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Waratahs fan from way back was a Norths leagues fan until they got done. Follow Shellharbour Sharks in group 7.



Mitchell had an ordinary game in Game i but played well in last seasons Origin series. He had a couple of off weeks with Easts but has come back strongly. He deserved to be there for Game 2 (as did Morris). With Mitchell being axed, it looks more to do with than form.

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?

Sadly, I agree with you

The Waratahs' leaders, not Israel Folau, have led to this disastrous season

Finals and Origin only. In the bad old days in finals we would have mid week replays. OK up to a point when it was Sydney teams only but not now.Nothing wrong with a draw in club footy.

Should we axe golden point?

The coaching staff have to take full responsibility. They select the side, they provide the tactics and game plans. Blaming the poor season on Folau is only burying their heads in the sand. If players aren’t performing they need to be replaced. Otherwise its a case of just doing the same thing over again and hoping for different results.

Cheika has been pushing that Gibson should be the new attack coach. Heaven help us if that happens.

The Waratahs' leaders, not Israel Folau, have led to this disastrous season

Mitchell had a poor game and paid the penalty. Morris was our best back and paid the same penalty.Eh? And their replacements? A fullback and a five eight. Walker has a poor game and gets dropped. Cleary has a bad game and stays.

Hey Freddy, NSW only lost Game 1 by four points. Wholesale team changes weren't needed

The biggest backline shock was dropping Morris, probably our best back in Game 1.

Mitchell axed, seven changes for NSW Blues Origin 2 team

He could have been sent off.

Commentators fume at disgraceful crusher tackle

If you are going to play Carey at 6 then the batting lineup has to be Finch, Warner, Khawaja, Smith , Shaun Marsh and Carey. Bowling, Cummins, Starc, Behrendorf and then who? NCN doesn’t have the form as a bowler to play, Richardson leaks runs. All that’s left are Maxwell, Lyon and Zampa and to be fair Maxwell has to play but he needs to play at 6 so that pits paid to Carey at 6 unless you drop a batman and play Carey at 5.

So, which Marsh should replace the injured Marcus Stoinis?

I feel the selectors stuffed this up. Five batsmen selected, six if you include Maxwell and all must play. Seven bowlers, a keeper and Stoinis. Very, very light on batting and this is where we will probably lose to the big sides,we already have with losing to India. So far the only “batsman” not to score runs.

Five reasons Australia shouldn't play five bowlers

Have to agree. I would go to watch Norths or the Steelers, both now gone. Refereeing is a joke with rules totally ignored for managing the game for broadcasters. I watch my local Group 7 games and the Waratahs and Norther Suburbs rugby. The difference between these three and the NRL? Referees referee the games not manage them. If a player offence is deemed bad enough, sin bin or send off. When was the last time a player was sent off in the NRL?

McGuire escaping suspension shows the NRL doesn't care what you think

20, 28 and 0. Two of those innings were were finished by absolutely woeful shots. His last innings would have been good if they were in the last 3 or 4 overs but not with 20 to go. His bowling hasn’t been that much better either. Great in the field though.

So, which Marsh should replace the injured Marcus Stoinis?

We went there with five specialist batsmen, a keeper, four quicks, two spinners and three bits and pieces players. There is the problem.

Unbalanced squad leaves Australia vulnerable at World Cup

As its turned out, Stoinis is gone, injured, and Mitch Marsh is coming.

What went wrong for Australia against India and how do they fix it?

I have always felt we need to play 6 batsmen not four batsmen and some bits and pieces players. Marsh at 5, Maxwell at 6 (because there is no one else), Carey and four bowlers: Cummins, Starc, C-N/Berhendorf, Zampa/Lyon.

So, which Marsh should replace the injured Marcus Stoinis?

We don’t have any allrounders and haven’t done so since Watson was in his prime. What we have is players who can bat and bowl a bit and they are chosen for the squad. Stoinis has done little with the ball and nothing with the bat at least NCN has runs on the board. Maxwell isn’t going well either but there is no one else. The options are limited. Marsh in for Stoinis with Maxwell at 6, and Lyon for Zampa (though Zampa did have a poorish game against India but is quite good normally where Lyon will bowl ,line and length and frustrate batsmen). Alternatively, drop Stoinis, move Carey to 6 and play Behrendorf.

What went wrong for Australia against India and how do they fix it?

Sadly, I agree. At the moment, I would look at Leal’lfano as the starting 10. I don’t think the others are up to his standard. For the Tahs, they should have been looking at blooding some new players against the Brumbies and in their last game. Maybe Sinclair at 10 but NOT Mason.

Wallabies crave a natural ball-runner at No.8 and it needs to be Naisarani

Hooper as the starting 7. If Pocock is not fit he can’t go. Pretty sure the rules are that if an injured player is picked, he can’t be replaced.

Six talking points from Super Rugby Round 17

No problems with Warner being on the slow side. Unusual as it is that it was Warner, we do need someone who can hold the innings together while others chase the runs. My concern from day one was that we only picked five specialist batsmen and then we went to those who can (hopefully) bat and bowl a bit. Stoinis, Coulter-Nile and Maxwell. Stoinis again failed with the bat at 6 and at over 8 an over didn’t set the world on fire with his bowling. Stoinis to go and bring in Marsh. Maxwell will have to play at 6 because there is no one else.

Australia's baffling batting ensures failure in record run chase against India

Pearce was killing them in club footy but didn’t make the step up to Origin.

He may as well 'sit in the lounge room': Brown's Pearce advice for Fittler

I’d go Valentini at 6, Hooper 7 and Naisarani at 8

Wallabies crave a natural ball-runner at No.8 and it needs to be Naisarani

Last year Izzy wrote on the Players Voice that:

‘…if she (Raelene) felt the situation had become untenable: that I was hurting Rugby Australia, its sponsors and the Australian rugby community to such a degree that things couldn’t be worked through, I would walk away from my contract immediately.”

Funny how a four million dollar contract can change things.

Lies and blatantly unfair: Folau slams Rugby Australia

It was a poor shot based on when it happened and the type of shot it was. He is an experienced player and as you pointed out his form has been good but then ruins it like he did. Though I do agree there is more likelihood of Stoinis going than Maxwell.

Aussie hero Nathan Coulter-Nile fears axe

On another site, Holding was claiming that the Australians were intimidating the umpires with their appeals and this was why Holding was carrying on.

Chris Gayle's luck runs out after controversial dismissal

On last nights performance, more chance of Stoinis and Maxwell going especially after that horrendous shot Maxwell played to get out.

Aussie hero Nathan Coulter-Nile fears axe

The umpires didn’t have the best of games but this all sounds like sour grapes. The first decision was possibly acceptable as the ball did come off the stump without taking the bails off. Hearing the sound the ump gave him out. The second was poor, the third was fine. The umpire’s decision has been with us for quite a while. On the uncalled no ball, no comments from Holding when a West Indies quick bowled an equally uncalled no ball.

Michael Holding unleashes on 'atrocious' and 'weak' umpiring display