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Bevridge has an annoying obsession with flexibility with his players that’s borderline harmful to their development. Hopefully he shakes it off and let’s them play to their strengths.

2019 AFL season preview: Western Bulldogs

14th sounds about right for the dogs, unfortunatly the forward line is a little ways off being settled, awesome midfield though. They’ll beat a few of the teams around them and maybe upset a couple of teams above them but still a ways to go until they hit finals again.

2019 AFL season preview: Western Bulldogs

Why would you have the Saints above Freo? At best St Kilda are an average team, their best players are miserably average and their coach does not inspire confidence that he can utilize his average side to the best of their abilities (which is still average). Freo have a pretty average coach as well at the moment but they have the talent that the Saints don’t. I just can’t see the Saints doing much for awhile even with a change of coach.

2019 AFL season preview: St Kilda Saints

Good write up Gordon, when doing my ladder I thought Brisbane would be pushing for the 8, and the dogs around tenth or 11th, and Sydney the same. It would be madness to try and predict the premiers but I think top 4 you have will challenge.

Your 2019 AFL preview

You’d have to imagine that if they don’t make finals next year Hinkley is out. One finals appearance since 2014 is pretty miserable for that list.

Port Adelaide 2019 season preview: Best 22 and predicted finish

If they get some wins away from home they’ll around 8-10th. Still a really young squad.

Fremantle Dockers 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

Townsend is not the first ex giant to wim a flag he’s the second. Tom Boyd won it in 16 with the dogs. I like your enthusiam with the Tigers but they need alot to go right to win another one. A few injuries to players will completely derail them.

How about an encore? Comprehensive AFL season previews (Part 2)

My apologies of course, he won it with Brisbane.

Jaidyn Stephenson wins Collingwood's first ever Rising Star award

Bravo Jaidyn Stephenson well deserved, the headline he’s the first pie to win it, didn’t Bucks win it as well?

Jaidyn Stephenson wins Collingwood's first ever Rising Star award

Is Ross Lyon the problem? Or is it that Freo doesn’t have a really good team right now? They’re going through a transitional period and they’re blooding young players and building around them while trying to keep Fyfe on the park. You have to be patient with them and see what they are in 2020, if they’re still no good then oust Ross but sacking him now probably won’t help.

Why Ross should no longer be boss

I’d say it’s probably between 3 maybe 4, tigers and swans for sure, weagles a chance, pies an outside chance, port an outside chance. Not as open as the last few years the top 6 is miles apart from the rest.

Four hot takes from AFL Round 15

Pathetic from Freo, no hint of a fight whatsoever.

Fremantle Dockers vs Brisbane Lions: AFL live scores, blog

I don’t know what your beef with the dogs is but saying that they’re a money pit is just wrong. they all but eradicated their debt last year, their profits are growing each year and they don’t rely on Pokies like some of the bigger Victorian clubs (Collingwood, Richmond, Essendon, Hawthorn). all of the clubs recieve a contribution from the AFL including west coast. that amount for the Bulldogs continues to decrease not increase like some other clubs ( Saint kilda for example) onfield the dogs might be a rabble (also the youngest and least experienced team currently being fielded in the comp) but off field the club is stable.

The Dogs' Halley's Comet premiership of 2016 is already light years away

bit harsh on the Dockers and Port I would have thought, Dockers are going better than the dogs for sure and Port are going better than Essendon, but that’s just my opinion, Bombers will slide back into mediocrity next week after getting done by Richmond. Cheers to the writer, I enjoy these power rankings, done very well.

AFL Power Rankings: Round 10

great win by North, good game played by Carlton. after watching the tripe the Dogs served up on Friday it was good to watch Carlton push Geelong and give a decent contest. As young as the dogs are some of their forward fifty efforts are pathetic.

Six hot takes from AFL Round 10

As bad as Carlton are the dogs were not that much better. The skill levels from both teams was miserable. Carlton have a long way to go if this year is anything to judge by, and no one knows with the dogs.

Carlton slump to six straight losses as Bulldogs win by 21

I hope the dogs win but expect Carlton to win. This year is a step backwards for the bulldogs but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the long run

Western Bulldogs vs Carlton: Friday Night Forecast

I don’t remember the last time freo beat any team by 10 goals so we could probably can that idea. Freo might get the win at home considering both teams match up pretty evenly this year it could go either way

The Roar’s AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 5

I can’t wait for the Freo game, despite the dogs losing tonight I think they’ll take it right up to Freo. Will be close.

Western Bulldogs vs Sydney Swans: AFL live scores, blog

Ablett if fit will be fantastic for Geelong but don’t forget Crameri as well, If he can remain injury free as well he’ll give the forward line another edge and free up Hawkins more. Sydney will keep doing what Sydney do, GWS are an interesting one. Insanely good list of top end talent but they’ve lost some really important senior players, they could go all the way on talent alone but also fall short without the leadership they’ve lost. my money is on Geelong to be the top of these three.

Who finishes higher in 2018? Geelong, Sydney, GWS

Collingwood have one of the best midfields in the competition but their efficiency inside 50 is terrible mainly because they don’t really have a proper forward setup, Tom Lynch would improve that and relieve Darcy Moore of the best defenders or depending on how he goes this year, give him a chance down back. Richmond would also be a perfect fit and more ideal considering the more immediate possibility of success, but my money is on Collongwood.

Here's where Tom Lynch will play in 2019

You aren’t the favourite, you’re a chance. And I’d try and win a final first before talk of Premierships champ. You still have a weak midfield compared to other top eight sides, and sides outside the 8 and you’ve now got a tougher draw than last year. Here’s a harsh truth, after ten rounds essendon could very well have only 3 wins.

Grand final rematch pencilled in for Round 2 as 2018 AFL fixtures released

They blew getting pick 11 and ended up with pick 16 for Stringer and a second round pick, I agree that they handled the situation poorly, but getting Pick 16, Trengrove for nothing, Crozier for bugger all and Schache for a second round pick. Despite the loss of Stringer it’s still a win don’t you think?

AFL trade news Deadline Day wrap: Gary Ablett, Jake Stringer, Bryce Gibbs, Josh Schache, Charlie Cameron, Lachie Weller and more

A glaring lack of a plan B would be one point, having the worst forward line in the competition would be another. It was disappointing to watch them slide so far. McLean and Dale have been the only improvers. Bont had an ok year by his standards but didn’t improve. Stringer was disappointing. Hopefully they return with new ideas and a new game plan.

Dogs at a loss to explain failed season

I very much doubt Carlton will take the spoon, mate. So far this week Dogs were deplorable, Freo were deplorable Carlton had a go and could’ve stolen that game. They’re looking good. Give it another year or two and they’ll be fighting it out for the 8.

Kennedy gives Carlton the Blues