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Hi my name is Lindsay Berrett, I am a traveller, English teacher, amateur writer and diehard sports enthusiast. Although my number one team and biased support will always be the Western Bulldogs I do follow as many different leagues as possible.

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The Suzuki Cup experience, live from Hanoi

The Suzuki Cup experience, live from Hanoi

29 Nov 2014

It’s rush hour in Vietnam’s capital, and in Hanoi rush hour can pretty hectic. It’s also the opening day of the Suzuki Cup and it feels like everyone is trying to get to My Dinh Stadium for kick-off, including me.

A-League is growing outside Australia

A-League is growing outside Australia

8 Jun 2014

They love their football here in Italy. Serie A dominates and when it doesn’t, Bundesliga takes over. Juventus is all the talk, and for an English-teaching Western Bulldogs supporter it can be a tad overwhelming.

What do we know so far in the 2014 AFL season?

30 Apr 2014

What a great round of footy! Did anyone really predict North Melbourne beating Fremantle in Perth? Because I seriously didn’t.

How is your AFL club looking for the 2014 season?

25 Jan 2014

As the AFL season draws ever closer once again I felt I should examine each team and attempt to predict just what’s going to happen in 2014.