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Waratahs fan from way back was a Norths leagues fan until they got done. Follow Shellharbour Sharks in group 7.



I would be surprised to see him back in first class rugby. There is a story the Bulls were approached about him. While they regard him as a great player, they view him as not worth the risk. And that is how I see how most would feel about him. Maybe club rugby in Aus or in NZ but I think that would be it.

Finding Izzy’s next gig is a hell of a job

On getting the can because of religious views, there was a teacher at a catholic school this year who got the sack because he did not agree with the catholic teachings and said so on social media.

Folau’s hypocrisy has become embarrassing

Your 74, does this mean that the Manfreds will be vice captains?

103 people more likely to captain the Wallabies than Israel Folau

Love to see him run around with Northern Suburbs or Gordon and to earn a starting spot with the Tahs. No big money contract, like others he gets paid on performance only. We know this won’t happen.
As well, Penney is looking more at bringing players up into the Tahs squad not buying players.

Code swap? Latrell Mitchell reaches out to Rugby Australia

Ten has shown some interest in some live SR games. That could be a start.

Money matters a huge concern for Castle and RA

What I would like to see RA work towards with the broadcasters is FTA television. In Sydney we get a Shute Shield game on a Saturday on one of Seven’s channels. Does Brisbane club rugby have this? I see that Foxtel does show the games later at night mid week. But to take advantage of viewing numbers, SR needs to be live on FTA, not all but at least some. This is what Castle needs to work towards. Foxtel has a monopoly on live SR this needs to be spread out. We don’t want what cricket is in the UK with it only available on Sky. I do have Foxtel.

On the future of SR, games in SA are not rating. As pointed out in the article, at least two sides are considering Pro 14. What happens if they go? Two sides from the Republic? I would like to see the Sunwolves back, Fiji plays in the NRC do why not here.

Money matters a huge concern for Castle and RA

Who to replace him? The coach has a soft spot for Bancroft to get back into the 11.

Selectors begin planning next baffling call on Joe Burns

I have no problems with Foxtel going again, I do have Foxtel. However, I would love to see SR and the RC also on FTA. Channel 7 does well with the Shute Shield and would do even better with SR and RC (as an example). Though I could not see the FTA broadcasting games from SA, there would be little money in it for them. I don’t want to see FTA for rugby going the same as cricket has been with tests on both broadcasters but international ODIs and T20 only on Foxtel. The talks will be interesting as to who gets what and what the future competition will look like.

No Optus, look what happened with viewership for the EPL when they took that over.

Trial by media: Australian rugby’s broadcast future to play out in public

Sadly, international matches have rarely been seen out of the capitals. In the old days, touring sides played in country areas. Then we had the Packer Circus with heaps of games in country areas but little since.

The blind leading the blind: Australian cricket follows Rugby Australia into oblivion

Don’t forget deep fried Pizza as well.

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach

No crocs but there are snakes.

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach

The time differences were my concern too. Don’t forget that the Sunwolves played The SA SR sides in Singapore because the travelling was too much. Would this continue to be a problem for the Saffas. I think so. The other side of the coin is that SA goes to NH rugby for similar time zones and Japan comes in to replace them. I won’t hold my breath on this.

When will Japan join the Rugby Championship?

His spot is up for grabs? Does this mean Bancroft will open with Warner.

Burns is running out of time to cement a Test spot

Agree Wal. I would like to see the the numbers of substitutes reduced. As Guscott said keep the bench as it is but reduce the number of substitutes. This brings fatigue into the game which can open up the game. How the bench is made up is solely the province of the coach.

Don't go changing rugby union's laws

It is a Catch 22 for RA. After Cheika they would be a touch gunshy in signing a new coach to a 4 year contract. A two year one looks the way to go but the hitch is that if does well and the Wallabies start winning on a regular basis, offers would be coming in for him to go elsewhere.

How long does the new coach deserve to start the Wallabies rebuild?

My only real concern is why on earth was Cameron Bancroft picked ax a late middle order replacement. Or will Bancroft open with Burns or Hafrris dropping down. Find out this afternoon.

Eighteen months in: How is Justin Langer really going?

I won’t disagree. Maddinson at 5 and Carey at 6,

Who will bat for Australia in the middle order?

Interesting times ahead. Warner will open but with whom. Burns and Harris have scored runs as had Maddinson as an opener. Yes, I know the article is on our middle order but if the selectors use Maddinson as an opener, then Carey and Pucowski. Pucowski hasn’t done a lot apart from the Junction but he should be given a chance now.

Who will bat for Australia in the middle order?

I feel even blind Freddie knows what the main problem was and he has left the building. Ordinary selections and poor tactics were the responsibility of the coach. We don’t need a panel to tell us this.

Rugby Australia announce three-man panel to review Wallabies

There was a programme on the ABC a few years back, Late Night Legends. I the rugby covered here in the 60s and early 70s, players ran to the scrums to pack in. Not this wandering around waiting for all the forwards to arrive that we see now.

The Rugby World Cup final proves something needs to give

The rules are all in place. Would ten penalties have been kicked if no one infringed? Well and good to say the rules need to be altered but it is the players who impinge. Maybe races should have started to use the bin for repeated infringements but then we would have had complaints about use of the bin.

The Rugby World Cup final proves something needs to give

I wish him well. He has aid that no NSW or Qld clubs will be relocated (no mention of mergers or takeovers), refereeing to be fixed up, that will be interesting and the new tv deal when it comes around. I would like to see clubs protected, get rid of back ended contracts and cut down TPA payments.

I would like to see a return of the old Lions and Kangaroo tours but with league being a summer sport in the old dart this isn’t going to happen.

New ARLC chairman shoots down relocation

I thought Owens was injured.

World Rugby has handed the Springboks a big favour

Burns was unlucky not to go for the Ashes but Maddindon and Khawaja will be breathing down his neck for the other opener. Labu and Smith at 3 and 4. I would play Head at 5 and Pucowski at 6. Paine, Cummins, Starc Jai Richardson/Neser and Lyon.

Which Australia A players will crack into the Test side?

I thought Barry Shepherd may have got a mention. 110 matches at 41 wasn’t bad for the 50/60s with no Tasmania and no finals then.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever WA team