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What crap is that?

Whatever moral ground Holloway had evaporated when he struck du Toit in the head – it’s entirely irrelevant what went on before.

You’re an embarrassment.

Red carding Waratah Jed Holloway was rubbish rugby

Brilliant. Great article. Well done.

Player protection against needless head high hits need to change. If you want that in your sport, go watch boxing or MMA

The Wrap: Red cards ruining rugby? Think again

No Kerevi? Frisby starting over Phipps? I think I’ll leave Chieka to the team selection thanks.

Michael Cheika's Russian roulette selections for Eden Park

I’m not a Saffa, far from it being from Ireland but can someone answer me on one player that hasn’t been mentioned at all.

Cheslin Kolbe.

The kid was outstanding at U20s level, finally got his chance at the tail end of last year’s Super Rugby and looked awesome in the Currie Cup.

He’s got a big season ahead of him, and I can’t see how Cornal Hendricks is that good. I’d nearly have Sergeal Petersen start over him at the Cheetahs.

2015 Rugby World Cup: The Springboks' best back three

You have 35 players in your predicted SA RWC squad. The max allowed for the World Cup is 31.

The All Blacks will be hardest hit by the post-World Cup exodus

Best to say that that is reposted from my blog, and as such all times mentioned are in GMT.

How will the final stages of the Heineken Cup look?

@Rugby Tragic

We’re definitely proud, but gone are the days where we’re happy to only lose by two points, even if it is to New Zealand.

We’ve had too many “proud defeats”, and Schmidt summed it up well by saying that even a draw would have been a loss.

We need consistency now, too often this kind of performance only comes after a dreadful one, and it’s never backed up.

At least Schmidt has got us playing for longer than 40 minutes, now for just the last 30 seconds.

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

Surely you know that no ref in the world has the balls to actually award a try without going upstairs first?

It’s unofficially becoming like NFL where every try is reviewed before it’s given, so we will eventually get treated to mountains of erectile dysfunction ads.

I’m all for using the TMO, but this is getting ridiculous.

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

I wouldn’t agree with this.

This is done to try and get effective communication between the two. Nigel Owens couldn’t hear too much on his earpiece throughout the game, and the audience was deafening at various points in the game.

By Owens telling the TMO what he’s seen, and asking him to agree or not, hearing a Yes or NO is easier to distinguish than a long and complicated answer that might have to be repeated.

There is no set way in how the TMO is supposed to work anyway.

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

Ireland also play their best as underdogs and when their backs are to the wall after a dreadful display.

Every international series since November 2009 has featured one ok performance (either just beating a team we should, or just losing to a close team), one bad performance, and one emphatic performance that stupidly causes expectations to rise again.

We are far too inconsistent.

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]


That’s how things are in Ireland, he should be well used to it. It was more think about the history and importance of the kick. You could see that he took an age to get ready over it.

At no stage did I think we (Ireland) had it won. It happens too often.

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

Hard to complain when Nigel’s in charge. He may make mistakes, but he’s always consistent, tolerates nothing, uses common sense and his communication is excellent.

It’s no coincidence that the best games in this year have been under his watch.

Just as much as New Zealand are clear World No.1, Nigel is the best referee in the world.

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

It seems very short sighted not to go with CFS at 13. I don’t think CLL will ever play there again, and CFS should.

I would have gone with Foley on the wing and kept the not match ready Betham on the bench. Foley could be a le Roux type player for the Cheetahs

Let’s Talk Rugby: Wallabies v Scotland

I’d go with that Beale at 12 could mix both his playmaking and his line running skills. He’s not terrible in defense, I like it.

Folau needs a central role, and to be kept in an area to utilise his aerial skills.

Wallabies keen to keep Folau at fullback

His grip on reality?

What professional sportsperson goes out in the days before a game and says “we’ve got no chance”.

At least this attitude will keep the scoreboard a little closer than if Ireland go out with a losing attitude.

Hobbling O'Driscoll calls for Irish fire

It’s from LOTR unforunately.

Hobbling O'Driscoll calls for Irish fire

One day we will beat New Zealand.

But it is not this day.

Hobbling O'Driscoll calls for Irish fire

I’ve found in recent years that it doesn’t take long for O’Driscoll and O’Connell to get back into their top form. O’Connell’s massive performance against Harlequins in last year’s Heineken Cup was his 2nd or 3rd appearance back after months out.

Ireland v Australia: the days of upsets are over

I don’t mean this in a North v South thing. What I mean to say is that, and I may be wrong, its unusual for a sport to have so many teams at the top end of the sport who can beat each other without it being an upset.

Ireland v Australia: the days of upsets are over

I wasn’t aware of that about Heaslip, thank you for pointing it out.

How those around you can make or break a rugby career

I was trying to limit examples used as those who made their debuts before they were 20, while Bastereaud and Fritz were both 21. I waqs also trying to limit it to players who had exceptional talent, who either ended up fulfilling it, or wasted / didn’t fully reach the heights expected of him. Bastereaud certainly fills that, but I’m not sure Fritz was always heralded, and has ended up doing ok for himself.

I also think that adding in many other examples to the ones mentioned might have made it unbearably long, both for me writing it, and people who give up reading in the middle.

How those around you can make or break a rugby career