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How great is the beautiful game of rugby league?!



South’s are going to struggle. It’s lucky they have Reynolds available.

Origin duty: Who got hit hardest and who got off lucky?

I think we all rated Cleary until he left the Tigers, but probably more for his ‘underdog’ status. It would be interesting to see how he goes with a glamour club (who wouldnt risk him), or atleast a roster of his choosing.
You never know, Penrith could have trophy in the next five years.

Is Ivan Cleary actually a good coach?

It was a completely legal hit. Pressure on the kicker, not too late and below the neck. Exactly what you want your forwards to do.

JWH annihilates Ponga with hideously late hit, somehow isn't binned

Your team is pretty decent but RCG better play amazing next week to have any chance.
And aubo, I don’t even know how his name is getting thrown around in the origin conversation….

The NSW armchair selectors Origin team

I wish everyone could just move on from this, it’s getting way too much air time.

Hit the road, Jack: Federal Court finds in favour of NRL

Would love to see the Broncos fire but will all come down to whether the forwards can get some roll on down the middle. The Rooster’s defence has been near impregnable this season and the Broncos will need to tire them for any chance.
Also, Milford must stand up again.

Broncos out for revenge against Roosters this Friday night

Radley would go alright I’m sure. Would definitely get run around a bit but I guess that won’t be a full game.
The thing with NRL sides is they usually have a second row that can do ok in the centres
But you’re right. They are usually wasted on the bench in origin but you never know what will happen. Just need someone who can crack the game open (remember Ponga last year)
I like where your heads at though.

The NSW Blues contenders

This round will be a nightmare for the punters. Cannot wait for what Magic Round brings this week, every game is 50/50.

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 9

Asiata is a good one! Didn’t realise he was a Penrith boy till I looked it up. With him though, I worry who would go to the centre if someone in the back 5 go down? The main reason I went Peachey over another forward (i.e. Radley). Gutho is in with a shot though.

The NSW Blues contenders

Would really love to see Turbo play Game I, but unlikely considering the injury he has.

The NSW Blues contenders

I think if Maloney was 5 years younger he might have more of a chance in retaining his spot- but then again he may not have got picked last year if he was!
Only true issue with Keary is his previous statement of allegiance to QLD….if his heart is bleeding blue give him the ‘6’.
I think defensively having both Keary and Walker in the line might not be the best and Cleary can clearly hold his own. Plus Cleary’s long kicking game is a bit better. I can’t see both Keary and Walker lining up in the halves.

The NSW Blues contenders

Gutho is definitely in the convo this year around. I think he would be looked at as a utility for Game I but if there’s an injury or he gets injected into the game at the right time, he really has a chance to show is worth and nail down a starting spot potentially. I like Gutho, always have, his passion and heart is formidable. Defs in for a chance.

The NSW Blues contenders

Roberts has some claim through incumbency, but definitely out of favour after being dropped this week. The issue with BJ is his defence, I just don’t trust it. But if Freddy does, then Ill be cheering him in the Blue.
Croker hasn’t always peaked, or peaked enough, at the right time for Origin selection…maybe this year is his year?

The NSW Blues contenders

Cheers Paul. Appreciate it!

I agree with the halves. A mixture of form and incumbency is the way, at least for Game I.
The bench utility is hard and there’s an argument for all those players. I just worry if a winger or centre goes down, no forward could shift there. The Peach or Gutho for mine!

The NSW Blues contenders

Imagine two Latrells!

I can’t see both Keary and Walker getting a run, but I wouldn’t be unhappy. It would be a massive kick in the guts to Cleary though as the incumbent. Probably Cleary and Keary/Walker Game I would be a good option.

The NSW Blues contenders

But who moves to the centres if a wing/centre gets injured? I can’t see Frizz or Cordner going to well that close to the sideline.

The NSW Blues contenders

Cheers mate.
I think Finucane might be wasted off the bench, if he gets picked he will start. Jurbo’s impact in the middle of the park about 25mins in would be prime!

That centre pairing is a scary prospect, but Im not sold on Leilua defensively- might be a bit of a liability. But yes, frightening in attack

The NSW Blues contenders

Roberts getting dropped this week will severely hurt his chances of retaining a spot. Wighton could look good across from Morgan? Two halves battling out in the centres….very interesting prospect.

The NSW Blues contenders

I think Renyolds isn’t an option long-term, especially with his injury history. And I agree, Cleary might not be up to it at the moment, but who else is there?
Would love to see Ramien have a go though! He is top class with some quality ball.

The NSW Blues contenders