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I’m expecting Brisbane to beat the dogs with a scoreline like 2.15 against 2.13 considering recent kicking form of both teams

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Rounds 10 and 11

neither of those North Melbourne players should be anywhere near all australian talks unless the AA teams needs waterboys, in the stats mentioned, Zurhaar is well down compared to other small or medium forwards, and as for Dumont. In the stats you listed he’s not even number 1 in his own team so I am not sure how they’ll transfer onto All Australian form. Zurhaar I’ll grant you is actually pretty underrated but Dumont isn’t. I would easily have Luke Ryan in his place, or Hugh greenwood from the suns or even Bailey Williams from the dogs.

Top five underrated players in the AFL right now

I wanted to wait until the Port game to reply to this, just to see if there was improvment, and there was but wow our forwards are a mess right now. Wallis being our most dangerous option says alot about it’s current state. the effort was there tonight but the polish was lacking when needed. Dickson probably needs to come in against Brisbane you would think?

Six talking points from AFL Round 9

Watching the first half from the dogs was absolutely miserable. They deserve a little bit of credit for fight back in the second half but Jesus their worst is so so so far away from their best. Gowers out is a start but they probably need to win 2 of the next 3 or their season is over.

Six talking points from AFL Round 9

Georgiades would be my tip if he can get some consistency but if it’s a sun it’ll be Anderson. Much more consistent than Rankine and is putting together a brilliant season. I feel like Vandemeer deserves a nomination, The kid has been great for the dogs

The 2020 Rising Star is already decided

True you’ve got the Pies at a good time, they’re Injured and lacking confidence, Hawks I think just aren’t playing well or cohesively together I think that’s your best bet, Carlton will be a good test, solid young team with smattering of veterans who are about the same stage as Freo in a rebuild (maybe a little ahead). Altogether Freo are getting it right but maybe one or two years and another elite midfielder away from really contending.

Freo must drink from the fountain of youth in the midst of its injury crisis

I think they’ve got the youngest (for sure one of the youngest) playing lists going right now so youth is definitley their path, I agree blokes like Reece Conca and Travis Colyer are middling at best and should make way for the youth to gain experience. what’s a pass mark for 2020 for Freo? They got 9 wins last year which will of course be a stretch this year with the reduced season but I would’ve thought 5-6 would be achievable for them. They’ve got Pies, Hawks and Carlton in the next three weeks. I reckon they could win the hawks game and maybe pinch one of the other 2.

Freo must drink from the fountain of youth in the midst of its injury crisis

The list is solid, a good group of middle aged players with a couple of veterns and a good group of up and coming potential stars so they have the cattle to do some damage. I believe that sometimes a list and coach together can get stale and a fresh leader is sometimes needed (see St.Kilda). However if The magpies make another prelim or even grand final considering the injuries they’ve had, how can you justify firing Nathan Buckley, hell even if they just make the finals I think that’s enough. He took them to a grand final two years ago and 1 goal of a second grand final last year, while this team have it’s current list in the premiership window he shouldn’t be going anywhere.

2020 must be Nathan Buckley's last year as Collingwood coach

@Wass it’s absolutely a Dogs thing, I’m still not over 2009 prelim

Six talking points from AFL Round 8

I hate the saints and have enjoyed their poorness these last few years but I have to admit they’re playing really entertaining football. They move the ball quickly and well and don’t waste chances good to watch. The Gold coast dogs game was qbout what I expected. A slog where composure won, without Daniel the sun’s probably Would won, although Gowers tried his best to win it for them anyway. That Weagles game was about as dominant as it gets, I’ll eat my words on them. Good win by the swans in a rebuild year, Hawthorn look out of sorts and down on confidence collectively. strange to see them that way.

Six talking points from AFL Round 8

Right now there are no premiership contender by your reckoning, and why are Richmond and Geelong true tests? They beat up GWS, had a good win against the Weagles, they’ve faced and defeated nearly every challenge that’s come their way. Even if they do lose against Geelong and Richmond they’ll still be top 4 or there abouts.

