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Waratahs fan from way back was a Norths leagues fan until they got done. Follow Shellharbour Sharks in group 7.



The troubles will start from next week. The judiciary has for all purposes said the shoulder charge is now legal again. If a player gets cited in the future for a shoulder charge, they will be able to legitimately cite the Slater case as defence. Had this occurred in round 20, would he have got off? No. The other odd spot is accepting that it wasn’t his intention to hit him like he did.. It was for his preservation and safety. What about the ball carrier’s safety. And intention! Since when has the judiciary been able to read minds to see if an act was intentional or not. He got away with it and good luck to him. Wonder how Smith feels.

Why the Slater decision is spot on

It has never stopped since winning a grand final with a penalty try.

Billy lives: Thank god that’s over

What a bloody joke. Guess I’ll be watching the ODI between SA and Zimbabwe.

Grand final bound! Billy Slater free to play NRL decider

No, kiwi, he missed out on the Brownlow.

Grand final bound! Billy Slater free to play NRL decider

I think it will have to be higher than that, Ronan. When the Ashes come around, both Bancroft and Warner will be available. My concern with Finch is that he will be like Ken Eastwood. If he doesn’t excel, he’ll be gone.

Finch set for Ashes trial in UAE

You only make money from ANZ for the GF and SOO Allianz was always Easts home ground (SSG and now Allianz). Souths to use it until Redfern can stage games again (if). We don’t get crowds at either Allianz or ANZ but we should persist with Allianz. ANZ is a pain to get to, games look so poor when you see the poor crowds there no atmosphere. The NRL should play all games at home grounds: Campbelltown, Leichhardt, WIN Wollongong and Jubilee, Shark Park, Belmore and so on.This would makje it much easier for fans to support their local teams.

All of the NRL's problems - and how to solve them

As a coach for the Brumbies, he did OK but didn’t set the world on fire. As such, I think a jump to head coach for the Wobblies is in the future not the now. As Stern said, just because a footballer is a great player doesn’t make them a good coach. Look at the likes of Jack Gibson in league, average first grader was it but an excellent coach.

Let’s not kick Larkham to the corner

You are missing the point, it is still a shoulder charge. Nowhere does it say that there has to be contact with the head.

Slater is guilty but shouldn’t miss the grand final

Bad luck Gus. The mrules are there. It won’t be a case of the judiciary rubbing out Slater, he did it all himself. Exactly the same as Cam Smith, Iassac Luke, Luke Ricketson, Blocker Roach and Artie Beetson to name a few.

Paul Gallen and Gus Gould butt heads over Slater's suspension

It already has TB. Slater’s captain missed a GF as have many others, the first I recxall was Beetson who missed the 1969 GF because of a suspension.

Slater is guilty but shouldn’t miss the grand final

I don’t see Pocock as an x factor player. Folau, Genia, Beale on his day and Hooper when fit.

Has Michael Cheika lost the plot, or is he a strategic genius?

I agree, Hoy, that the coach’s role really stops when they run onto the field, it is then up to the players. Unfortunately, we have players being continually picked even though they make the same mistakes week in and week out. As far as coaching goes, it is the whole coaching set up: Cheika, Larkham and Grey, that needs upgrading. Cheika did go overseas to coach and did a good job but apart from ther Waratahs SR win, he hasn’t done a lot.

First thing should be to reinstate the selection committee and take this away from ther coach.

Has Michael Cheika lost the plot, or is he a strategic genius?

The coach who brought us wrestling as a core of his team’s defence complaining about another team’s tactics? Pass the tissues.

Craig Bellamy returns fire at Sharks over dirty tactics suggestions

When I was in high school, winter sport was rugby either house sport or inter school. Summer was cricket and water polo. We had great choices back then.

Why rugby won't survive

I don’t think it is the pay cheque it is more their view that it is their right to run the game. Out of the five board members, two were ex first class players, the remainder selected for their business acumen. Castle had sporting admin in NZ with netball. Where I do agree that we can’t have a board comprised wholly of ex rugby types, we do need more than 3 out of 6 of which two played many moons ago. Surely sensible rugby people would have balked at giving Cheika full rein until after the next RWC. Then again the ARU did the same with Deans.

Why rugby won't survive

Crichton looks like coming back to rugby at the end of his contract. I think a few of those kids who went to league instead of union are waiting to see if rugby improves with both the NSWRU and RA.

Why rugby won't survive

Two Sydney catholic schools boith have rugby sides, St Gregory’s and St Dominic’s. It is there but the SRU isn’t helping by ditching the Penrith club from the Shute Shield.

Why rugby won't survive

Souths and Easts to stay because they are foundation clubs? That didn’t help Norths or Newtown, did it! I don’t hink relocation is the answer. It was tried with Norths and Manly and failed. However, it did work with the AFL with the Sydney Swans and the Brisbane Lions but both teams were given big helping hands by the AFL, something the Northern Eagles didn’t get from the NRL.

Espansion has to work with new teams not relocated ones. All this does is send an existing problem somewhere else. Perth, a second Brisbane side, possibly a Christchurch side and maybe a Queensland side located between Brisbane and Townsville. That would see a 20 team competition and I feel this would bee too big on its own. Maybe two 10 team conferences with the top four playing off in an 8 team finals system as is now the case.

NRL expansion: How could they pull it off?

Don’t forget, the NRL dropped the Reds a few years before Souths came back.

Necessary expansion: Why Manly should be sent to Perth

The Force have about 8 locals and quite a few Saffa immigrants in their squad able to play for Aus. The club was founded some 6-7 years after the Storm.

Necessary expansion: Why Manly should be sent to Perth

In England, you do not drop Anderson.

England vs India: Who starred and who didn't for England?

Yes, he should have passed. On the other hand, no way did we deserve to win. We were woeful and a win to us would have been a travesty. A worse incident was Cheika hooking Toomua when it should have been Beale. Changes need to be made and I feel the coach has to be one of them.

The mindset behind Izzy's

Leave tries at 4 points. The extra point in union was to increase the difference from penalty and field goals which are worth three. No problem with field goals. Though you do state get rid of the but have them for extra time. Sorry, either have field goals or don’t. Like tour comment on the 7 tackle restart though I would refine this to the defending player catching the ball on the full in goal otherwise a normal 6 tackle restart.

One rule changes I would like to see is the bunker being able to adjudicate on forward passes. Another would be to make the play the ball a contest and thirdly get rid of the stripping rule.

Four rule changes for rugby league

That is the problem. Who???

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Argentina

Blaming the coach is the easy way out but this time I do feel it is the case. We keep seeing the same mistakes game after game. Poor handling, wrong options, lineouts, defence and it is often the same players. The coach selects the team selecting the players he knows not necessarily the best.

As a Tahs supporter, I was glad to be shot of Grey, their defence coach, sadly he was snapped up by Cheika as the Wallabies defence coach and we are seeing the results. Keeping Beale on last night was a very poor option, he should have been pulled. Similarly, Phipps should not be the back up half. As well, our loose forwards need work. Hooper needs to stay but we need to have a regular 6 and 8 not makeshift ones.

Sadly, I feel Cheika has to go and the sooner the better. I heard he is having a presser later today. Maybe…

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Argentina