work-rate is poor. For the season he’s made 137 tackles compared to someone like Campbell Graham who’s made 247, in the same number of games. Maybe POPE over-values meters gained a little?

For Cotric, I cant work out how POPE would have him ahead of May or Garrick in terms of statistics. How did that happen, do you think?

Again, nice work AMD!

State of Origin game 3: What if the New South Wales team was selected by POPE?

The main question for me (as a Manly fan) is whether or not Jake should play prop permanently.

In the ‘faster’ game we have today, a more mobile prop who can play long minutes, but still eat up meters and control the centre of the field on defence, is hugely valuable.

As great as Jake is, I’m not convinced trying to turn him into a version of Isaah Yeo as a ball-playing lock, is the best use of his abilities. For me, I’d have Jake at prop and Schuster at lock for Manly.

Did Jake Trbojevic just play the perfect Origin game?

Yeah, its a very difficult situation…Sitting someone for 2-3 weeks because of a concussion, isn’t an easy call for anyone and I’m sure the players would hate it!

I agree with many of the comments here though, that the most effective way to prevent further head injury is good tackling technique and enforcing the rules of the game. The infamous Magic Round crack down was too much too soon, but it was on the right track…its just a shame that since then, we’ve had nothing but inconsistent rulings and decisions around head contact.

Rather than just punish illegal shots, why doesn’t the NRL better protect targeted players?

The problem is that once a player like Ponga or Luke Keary takes a few knocks in a short space of time, their body/brain doesn’t recover that quickly. This isn’t like an ACL which can be repaired and rehabbed. Once the damage has been done, its too late.

The Clearly tackle on Ponga in Game 2, is the perfect example. It wasn’t a head shot. It wasn’t a ‘big man tackling a little man’. Ponga’s head hit the ground, and he was out. This wouldnt have happened with other players, but Ponga was knocked out cold a week before and has had multiple concussions in seasons prior.

A similar thing happened to Boyd Cordner (not a small guy being targeted by big guys, either) in Origin in 2020, when he was concussed after trying to make a tackle. It didn’t look like much, but he went out like a light after having so many previous concussions.

The only way to protect a guy like Ponga right now is enforce a month-long break for him. At the moment, it seems to be the clubs call, which is fraught with danger (The Tigers only stopped Liam Fulton playing after he’d had four concussions in six games!). If you’re knocked out on the field, you shouldn’t be able to play for 2 weeks. If you’ve been knocked out multiple times in a season, you should have to take more time off.

We learn nothing from the past in RL. Ponga is on the path to an early retirement and possibly a lot worse, yet he’ll probably suit up for the Knights this weekend. But just 2 years ago, we saw Knights player Tim Glasby retire at 31yrs saying he couldn’t watch television with his kids or do a simple weights session without severe headaches, dizziness and nausea.

This is a problem for the clubs and the NRL to solve, not the players.

Rather than just punish illegal shots, why doesn’t the NRL better protect targeted players?

I’m assuming you didn’t mean this comment to be as offensive as it is, but statements like “clever women knew how to exploit their femininity”…I mean…really?

Have you considered that maybe these ‘clever’ women were just trying to survive in a man’s world? That maybe they’d prefer not to have to ‘exploit their femininity’ in the first place and instead just be accepted as people, capable of doing and behaving as they’d like to, without being judged by men?

As for women playing rugby league, and the impact on their bodies, have you seen a women give birth? My wife has given birth to my two kids and let me tell you, she’s tougher than any man I’ve ever met.

Women aren’t ‘delicate flowers’ mate…that’s just how a male dominated society likes to position them to maintain dominance.

It’s time for women’s Origin to move to a three-game series … so long as we pay players properly

I cant understand the fuss about the sin-bin.

In Game 2, as they did in Game 1, Qld tested the Ref and found out what they could get away with…only this time, they went too far. It’s entirely on them as a team.

REACTION: 'Sucked the juice out of Queensland' - Maroons battered by 'brutal' Blues after sin-bin 'gee up'