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Waratahs fan from way back was a Norths leagues fan until they got done. Follow Shellharbour Sharks in group 7.



I was thinking of both Lartpa Stewart and Kevin Ashley from the 60s but as it turns out each played on city v country game.

The best Sydney Roosters players who never played representative football

Hodge should have started at 10 and should a starter at 10 next game.

Aus vs Arg studs and duds: 'Outright calamity' - part-time No.15 fails basics, TT dominated, Rennie feels heat

Would have played Hodge at 10 and JOC on the bench.

WALLABIES TEAM: JOC gets redemption shot after 'stinker', Foketi's first start, prop to debut

Next year with 10 teams in the NRLW, will this be a home and away comp going over 18 weeks plus finals? If so, then suspensions should be the same.

'Same game, same way': Why equal suspensions for NRL and NRLW players won't work

Problem is with the coaches and how they coach. For quite some time the idea of the tackle is to slow everything down so a low tackle won’t work. Go in high and tie the ball up which allows time for the defence to get set before the play the ball. Also, going in high to tie up the ball brings more chande of connecting the ball carrier high above the ball.

Head shots are the result of poor technique, not accidents

Don’t forget that it was really a 10 metre rule. BOTH sides had to be back five metres.

Head shots are the result of poor technique, not accidents

She missed so what did it matter./ Yes she was allowed to retake it. Hadf she goaled, it wouldn’t have counted and would have had to be retaken. media beat up nothing more.

WATCH: 'Embarrassing' timekeeper blunder saves Hockeyroos' bacon in major Comm Games controversy

And if he takes the government to court over it? The NRL will lose a motza on legal fees and court costs. Yes there was a handshake agreement but is it worth the paper it wasn’t written on? Vlandy’s will back off here.

Political grandstanding abounds as stadium stoush gets ugly - but it's correct call to cancel suburban upgrades

On games finishing on time for other broadcasters programming a bad case a few years back. The telecast started at 4 but was on delay as the kickoff was at 3pm. Ties mscore at the end a couple of minutes tosix so Fatty comes out and says so sand so won in olden point. g That lost it for me with channel 9.

Too much unnecessary pressure: Why NRL must change Sunday 4pm kick-off time

Disagree with RA chasing any leaguies. Some nice talent running around Shute Shield and Hospital Cup. Develop them. On Suaalii, he made his choice leave him where he is.

Your comments on looking at league forwards is spot on but remember with SBW he did play mainly as a 12 with the odd game at breakaway.

Target potential over stars: Suaalii a strong option but rugby can't repeat past mistakes in hunt for NRL converts

That is coming. NFL, rugby, boxing among others have rules to ptotect the head including mandatory breaks after concussions.

'Advertising a sin': A Christian perspective on Manly's pride jersey

Should have been the Manly CEO, Chairman or full Board to front the media. It was their decision not Hassler’s.

Hasler's hair-raising humility saves Sea Eagles by tiptoeing through cultural war minefield

Never going to give the points to the Tigers. Too many losing nteams have been given apologies with no change in ther poimts to start now.

NRL News: Nofoaluma to Storm, Michalak at Sharks, Waddell, Finucane cop hefty bans, Klein axed

This will blow up badly for the NRL.Unless they come out and say this was an incorrect decison and apologise to Wests Tigers (which is allthey will get at the best), iot will open tjhe door for challenges at any point during the game apart from stoppages as the were before yesterday. Imagine losing a GF because of a similar stuff up. As Zorro once saidf they are trying to “defend the indefensible”.

Tigers lodge official complaint after bunker shocker but NRL claims Cowboys challenge was legit

They will do nothing EJ except maybe apologise to the Tigers. The NRL has apologised too often to teams losing on referee decisions and the apology is all they have come up with. Many moon’s ago Norths lost a game due to a crap decision, asked if they would give the points, no we can’t do that. Peter Louis told them where they could put their apology.

Tigers lodge official complaint after bunker shocker but NRL claims Cowboys challenge was legit

Captain or not, he would still be the first player picked. As captain he has tended to leave too many points on the field. Like it or not, penalty goals are an important part of the game. On Saturday, we turned down at least two kicks for goal to seek the line instead. Both were in handy positions. That’s 6 points, we lost by four.

Hooper is brave and elite, and changing a captain is momentous, but it's a risk worth taking

Maybe but England won a number of 5/6 Nations scoring few tries but to packed houses.

Is Eddie Jones' England's boring rugby hurting the code?

It was a game we could have won. In the second half, two penalties in very good field position, and the go for the line. Six points they threw away, we lost by 4. The Wobblies gave away penalties and possession due lack of support in the rucks, players standing off waiting for the pass and not contesting the ruck. Some terrible long, floating passes that either went to Neville or were so slow the defence was up.

'Plenty of chances so it hurts': Everything Dave Rennie and Hoops said about game tactics, subs and smack talk after loss

Might be boring to us but if the poms win through “boring” rugby, so be it. A win is a win is a win.

Is Eddie Jones' England's boring rugby hurting the code?

Rubbish. Burton took out one of the Qld kick chasers and this was what started things off. Burton and Gagai bith deserved the bin but that should have been it.

KURT GIDLEY: Maroons deserved win, Blues weren't complacent but what was Burton meant to do after getting hit?

The ARL allowed this to happen. Blame them not tjhe player or the maroons.

The Maroons selection that killed Origin's soul and made it a joke

I used to go to Bear Park and take in the three games. It won’t happen again with costs being probitive. Back in the old days there were 10 then 12 teams in the comp. all from Sydney. Just too expensive to transport and accommodate three teams for away games out of Sydney.

What could be looked at is the NSW Cup mor Qld Cup games as openners. But as was pointed out here pretty ordinary to have only obne game at the ground.

Three grades in a day should never be brought back: Nostalgia for good old days that didn't exist

Tonga copping a towelling from Fiji but then the Drua did play the SR season. Izzy is on the wing, his best position, but I thought Tonga may have played him at 15,

Israel Folau returns to Test rugby

No Campo?

'Heartache after heartache': The 10 rival players All Black fans feared the most

Watching the U192 game. Try disallowed but same incident last week was awarded

Women's Origin 2022: How to watch, what time is it on, teams and where the game will be won