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Lifelong Richmond fan and sports fan in general. Never assume anything, I'll assume you already knew that.



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You can find my thoughts on the Jets (and the rest of the AFC east below). Cheers #JetUp.

NFL off-season previews: D-Day for Dak Prescott, perplexing Detroit

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I wish I’d meant Martin. It’s just my luck Martinez crashes on stage 1 and Dan Martin is riding really well. It was remiss of me not to mention Dan.


2020 Vuelta España Preview: A Grand Tour on tenterhooks

I’ve been a fan of Zeke for a long time. He’s probably still the preeminent running, pass catching and blocking back in the league. I love Christian McCaffrey though so I’d probably pick him, and I still think Le’Veon Bell can work his way back into the mix next season.

2021 NFL draft prospects: Running backs are back in vogue

That’s a great summation of a position that is becoming more and more bizarre in terms of how they’re valued. Thanks for reading.

2021 NFL draft prospects: Running backs are back in vogue


The Ravens have a wonderful young TE duo in Mark Andrews & Hayden Hurst as you would know, but their WR core is possibly one of the weakest in the league. Crabtree, Snead and John Brown all had sub-standard seasons, and Brown likely won’t be back as he is an unrestricted FA.

Courtland Sutton was a gem of a find in the second round last April, and if you think he might be just ‘alright’, I’d suggest you didn’t watch him play with the Broncos much last season (and I wouldn’t blame you either). Desean Hamilton, another rookie, looks like he could develop into a really nice WR2 or WR3 judging by his first season, while Tim Patrick (ironically a former Raven) came on strong late last season as well.

I’m not suggesting Denver have a wonderful receiving group, but theirs offers a lot more potential going forward when compared to the Ravens group.

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Elway or the highway: Denver treading water with Joe Flacco

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Good pick up mate. I’ve only just realised where I got those stats from only considered Brisbane as the current Lions incarnation (1997-) which is strange, so therefor you are correct.

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Glory and fame: Is the Essendon hype justified?