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Waratahs fan from way back was a Norths leagues fan until they got done. Follow Shellharbour Sharks in group 7.



What makes it worse is that there are now two referees on the field and two touch judges and the same mistakes keep happening. I can’t fathom why the video ref can’t adjudicate on forward passes.There are lines every metres. Why can a union TMO rule on a forward poass and the video ref can’t. Is it because it is a union thing?

Do refs and touchies really have problems with their eyesight?

I don’t think the author was saying that Beale back at fullback is the be all and end all. Neither did he say that Kurtley would be the Wallaby 15 only that he looked better last night and to me it was good to see a Tahs fullback kick. I agree that on form, Hodge should be a good chance for the Wallaby fullback spot. What will happen with the Rebs when H-pP comes back?

"KB did a fantastic job out the back tonight"

Loved AACs bust in the second half. Pity he didn’t worry about looking for support. Dead set try cruelled.

"KB did a fantastic job out the back tonight"

High, yet I can’t see how a penalty try was awarded. A low tackle would still have brought him down short, but to call the players back for it after the ref signalled half time. Too much authority for the TMO here.

Brumbies get hit with controversial penalty try against the Stormers

Two great wins this weekend, both unexpected. Interesting that both games were refereed by neutral refs. I am going to be cynical and say this will change next round.

Reds topple Sharks in huge upset

Yes, they should have kept it up. Losing a few games because of penalties may make the coaches wake up.

"The worst I've seen": Bennett slams NRL over referee leniency

As well, a fullback does need a good kicking game, something Izzy doesn’t have. On the wing, it could be argued that more pace is required as well as a kicking game.

Cheika stumbles in first test of new Wallabies paradigm

Agree Fionn, being contracted to the Tahs an Wallabies doesn’t mean he has to be selected.

Cheika stumbles in first test of new Wallabies paradigm

Well, Inglis has retired and Souths have money in the salary cap…

'It's Mabo. It's the vibe': The NRL's Federal Court defence

Agree Jack. Izzy needs to go but not because of Joyce. I imagine there would be other prospective sponsors waiting in the wings.

Just one question will decide Folau's future

So much for his ealier comments about dropping out. On the other hand, where does it say he has to be selected for the Tahs or Wallabies? Just means he has to be paid for playing club football like Cooper.

Israel Folau to fight Rugby AU sanction

Agree but Izzy’s comments were directed at more than LGBTI. It’s just that the running has been taken with this group.

If Rugby Australia doesn’t successfully expel Folau, World Rugby have to

Thank you. All I had heard was in was in the offing.

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

If he is to be sacked, when will this happen? Next week? Next month? 3rd of November?

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Not according to Beattie

NRL redemption: Is Israel Folau headed back 'home'?

Here I was worried that we were trying to find an allrounder for the Ashes series but this is only for the ODI seriers in England.

Australia needs a backup all-rounder for the World Cup

It is in the rules for the referees to take this action but they so often don’t. Mainly because you have commentators screaming that the penalties and/or sin bins ruin the game. It is the coaches telling their players to deliberately break the rules that spoil the game.

Cowboys robbed by full-time siren

Agree with your comment on full time. Blowing full time as soon as the siren went only came into vogue in the 80s because of fans storming the field as soon as the siren went. Prior to this, if a scrum was ordered or a penalty given, these were allowed to be completed (including the tap after a penalty line kick). Even now we see players playing the ball, the siren sounds and the referee bolws the whistle.

Cowboys robbed by full-time siren

Also a good forward pass in a Storm try. The question has to be asked, Why? Two referees and two touch judges and we see heaps of these week in and week out. As well, lines across the field every metres should make it easy for the video ref.

Cowboys robbed by full-time siren

They already have two byes, all the teams do. Do we really need to rest players.

Have the Waratahs learnt nothing from their loss against the Sunwolves?

Warner did the crime and served the crime. Of course he should be selected.

Why Warner cannot represent Australia at the World Cup

RA and the SRU could have done much more for western Sydney. Perhaps directing big name players to Penrith, West Harbour and Parra rather than going to the big clubs: Uni, Randwick, Noerths, Manly, Warringah. The western city clubs are the ones needing assistance. Probably too late now but maybe…

The winnable battle for a rugby heartland

I do agree. The big problem with Foley and Beale at 10 and 12 is rhat both are tackle shy.

Scott Johnson picks Quade Cooper as his preferred Wallabies playmaker

i would have Gallagher at hooker over Gower. Maybe Col Greenwood on the bench in place of Girdler.

Rugby league history: The all-time great alphabet teams – Letter G

What is going to be interesting is the selection committee meeting (would love to be a fly on ther wall). Cheika may not have any option but to accept Johnson’s picks if O’Connor goes along with Johnson. The alternative may be a eitherI select the team or I go from Cheika. This would not surprise at all.

Scott Johnson picks Quade Cooper as his preferred Wallabies playmaker