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A Western Bulldog tragic who lives in Italy, I sometimes watch football, hockey, competitive knitting and marble races but nothing will ever beat a good game of AFL.



It’s strange that you would put Richmond on the list of contenders when they haven’t beaten anyone in the top 8 and have only really beat one team of any substance (being the Bulldogs, who are flakey as can be). They have an average midfield and an ok at best defence (they have conceeded the most points of the top 10 teams despite only playing 3 of the current top 8, for comparison Gold Coast after having played 6 of the top 8 have conceeded 30 points less than Richmond, WHat is holding Richmond up and keeping them in the race is their forward line which probably one of the strongest in the comp, they are the most efficent in the comp and are a strong marking team forward of centre. The Saints for example despite not having the same level of elite talent as the Tigers (by my count they maybe have three top tier players in their squad but that’s without taking a deeper dive) are much stronger and more even across the ground and have beaten 3 of the current top 8, equal first with the Gold Coast. The TIgers will probably do enough to make the top 8 (or there abouts) but they are not a flag contender, The Saints (and I cannot believe I’m saying this) are more worthy on current form.

Analysing the 2022 flag contenders

They’ll be higher than Port maybe, they’ll have more of a challenge with the Dogs and Tigers, especially if the Dogs can continue playing like they did this week

Six Points: Lloyd's Bomber bake misses the point, Leon Cameron deserves more credit, and AFL flips fans the bird again

Fair play to him, he left before being publicly forced out, has a resume that rivals most coaches and will be heavily sought after. He won’t be the last coach to go this year either.

'It's the right result': Leon Cameron confirms mutual decision behind resignation as Giants coach

Last years grand final still hurts, but it is softened by the 16 win, both times we weren’t expected to be there so we were lucky, and you’re right. Nothing will ever beat 16

My relationship with football hasn't been the same since the 2017 grand final

Dogs won the flag in 16 and were bottom 6 two years later, it’s not like this is something new, ever since McCartney they’ve always built strong midfield with flakey defensive and offensive pillars, if they lose key position talent they look second rate, they fact that they made the granny last year hides that a little but in reality they don’t have any key position depth particularly in defence. They haven’t started well but they haven’t started terribly either it’s been a mixed bag and the Adelaide game was probably the worst game they’ve played in 2 years. This year won’t be their year, that seems obvious now but their key position players are still developing, they just need time. As for the Bevo attack, Bevo has been attacking journos for years, he just took it one step further.

Western Bulldogs suffering from a non-premiership hangover

I don’t know about that but time will tell.

Six Points: Unpacking the curse of the flogged grand finalist, and the AFL falls foul of Newton's laws of motion... again

I am, I’m also enjoying them, they’re playing some brilliant football. But I’m also watching Melbourne and until I see Fremantle beat Melbourne I’m going to continue believing Melbourne are a class above.

Six Points: Unpacking the curse of the flogged grand finalist, and the AFL falls foul of Newton's laws of motion... again

well when the bet is that easy why not? Freo’s biggest test on the weekend, cats at Kardinia, confident?

Six Points: Unpacking the curse of the flogged grand finalist, and the AFL falls foul of Newton's laws of motion... again

Don I’ll take that bet.

Six Points: Unpacking the curse of the flogged grand finalist, and the AFL falls foul of Newton's laws of motion... again

@Donfreo if the Fremantle Dockers finish above Melbourne in first I’ll buy a Dockers membership such is my disbelief that it’ll happen 😁

Six Points: Unpacking the curse of the flogged grand finalist, and the AFL falls foul of Newton's laws of motion... again

Dogs are fried, should have flogged crom, but got flogged by crom. They’re playing boring predictable football and demanding too much of too few. Melbourne aren’t unbeatable but they aren’t far from it, they mostly toyed with Richmond and should have boosted their percentage. Demons the strongest,Brisbane the most exciting to watch, that Zac Bailey kid goes alright. Freo and Saints both look good but not on the same level as the Dee’s, could jump them though if the Dee’s have an off night. So who is more cactus long term? Port or the Dogs?

Six Points: Unpacking the curse of the flogged grand finalist, and the AFL falls foul of Newton's laws of motion... again

😂 it may have been too soon Don. No worries we’ll win the next 17

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 6

I’ll take that bet

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 6

I tipped freo but it would not surprise me if Carlton go on and win it, as you wrote Macca the clearance game matches up well against the defensive rebound game. I could see Mackay and Curnow having a day out as well.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 6

Love this article, good topic and good points raised. because there are so many different positions it’s hard to tie down one player as the best of the best, personally I rate players who are flexible across the ground and can have an influence wherever they go, looking t recent history you can’t go past Pavlich, he got AA honours as a fullback, fullforward and midfielder. for current day GOAT possibilities it’s hard to go past Gawn considering his influence all over the ground. he contests the ball in the ruck, hunts it when it hits the deck, floats down back as an extra to help out the defenders who rests up forward and gets his GA stats up. there are very few players who can influence the game like he can (NicNat is another although he’s much more attacking than defence orientated). I love Heeneys work but he’s got some consistancy issues for mine.

