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Waratahs fan from way back was a Norths leagues fan until they got done. Follow Shellharbour Sharks in group 7.



It was on Nine/Gem this morning, live.

The NRL is sleeping on the World Club Challenge - it could be one of their most profitable products

That is where this system is so wrong. What is wrong with the ref asking the bunker for a decison. “I can’t see if it has been scored or not, please check” or simply “try or no try”.

'Lying is a sin': To'o takes aim at Wardle, referee 'making assumptions' with contentious try as Wigan upset Panthers

Can’t see it. There are presently nine Sydney clubs out of `17 clubs in the NRL. That is more than half the sides are in Sydney. So no way will the NRL include another Sydney based side. Ideally, existing Sydney sides should look at relocating but this won’t happen. Would Glebe consider coming back in as an interstate team? Not from what is above.

Twist in NRL expansion debate as powerbrokers say ‘Aloha!’ to Dirty Reds return bid

I don’t think it is a case of the referees being too timid but more that they don’t want to appear to be affecting the result but inb not playing to the rules, they are affecting the result. Ideally, if referees and touchies just did their jobs as per the rule book and not on what the NRL or bunker want.

NRL News: Field goal rules changed, Sticky fires up over 'inconsistency' in All Stars ban, Wigan prop out of Panthers duel

To be fair to Eddie his comment ““You look at those Welsh players. They play 30 games a year. They’re hard and tough players. They can just stick at it. They know they’re going to do it.” is spot on. SRP plays 15 rounds, there are 12 teams, perhaps if we had full home and away. I do think what Jones was getting at was tghe NH players play much more rugby than we do. Like the premiership in England, 10 teams but full home and away for a 18 round comp plus finals. Thenm the URC on top of that.

'Stands out like dog's balls', 'set up for failure': Wretched Eddie-Slips moment that explains World Cup disaster

That was one decision out of twenty surely that can’t be the reason for a 434 run loss. Chasing runs with well over a days play to come in the second innings, one stupid run ourt and three LBWs for players trying to sweep. Stupid is a word that comes to mind.

For Stokes to blame the “umpire’s call” and the third umpire is just trying to shift the blame from his team to the officials. Yes, that decision was close but England have had their share of these close call that went their way and no outcry then. Poms just becoming a laughing stock.

'Take away umpire's call': Stokes bleats about DRS after India thrash appalling England by record margin

Rebels fans are complaini9ng they can’t get tickets to AAMI Park but with over a million dollars owed on ground rentals, I think they will be lucky to see a game.

CONFIRMED: Rebels CEO made redundant and coaches have contract cuts as hopes of Super Rugby survival fade

A few years back, I had thought the decision to drop the Force and keep the Rbels was the wrong decision. Haven’t changed m,y mind opn that.

CONFIRMED: Rebels CEO made redundant and coaches have contract cuts as hopes of Super Rugby survival fade

Doesn’t seem that long ago where the ref could just ask the TMO “try or no try”.

Six Nations: Late penalty decides England-Wales thriller, Aussie ref in strife after denying Scots winning try against France

Sorry but England did not chase bravely. They played sosme poor shots and deserved to be beaten.

'The technology has gone wrong': Stokes laments DRS in England defeat amid LBW drama

Or as Richie Benaud once aid, don’t pick up the ball, that’s the fielders job.

'Get a grip': Broad fumes, cricket world erupts as Poms cop hugely controversial wicket in U19 World Cup

I do think there is a lack of red ball cricket for both us and touring sides. How much better could both Pakistan and the Windies have been with a few warm up games. There is far too much unnecessary T20 and ODI only tours (plus IPL). As shown above we will be looking at three white ball tours (two away and one home) before the India test series. Throw in BBL and when do the test players play red ball cricket and when do the Shield cricketers get a chance to show their wears against these players. That is how we will find replacements not picking and hoping as is the case now.

To help teams out of the big 3 there needs to be more tests and fewer white ball games. To help support these sides assistance from the ICC is needed (both financial and test cricket). Will it happen, doubtful.

