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Interested in the popularity and growth of sport in Australia. Also passionate about the history of The Word Game.



Hi Buddy, I can imagine the pirated version would have been quite a surprise. There was probably a few maverick game designers lurking around in the 80’s.

I think the old John Laws’ advertisement is to thank for many Aussie’s buying a C64. “Are you keeping up with the Commodore?”

Occasionally, as a kid, I wished I had a Nintendo Entertainment System instead.

What is the greatest football video game of all time?

Once upon a time, some of the world’s best computer games were made in Norway. Thank you BBC “documentary” Look Around You.

What is the greatest football video game of all time?

More power to Brisbane. Bring on the crowds.

Why Brisbane’s gone all-in on their big-time Charlie

With all due respect to Tony Gustavsson, I’d like to see which direction his career goes after his manages the Matilda’s team.

With that in mind, it appears Ante Milicic has distanced himself from Australian football.

The Matildas need a coach, not a spin doctor

Same. International Soccer was my first football game, played on the C64 (purchased from Grace Bros Chatswood). My brother & I spent hours glued to the screen. On one strange occasion, one of us kicked the ball past the crowd, where it disappeared. The pixelated figures stood on the pitch doing nothing. Shocked, we had to turn the computer off. In hindsight, maybe it was a gaming glitch, but I’ll never forget it.

What is the greatest football video game of all time?

I also get the feeling that Perth will bounce forward this season. It’ll mean a more competitive competition.

On his debt game, Matt Hatch scored the fasted goal in A-League history. He’s a live wire who is yearning for more game time.

Perth preparing for a Glory-ious return in season 2022-23

Oliver Bozanic bloomed under the guidance of former Mariner’s coach, Alen Stajcic. Boz was a major key to their success, & one of my favourite players – professional, uncompromising, & with a gritty edge of authority.

Undoubtably, Western Sydney Wanderers will now be playing final’s football, providing coach Mark Rudan can gel with his new signing.

Under current CCM’s manager Nick Montgomery (who I rate highly), Boz eventually lost his spot in the team. The relationship between the former teammates had soured.

I believe Boz’s on-field success will then be dictated by a stoic Rudan, whose battle-axe persona won’t be questioned.

Is Oliver Bozanic the circuit breaker that makes this Wanderers rebuild different?

Excellent contribution, Scott, and thank you for supporting the beautiful game. Football needs as many opinions and articles as possible. Your writing has fired-up some very passionate fans. I guess Football Australia can always encourage an online vote, then we can decide on a suitable name for our beloved team.

It’s time to finally scrap the name ‘Socceroos’

Always a pleasure to read your articles, Apaway. Similar to Stu & Mike.

The road to Qatar is paved with Grey Wiggles

I’m a collector of football jerseys (like many of us), & I’m proudly wearing my Sydney FC shirt today. Paying my respect to Sir Andrew Redmayne.

'Who are these blokes?' Hopefully, Will Swanton now knows a few World Cup-bound Socceroos

A fantastic win by Western United, & a very entertaining A-League season.

Also, congratulations on your 1,000th article, Mike! A nice coincidence to wrap up the campaign. Cheers & thank you for supporting football.

Western United's championship is the perfect end to the A-League Men season

Congratulations to Wellington Phoenix who are through to the A-League finals. The top six is set in stone.

The Wanderers somehow lost, even with ball possession at around 70% & superior shots at goal (I blame the “winners” curse of Ziggy Gordon).

Sydney FC, unfortunately, do not get a chance to contend for silverware, based on the above results.

The Sky Blues can still happily wind down the season with a Big Blue win this weekend. Success will see Melbourne Victory starved of the Premier’s Plate.

With that in mind, the winner will either be Melbourne City or Western United instead.

Will Sydney FC sneak into the A-League Men finals?

Kamsoba’s flourished far more at Sydney, as compared to Victory, especially in the first half of the season. He was a pleasant surprise when arriving at FC.

Will Sydney FC sneak into the A-League Men finals?

If the Sydney derby can once again fill the stadiums, it’ll be gold. Extremely possible considering FC’s glittering new home at Moore Park.

Will Sydney FC sneak into the A-League Men finals?

Sydney thrashed Central Coast 5-0 a few weeks ago, so there’s still gas in the tank. However, their swift return from the ACL will test their legs.

I’m looking for the Wanderers to have a huge game (against Phoenix), considering that Rudan stated player’s contracts were on the line.

Will Sydney FC sneak into the A-League Men finals?

Sydney’s got solid foundations, but the establishment can certainly be refurbished. The name (or brand) alone is worth millions. Even their Opera House crest is iconic, recognised around Australia. Although their on-field results are questionable, as a potential investor (or new owner), I’d be confident in sinking my money into the Sky Blues. It’s an image issue – the illusion of Emerald City.

Will Sydney FC sneak into the A-League Men finals?

Keep in mind, for the first dozen rounds, Macarthur were always in the top four. You’re right though, the Bulls ran out of steam.

Valentino Yuel had some marvellous games for the Jets, & I’m surprised they didn’t go further.

Will Sydney FC sneak into the A-League Men finals?

Certainly, head coach since 2018. Impressive considering the couple of seasons other managers only get (at a single club). Plus, a premiership & two championships for Corica.

Will Sydney FC sneak into the A-League Men finals?

Sadly, it appears the planets did not align for City.

The AFC glory hunter: My secret Australian club

Hands-down, one of the finest Australian football coaches of the last decade.

Recently, I had a chuckle while reading an article devoted to Ange’s infamous jumper collection. Rumour has it the sweaters are a talisman to the super manager.

Ange Postecoglou's latest triumph proves what can be achieved with a bit of self-belief

A certain Mr. Arnold may have been sitting in the stands tonight at Gosford. Maybe Jason Cummings will get an important phone call soon?

A Mariners championship would perfectly cap off two years of utter madness

Fantastic scenes at Gosford after the Mariner’s win, as some fans take up the offer to mingle on the field with their heroes. Truly a community club.

A Mariners championship would perfectly cap off two years of utter madness

The list keeps growing. Going to Scotland seems like the thing to do.

I’d like to think, possibly a few years ago, the A-League was bigger, but that could be blind optimism on my behalf.

I look back at some highlights, & there was a time 60,000+ fans were going to the Sydney derby.

Keanu Baccus becomes the latest Aussie to back himself in Scottish 'dystopia'

With Sydney FC, their preliminary game against Kaya FC was a wet occasion. A few punters probably stayed away, which is a shame. I think the Sky Blues convincingly winning the match was to be expected.

Many folk simply have high expectations of the Moore Park lads, once dubbed Bling FC (not my favourite nickname). Dare I say, Sydney are possibly a victim of their own success. Hence, anything less than a double digit thrashing won’t get a mention in the media.

The AFC glory hunter: My secret Australian club

It makes this Saturday’s match crucial for Western United then. Win, & first place is theirs. Lose, & Central Coast are likely to cement a top six spot.

The AFC glory hunter: My secret Australian club