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Waratahs fan from way back was a Norths leagues fan until they got done. Follow Shellharbour Sharks in group 7.



My son is involved in junior rugby. Their fees are about $120, of this $25 goes towards refereeing and $70 to CRU, NSWRU and RA. Though the RA levy looks like for seniors only otherwise the fees may be higher.

Rugby AU announces new, extended approach to community engagement via clubs

Good start but maybe more in souther Sydney. Not too much west of the divide in NSW.

Rugby AU announces new, extended approach to community engagement via clubs

Like many others, I would have left Hunt at 12, we had a good mid field defence. I would have moved Beale to fullback, Izzy on the wing and Foketi at 13

Super Rugby Round 2 teams: Injuries force three changes for Brumbies

I would leave Hunt at 12. He had the thrust with the ball in hand and defended well. I wouldn’t put him in a new spot at 13 for same reason I wouldn’t play Beale there. I would play Beale at 15 and Izzy on the wing. We have Foketi, Newsome or Rona to play at 13.

Latu has to go. The hooker’s roile is to win his scrums and his lineout throwing. Scrummaging OK but lineout work can be poor and he has a discipline problem. I’d leave Fitzpatrick there and blood a new hooker for the bench.

There's a lot to like about the Waratahs, but the bad elements are still bad

At one stage they were 0 for 93 with 7 overs left, just a touch over sevenm an over to win. Not a big chase. poor form to come out and blame the openers an d then turn around himself to show his No Show game with the bat.

Funny game cricket, but Glenn Maxwell ain't laughin'

Couldn’t agree more. Yesterday’s Telegraph mentioned rugby after All Stars game, NRL, BBL, A League and AFL. No team listing. Today’s was worse, back page story that Manly and Cronulla won’t play a trial game at Brookie because of the poor state of the ground. In the picture is a sign “Ground Closed”. What the!!! The Tahs are playing there tonight. What is going on!

Time for administrators to wake up on failing Super Rugby: Wessels

NRL and AFL virtually span one country only (one team in NZ) as against five in different tuime zones.

Time for administrators to wake up on failing Super Rugby: Wessels

Agree with your coomment on Starc, good bowler and handy at the tail but not a batsman. The problem is that we don’t have any allrounders and haven’t done so since Watson was at his best. We have plenty of players, like Maxwell and Stoinis, who are handy with the bat and ball and would do OK in ODIs but that is it.

Australia need a bowling all-rounder in ODIs

None of the experts pickedc the Highlanders. Go you good things (after the Tahs of course).

Super Rugby Round 1 expert tips: Guess who’s back, back again

The major concern is that these overseas players may be involved in test series while the BBL is on. The Sixers just lost Curran, England and WI are playing as well as NZ and Bangladesh and SA and SL., That’s six lots of test players out. Seven when you include the Australian players out for the tests and one dayers.

What Cricket Australia must do to fix the Big Bash for 2020

But that is the issue. Barba de-registered by the NRL based on footage but none (so far) of De Belin.

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

Another meaningless ODI series to go with the equally meaningless ODI series in SA at the start of the season. If we must play these games, send over a development squad.

Australia face a nightmare tour of India

So if there was video evidence of De Belin, it would be then right to sack him?

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

And Barba has been found guilty?

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

Disgusting from the NRL! De Belin gets charged and is allowed to play on, no penalty. Barba does not get charged and is de-registered/ As an erstwhile pollie once said “Please explain!”.

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

Not a Larkham fan as a coach but after the RA board decided to keep Cheika, other heads had to roll. I did expect Grey to get the bullet as well. Our defence has been horrendous and our attack not much better but to sack one coach and leave the other two is ridiculous. It shouild have been all out.

By dumping Larkham, the Wallabies have been Cheika-mated

Of course, they BBL season could start in October with the tests starting from the Boxing Day test. This would ensure that test players would generally be available for the Big Bash.

School holidays? The BBL starts a week before the holidays and here it is nearly half way through February and it is still going so I don’t think the school holidays will make a lot of difference. Play double and triple headers where possible on weekends.

The one aspect CA has to do is to put their foot down on these inconsequential ODI eries we play overseas. They do nothing for the game here and probably the same in other5 cricketing countries.

What Cricket Australia must do to fix the Big Bash for 2020

A great weekend, 15 th and 16th Feb. World Club Challenge AND Aus Indigenous All Stars v NZ Maori Kiwis.Surely those in power could have programmed this better.

The World Club Challenge has to stop stumbling from one year to the next

Pocock captain? He isn’t even captaining the Brumbies.

An NFL team made up of Super Rugby's best

I go along with your team with the exception of Uzzie. I wouldn’t pick any player who would be in the Ashes squad. It’s just another worthless ODI/T20 series.

Wade snubbed again as Australia reveal ODI squad for India tour

These are the Irish tactics. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. On the weekend, the poms were better. If these tactics won the Irish the Six nations last year and two wins against the ABs what is the problem.

Predictable Ireland bore themselves into a shock defeat by England

All the team could do was to go out against the team selected to play against them and they did well. The bowlers and batsmen have no say who they are playing against. I thought Sri Lanka played wll in parts (Aus 3 for very little at one stage) so nothing really wrong with the Lankans bowling. Cricket is a wonderful game because the unexpected can happen, case in point, England in the West Indies.

“Yeah, but it was” …the laziest cricket argument going

That the Cowboys decided to cancel the contract fair enough but for the NRL to de-register him could cause problems. At the moment he hasn’t even been charged. Greenberg has said he has had the incident described to him but has not seen it. A good solicitor would get him off the de-registration case based solely on an unproved allegation. The NRL needs to have player contracts include a clause that if a player is charged by the police he is to be suspended. If found guilty, then de-register him. At the moment all the NRL is doing is being reactive. Get in and straighten the contracts up, be proactive.

NRL left with no choice but to impose tough stance on player misbehaviour

Cricket is also having similar problems with the BBL. Attendances are down as are the viewing numbers. So the problem isn’t just the A league.

The A-League has six months to save itself from oblivion

Going to Bear Park to watch the likes of Irvine, Griffiths, Cubis, Greenwood and his SA partner in crime Griffiths (later with the Griffith waratahs). Rossy Warner, our local butcher. Great games. The first graders used to come down to training with the juniors. Some great football then, spoilt by the introduction of 4 tackle footy. Even then, I still went out to watch the games. Six tackle was OK but the game changed for the worse with the downgrading of scrums and coaches having too much say in how the game was played. Still watch and enjoy it, mainly my local country side.

What made you fall in love with rugby league?