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Interested in the popularity and growth of sport in Australia. Also passionate about the history of The Word Game.



Cheers. Very worthy information, plus I am keen to research Newells Old Boys at your suggestion. I do love my football history, as it seems you do as well.

Football history: Factories take control in the 1930s

A few bigger clubs have lost major players, and this might benefit the Mariners. Plus, expect a massive cash-injection of talent if the club is finally sold, as there is untapped wealth in managing the rights of the stadium.

Luck and leverage: Central Coast Mariners roll the dice in 2021

Obtaining a few strikers would be desirable. If management want to save money, then by all means invest in the NPL. Still, I agree, senior players would be beneficial.

Luck and leverage: Central Coast Mariners roll the dice in 2021

I do like Stajcic, and he seems to be a genuinely decent bloke, but after five years of Mariner’s mediocrity, being the manager would come with significant demands – especially from fans. It’s finals football or bust, I think.

Luck and leverage: Central Coast Mariners roll the dice in 2021

I didn’t know that information, but it’s good to read the workers took control of the company. It reminds me of football teams owned by the members.

Football history: Factories take control in the 1930s

Cheers, Midfielder. History is a niche read with a small market, but it’s something I also enjoy writing about. I can thank Peter Kunz for influencing the template of the article.

Football history: Factories take control in the 1930s

Thanks, Lionheart. It’s always interesting to watch the old matches, to see how much football has evolved. In 2019, an ABC article did a retrospective look at George Best’s short playing career in Australia. I hope the A-League can hook a few marquee superstars too.

Football history: Factories take control in the 1930s

Seeing Dylan Ruiz-Diaz last night was an encouraging sign. His goals were fantastic and highlighted the emergence of fostering younger players. By all means, both Alou Kuol and Sam Silvera can be added to the list. It’s agreed that valuable players can also be long-term investments for the club, especially a team who struggles financially.

Murder, he wrote: Solving the Mariners’ mystery

I agree. In the short-term, it’s possible the bigger A-League clubs might lose a fraction of their members to the second devision, but in the long-term it’ll be worth it.

NPL NSW rebooted: A bright light or a collapsed star?

Both Rudan and Talay are quality coaches, there’s no doubting that. Such a investment would also entice elite players to the Central Coast. I like Alen Stajcic, but someone like Tony Popovic would have better A-League connections.

Murder, he wrote: Solving the Mariners’ mystery

Very valid points, Marcel. As a fan of the underdog, I’d be keen on the Mariner’s spending beyond the salary cap and approaching genuine marquee players, as opposed to Jamaican sprint stars.
Indeed, hosting a Women’s World Cup match in 2023 would put Gosford on the map. I predict by that stage, Charlesworth will have a controlling interest in the management of the stadium, pending financial investment from other parties.
Currently the club is sitting on geographical gold mine, and Charesworth knows it. In the meantime, the patient fans play the waiting game.

Murder, he wrote: Solving the Mariners’ mystery

Can Matt Simon improve his discipline? There’s an old saying: “if you do what you did, then you’ll get what you got.” His send-off during the FFA Cup was the catalyst for the Mariners imploding. Before that, Central Coast had the game in the bag.

We need to talk about Matt Simon

A brilliant article, Paul. The inclusion of a former trophy will increase the value of the competition. Our Australian football history goes back more than just 15 short years, and I’m proud to celebrate it.

A trophy tailor-made for a national second division

“The 25-year-old winger (Jai Ingham) was signed by the Mariners former coach, Mike Mulvey, but wasn’t set to have as pivotal role under his replacement Alen Stajcic. He (Ingham) took no part in Central Coast’s 2-0 win over Maitland in the FFA Cup on Wednesday before linking up with Robbie Fowler’s Roar side the next day.” – Sydney Morning Herald, August 1, 2019. By Dominic Bossi. I guess Stajcic had other plans, and Ingham has strong ties to Queensland.

Mariners awakening: Leadership meets community engagement

I’m glad you mentioned Francis Awaritefe, a former NSL star who played football with Marconi Stallions and the Melbourne Knights. While representing South Melbourne in the mid 1990’s, Awaritefe was bombarded by racial taunts from cowardly fans that repeatedly shouted the N-word. The “fans” didn’t understand basic human rights, and they needed to be educated. Fast-forward a few years. Awaritefe, a former Socceroo turned lawyer, assisted with the release of Hakeem al-Araibi, who was held in Thailand. As the vice-president of FIFPro, Awaritefe represents over 65,000 football players worldwide. The former sporting superstar is now protecting people who need to be heard.

Why racism in sport is so dangerous

A very interesting article, with impressive stats. Hopefully the Mariners will play finals football this season after their RD32 FFA Cup win.

How can Alen Stajcic be the Mariners' 'new hope'?

If the A-League does expand, all eyes will turn to NPL teams, hence why we should support the lower divisions. Wollongong Wolves certainly have the resources and fan support to join the A-League. However, Sydney FC, who was also against Southern Expansion joining the competition, might question their presence. In the Victorian NPL, my favourite player is Japanese sensation Tasuku Sekiya, who scored two goals for APIA Tigers as they trounced Melbourne Victory in last year’s FFA Cup. He currently plays for Avondale FC.

The NPL can cure the A-League off-season boredom

A very enjoyable article, thank you. There’s quite a bit to think about.

New identity policy takes Australian football back to the future

I enjoyed your article, Jack. We’re currently in the A-League off-season, and I’m glad I can still read stories about football in the quieter periods. The first Big Blue this year will be huge. Surely Victory won’t lose against Sydney FC – they simply can’t. The club is too big and successful for that. Melbourne will be playing for pride.

Will Melbourne Victory suffer from a 6-1 finals hangover this season?

An interesting article – it’s refreshing to read a unique take on football. I have a soft spot for the Mariners, and the win against Melbourne City in January was a breath of fresh air.

Central Coast's win over City was a win for true football fans

I would love for Wellington to splash-out and purchase a gifted marquee player. EG: someone similar to Keisuke Honda’s status. As the recent stories in the papers have suggested, the new A-League structure will be a positive for Wellington. It’ll cement them in New Zealand and attract bigger investment opportunities.

Patching Wellington's Singh-shaped hole

Leichhardt Oval is a bit rough around the edges, but the hotchpotch venue has still got character and charm. There’s something unworldly about marching down the side streets full of DIY food vendors, and then finding a spot on the grassy hill.

Robbie Fowler is the FFA Cup’s saviour

I’m still optimistic of a large crowd at Leichhardt Oval. After a year of travelling between stadiums, Sydney FC supporters have shown themselves to be reliable fans. As a side note, over 8,000 punters were drawn to a FFA Cup game between Wollongong Wolves and Sydney FC in 2016. Still, Dolphin Stadium is certainly a desirable venue to play football at.

Robbie Fowler is the FFA Cup’s saviour

A brilliant article, encapsulating football’s colourful past. I can only wonder how many sporting anecdotes were swapped on the night. These former NSL players were warhorses that built a strong foundation for the A-league.

The night old soccer came home

Poppa convincing Foraroli to play for Perth was a masterstroke. The Uruguayan has been itching to play football for an eternity, and will most likely impress Glory fans.

Can Poppa lead Perth to Asian success?