Three reasons why Port Adelaide are not premiership contenders

And they do have some solid youth, the fact that Worpel got to pick 45 is criminal. And Sicily is a great defender although a little older.

Two difficult decisions lie ahead for mediocre Hawthorn

Clark has had abit of luck, with the draft score that got him the core group of his premiership players. But the trades they made were excellent. Getting Lake when they did, and Burgoyne filled needs and the price they paid, particularly for Lake was unders what they gave the club. I don’t know about the more recent trades (Vickery was a disaster). Scully, Wingard and O’meara are all solid, Mitchell is a brownlow medallist, Patton may come good (depends on injury) but they aren’t going to win a flag with that team. They need more elite youth.

Two difficult decisions lie ahead for mediocre Hawthorn

They’ve had a couple of changes in the off season that might have changed them, Cogs becoming stand alone Captain, and Matt Nicks leaving. Both serious leadership changes. That game against the dogs, they targeted the Bont expecting the same result as last year and when it failed they had no plan B. They also really need Toby Greene on the field with them, they walk taller when he’s running around.

The Giants aren't wobbling, they're in serious strife - and they need to get it right quickly

That win against the dogs was good but the Blues have done it before. Their best is great, entertaining football but they are still inconsistent, they’re like the bulldogs; a young team with a bright future but alot of inconsistency as well. They should be aiming for more wins than losses this year. Which they haven’t achieved since 2011? ( I think).

Carlton finally have what they've been missing

I do have to tip my hat to Carlton, they’ve beaten Geelong in Geelong, the only team to beat Essendon (until next round I hope) and now they put on a clinical final term to destroy the Bulldogs, something I loved about last week’s win against the Roos was how little influence Bont had. Carlton could say the same this week with Cripps. Good even performance well done to them and hopefully the dogs can bounce back.

Six talking points from AFL Round 6

I think the biggest problem is Goodwin, he’s not a good coach. They’re handballing too much and handballing themselves into turn overs, when they kick it’s long in hope with no real accuracy. They need some better ball users. They still have time on their hands though. Their run in 2018 was similar to the dogs in 16, youth finding solid form at the right time and veterans playing out of their skins, the dogs fell away for two years but have since bounced back and look much better, Melbourne could look to them for hope.

Why Melbourne are a Dee-sappointment - and what they should do next

@The Ghost: Collingwood lost by 2 points against last year’s grand finalist after losing arguably their second most important player, they’ll be fine. Better than Richmond who are playing a pathetic low effort brand of footy and who have been beaten soundly by hungrier quicker teams.

Six talking points from AFL Round 4

The cats are like a few teams that most expected to be challenging this year, horrendously out of form. But getting points when Richmond and Weagles are languishing at the bottom is better than nothing, they still have time to get it together. Although Steven probably needs to work on his fitness.

Geelong’s reward for beating the Dees is four points and little else

Bailey Smith is coming along nicely, probably the dogs most stand out player so far this year, gunna be a gun. Tim English is gunna need some time and muscle before he’s a competent ruck but his work around the game is too valuable to drop him, they should bring in Sweet as support Ruck

Six talking points from AFL Round 4

Right now both Rozzee and Bailey Smith are having better years than Walsh…..sooooo way too early to tell.

Why Sam Walsh was a better number one pick than Connor Rozee

Good job Saints, a class above today, the dogs were absolute rubbish, poor skills and poor teamwork. I hope they can turn it around.

Seven talking points from AFL Round 2

These people are paid good money to play football it’s true, but I’m not sure where it’s stated in there contract that they would have to leave their families for upto 20 weeks. considering the amount of families with newborns I can understand them not wanting to comply. I imagine there would be financial consequences for those players who don’t wish to leave their families but they should’nt be criticised for not wanting to do something they aren’t contracted for.

Families in hubs defeat the purpose and the AFL needs to stand strong

Every club has this problem, there are 10 million dollar players I think, their contracts will need renegotiating.

Magpies uncertain on player contracts

really cool list, keen to do a best 22 under 21 list?

Picking a team of AFL players aged 24 to 26