The best player in the AFL might not be who you think

I think last seasons finals appearance maybe hurt Essendons more than helped, they were lucky to be a finals side having gotten to 11 wins mostly against bottom sides (they’re the only team in the last 10 years to make the finals on 11 wins. Internally they know they’d far from the finished product and the squad they have now needs change and work to get them to a flag. Their midfield is too small and their forward line too raw and I think for once their coach knows that and has said as much. Is De goey the answer? No, not for the price he will want, I could see the sense in going for Dunkley again. But I’m biased as a dogs supporter, I think more than anything they need time.

Trying to find hope in Essendon's hopelessness

See Roger this is where you lose me. Why would the AFL want some pi55y little working class club from the western suburbs of Melbourne to win a grand final when they have been pushing expansion in rugby league territory, and Sydney winning another flag would mean more NSW eyeballs on them. I am happy to have the discussion with you about poor umpiring during that game, the AFL came out and admitted as much, but to think the AFL benefited from the Dogs winning and wanted it to happen is laughable.

Get over it: The Western Bulldogs earn a favourable free-kick ratio

Nice article Chris and I look forward to the normal, sane, constructive discussion that is sure to follow. that’s always been a big theme at the Dogs to always bee wary of giving away undisciplined free kicks whereever possible and I think they train for it more than most, Also last year they were more often than not first to the ball leading both the contested possession and clearance stat, their entire game plan was holding on to the ball and keeping it away from the opposition so the most common free they gave away (I think) was for holding the ball, the umpires missed some calls that could have gone to the opposition but they do that with every single team, missing calls is apart of the game. If anyone wants some unbiased commentary on the umpiring, go follow the twitter page: @hasumpstuffedup. The lad who operates it does really good work and tries to break down as much of the umpiring as he can. At the end of the day there are four umpires following 36 blokes running around on a giant football field with roughly 1000 rules that each have several grey areas, what hope do they have?

Get over it: The Western Bulldogs earn a favourable free-kick ratio

I thought the biggest thing of note from the Dogs game was Bontempelli spending alot more time up forward and only attending 10 CBAs, if they can win the midfield battle without him, having him up forward might give them more unpredectability unitl Bruce comes back. They aren’t far off it right now and can recapture some form in the coming weeks.

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Don't let the margin fool you, the Dogs aren't back just yet

It’s past time for change at the top, respect to Gil for navagating the Covid crisis, but he has hamstrung the game several times, fast tracking the AFLW has damaged the comp, expanding it like he did will only hurt it, also the constant rule changes that occured under his watch and the lack of clarity and response to the ever rising issue of concussions. I like Brandan Gale as a replacment but whoever it is, hopefully it’s someone who is more committed to the wel being of the game than the bottom dollar.

AFL NEWS: Emotional Gil reveals why he's leaving, pundits 'shaking heads' over Brown-Ryder comparison, Elliott's Magpies exit?

When 4 people who are paid at a semi pro level umpire a game that goes for 100 minutes, is 360 degrees and involves 44 players (potentially 46 with the subs) mistakes are bound to happen. the only solution for mine is having an umpiring bench so the umpires can rotate and have the 4 boundary umpires more involved as well. Even then mistakes will happen and fans will whinge that their team lost purely because of umpires when in reality they don’t have much to do with it. They officiate the most complicated sport in the world to the best of their ability and sometimes get it wrong. It is a dead set part of our game, and it will never change. Some teams coach for umpires and don’t give as many frees away (see Bulldogs for example) others don’t for some reason.

You’re kidding me: Why Collingwood should've beaten West Coast, and what the AFL can do to end unfair umpire decisions

I would imagine Mundy, Serong, Taberner, and Darcy all play this week against GWS. When Fyfe plays again is anyones guess, He himself said he doesn’t know. but I also don’t get your point mentioning these players in regards to my comments above.

Five things we learned from Round 3 of the AFL

The Blues are playing a new gameplan with a new coach so there’s bound to be lapses across the journey, but there’s no reason why they can’t push for top 4 given the way they’re playing and the cattle they have, their list is better than a lot of lists and if you get all 22 on the same page they can do alot of damage this year. On Freo I reckon you’re spot on. they haven’t been convincing in 2 of their three games and beat up on a cooked West Coast (alot of teams will do the same this year). BY the time they get to the bye they will have played Brisbane, Geelong and Melbourne (all 3 considering themselves flag fancies this year) and a smattering of other top 8 hopefuls along the way so we’ll have a better idea of where they’re at (can easily say the same about alot of teams but more relevant with Freo IMO)

Five things we learned from Round 3 of the AFL

Geez Kennett has become a cancer on that club. He continues to make floggish, dumb comments put unneeded pressure on his club, and that response was pretty pathetic.

'We are sorry': Hawks respond to bombshell Cyril Rioli reveal on Jeff Kennett comment that saw him leave the club

Geez Fyfe can’t take a trick, feel for him ane hopefully it’s not a season, otherwise that’s the Dockers gone for the year. Is Cox really a valuable in for the Magpies? he’s got height but not much else on his side

AFL NEWS: Dogs careful with Crozier after fainting, Fyfe back out for six, Thomas suffers internal bruising