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Waratahs fan from way back was a Norths leagues fan until they got done. Follow Shellharbour Sharks in group 7.



My concern is also with the batting of our captain. He is nearly on par with the openers. With Paine having concerns will the selectors drop Siddle or Hazelwood and bring Marsh in at 7. An alternative is to drop Bancroft and move everyone up and play Marsh at 6. Let’s hope not.

I still feel the squad was wrong. Burns and Patterson/Carey should have been there in place of Bancroft and Wade.

Warner and Bancroft are floundering

We were too good for the ABs in game one and they were far too good in game two. I thought our backs were poor compared to the ABs tonight though maybe only two changes. Beale had a shocker and Hodge wasn’t too far behind. Banks for Beale and a proper winger for Hodge?

Tupou looked good when he came on and Hooper was the pick of our forwards.

The media are to blame for the Wallabies' failure

No, because the money could have been better spent on the game. Providing training equipment for juniors and country rugby league. Travel assistance for country league teams. Or using this money to promate and aid women’s rugby league.

NRL's diamond ring stunt proves the game has lost its connection to the fans

If a player comes in with an injury and that injury recurs, I don’t think they can be replaced.

Close call on Pocock return for Cheika

Both are 7s. Hoopert to play. Our 6 and 8 give us size which we lose if Pocock plays. Pocock has to play to show his fitness whether it is for the Wallabies or Vikings, he has to have game time before the RWC.

Close call on Pocock return for Cheika

I’m a great fan of Uzzi but he should not field in slips or gully. Took a good outfield catch. This is where he should be. What happened to Lyon? He is our gully specialist.

'As easy as it gets': Khawaja blasted for dropping simple catch

Ray Warren wasn’t bad but I would have preferred to see the Moose get there. He was there at the start of televising club games here. Alan Clarkson was another who could easily have got there for print media.

Hall of Fame induction a fitting tribute to a broadcasting giant

He has to play some games to show match fitness. Let him run around with the Vikings. Prefer he breaks down there rather than in Tokyo where we won’t be allowed a replacement.

Close call on Pocock return for Cheika

Well said Hoy. Couldn’t agree more.

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

Should have been a penalty and possible sin bin.

Was Kalyn Ponga's huge try-saver a shoulder charge?

Oh for the days when the rules were nice and clear. So many different interpretations now.

Was Kalyn Ponga's huge try-saver a shoulder charge?

A bit misleading with the headline. Had Parra had a goalkicker who was on target the game would never have been close. The Knights were only in the game because of this.

Eels slither past Knights to confirm date with NRL finals

Wallabies looked the better side before the send off. They were god enough to take advantage of the situation. Could have been worse witrh Savea sailing a bit close to the wind in that first half.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

This is a big problem with league. Two referees and the touchie there and no one saw it. It is just incompetence. Sadly we see this type of incident far too often.

'That's a shocker!' Blatant forward pass missed to cost the Panthers a try

It wouldn’t work. Money would be the big issue. How would a team compete coming into the first division, where would the money come from and where would the players come from. Where would the teams from? There are the two second division comps for NSW and Qld but what about the other states and the Kiwis. As well, when two teams were promoted in 1967, they weren’t the teams that finished first and second.

Could the NRL survive promotion and relegation?

I would have preferred TK off the bench rather than Banks. Reason that TK can cover 12, 13 11 and 14 where Banks is more 15 and the wings alone.

James O'Connor confirmed to start in Bledisloe 1 as Wallabies make shock change at hooker

Of the batsmen only Head and Khawaja performed so nothing really out of this. Of the bowlers, it will depend on what the selectors want for Lords.

Head gets a century while Starc and Hazlewood return in Aussie Tour Match

Pocock needs match practice to show his fitness. Have him play NRC before the RWC. There will be three rounds for him to show and prove his fitness..

Wallaby Pocock to 'kill it' upon return

Until Pocock shows that he is match fit, he shouldn’t be considered.

Who should the Wallabies pick for the first Bledisloe Test?

I’m expecting two changes for the Lord’s test. Bancroft to go and either Pattinson or Siddle to go for Starc.

Australia first Ashes Test player ratings: Steve Smith and Nathan Lyon star in stunning win

Regardless, it was still high whether it rode up off his chest or not. I would say he was unlucky as there were plenty of high shots where nothing was done.

Sam Burgess placed on report after coathanger tackle

I don’t think Holbrook will be the answer. Yes he has done well in the ESL but I remember another well credentialed English coach who came to to coach Norths, and we know how that went, Roy Francis anyone (especially if you are on old Norths fan)?

On their future, maybe as the South Brisbane Titans but that is it. I can’t see relocating as working.

Sorry Titans fans, but the end is nigh

The Beasts flogged Eastwood.

David Pocock's back as Wallabies name squad for Bledisloe 1

Pocock shouldn’t be allowed near the team until he shows his fitness, match fitness that is.

David Pocock's back as Wallabies name squad for Bledisloe 1

Paine has not had the best of matches so far. Batting was very ordinary, huis keeping was very untidy and his field placings have left a bit to be desired. His use of bowlers has been ordinary but he has three right arm quicks and a right arm spinner. At least with Starc there was the variety offered from a leftie.

Two problems if Paine goes is who replaces him as captain and we are then stuck with Wade as the back up keeper to replace him. Sadly I feel our selectors stuffed up badly with the squad. Carey and Burns should have been there inb place of Wade and Bancroft and Patterson instead of Marsh.

Steve Smith’s leadership provides Tim Paine relief