Test Mortem: Green’s golden status fading as batting unit becomes fragile, Windies need help to kick on from Gabba glory

Bazball? Not really. Great score from Pope scoring off nearly 280 balls. Indian batsmen weren’t too far from a similar rate. The difference was in Pope’s tactics which worked a charm, though he did give chances. His tactics even saw comments from some Indian commentators that what he did was agaiaanst the spirrit of the game which is rubbish, just a case of pope working his opposition out and taking advantage.

Bazball 1-0 in India! Hartley takes seven on debut as England produce 'greatest triumph' under Stokes in epic comeback

This team plus probably Renshaw, Boland.Morris and Murphy looks like likely squad for the NZ test series. Smith has a maximum now of five innings to show form otherwise he should go. As a younger player, I’d give Green more time. Problem is that with India ouring next summer there will only be couple of Shield games to show form for aspiring openers. CA should canthe ODI tour to England.

Aussies face huge call over batting experiment with Smith and Green failing again as Windies turn Test on its head

England should pack up and leave.

'How dare you?': India accused of being a 'pathetic disgrace' as England spinner's visa blocked

Nothing really to do with the BCCI, it’s the government.

'How dare you?': India accused of being a 'pathetic disgrace' as England spinner's visa blocked

Khawaja had the same problems too.

'How dare you?': India accused of being a 'pathetic disgrace' as England spinner's visa blocked

No problems with the day but it is for whenthe first fleet arrived in Sydney Cove to set up a penal colony. If they want to get rid of it, Federatyion Day should be it.

'Choose a better date': Cummins wants Australia Day moved as CA chief sledged for 'bizarre' trainwreck interview

No. If they were going to do that then he should have played at 5 or 6 to start with. Head is doing well at 5 and Marsh going well at 6. Green already got the nod becvause Smith was moved to open leaving his spot there for Green. After 25 tests with 1 ton and half a dozenb 50+ scores he shouldn’t need the team being rearranged for his benefit.

On other players moving up the order, Smith was originally selected as a legspinner not a batsman so obviously he had to move up the order. Ponting played three tests at 5 or 6 then moved to 3.

Travis should Head up the order until Green proves he’s four-midable enough to earn important spot

No issues with playing the Windies except it should be a three test series not two.

COMMENT: What's the point in playing the Windies? Only the future of Test cricket itself

If they want “an attempt to contest” what about allowing the marker to be able to strike/rake the ball in the play the ball.

NRL holds tight on rules - but adds one tweak to promote 'unpredictability of the game'

To be fair the BBL is a tv competition with spectator tickets just being the icing on the cake. Having our test stars would increase viewers making the BBL a sponsors delight. With our test stars in their two gaames in the BBL Carey did well, Smith got one good scopre, Marnis OK. Green and Head never played BBL so hard to say the test players did a lot wxcxept for them being there.

Australian cricket calendar overhaul on the way - shaking up summer to strike right balance between Tests and BBL

Agree Nick, but at $750,000 a season, Easts would be better letting him go rather than paying that for playing in the seconds. He could go to another NRL club for the season or Japan for a season. This at least would free up some money for the club.

Joey v Dom v Toops: Why the Roosters should ditch Suaalii from their backline for Round 1

Being a cynical one, my view is that the whole point of Smith moving to openert was to get Grween into the side. If it wasn’t Smith the selectors would have moved Marnus, Head or Marsh to open. I would have looked at Renshaw to open with Khawaja but a new opener needs to be looked at for Khawaja going. I’ve liked Pucowski but he needs to get runs and not concussions.

Biggest problem is that during our summer tests, apart from the tests, there is no red ball cricket. CA has a lot to answer for with BBL. A great money spinner from the broadcasters and sponsors but it doesn’t help when test replacements are needed.

The final stand: How Steve Smith's shift to opener exposes the Australian cricket team's twilight era

I think the reason the intensity has sdropped in Shield cricket is that in days gone bye test players played Shield cricket inless they wered playing in a test. The intensity for a young batsmen to prove himself against our best bowlers and the bowlers to prove themselves against the top batsmen. Sadly can’t happen now due to the plerthora of ODI and T20 tours. For example, how many Shield games would the current test players play in a season. One or two. As the competition goes so does the intensity.

Doing it tough: Are modern cricketers really tasked with heavy workloads?