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Of course sexism and misogyny still exists in football just as it does in every other walk of life. The frustrating thing is that knuckle dragging morons like Barton get way too much airtime with the implication that his opinion represents the norm which couldn’t be farther from the truth, women’s football in the UK is definitely in a good place after years of fighting poor treatment by the media in particular and we shouldn’t allow the very average ex footballer (most famous for violence on and off the field) who’s looking for social media likes to derail that success.

Ex-England player's harmful comments prove sexism in football is still rampant

It must be very full on in jobs such as this so I’m thankful to have had him for 9 years and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pep go as well in the next year or two, Xabi Alonso is the obvious replacement and I’m sure the job’s his if he wants it and also he does have a clause written into his contract that says he could leave if one of his former clubs comes in for him…..wherever he is next season I doubt that it’ll be at Leverkusen, it could be Liverpool or Barcelona or even Bayern Munich.

'He gets Liverpool': Why Klopp's huge call is so heartbreaking

I love to revisit these threads a day or two later.

'Men against boys': Bazball backfiring and Stokes under fire for stubborn tactics as India pile on misery for England

I think that Arsenal will be better for the experience of last season and tbh Man City aren’t at quite the level of previous years KDB being out is a big loss which hasn’t helped. Spurs are showing their lack of depth and even though I’m a Liverpool fan their frailties are obvious namely the defensive ones….anyway it’s great to have more teams in the mix and I haven’t even mentioned Villa and Newcastle.

'Soft', 'unacceptable', 'not good enough': Ange's Spurs cop battering after kamikaze West Ham defeat

Italy struggling again to qualify for a major tournament, I hope that they can get a result against Ukraine because for me if Italy miss out any tournament is diminished by their absence. England were very dull and ineffectual in what was a dead rubber and it shows how dependent they’re becoming on Bellingham who with Harry Kane are their only truly world class players.

'Not the level we need to be': England fall short despite win over Malta, Denmark seal Euro spot, Italy get a leg-up

It’s Spurs, they often start the season well but the last time they mounted a serious title challenge it was shown in black and white.
Yesterday I was really looking forward to a great battle between two of the pretenders to Man City but the ref/VAR put paid to that fairly early on with a questionable red that at the very least had some mitigation with the way Jones’ boot rolled over the top of the ball and a perfectly good Liverpool goal ruled out because the VAR thought that the referee had given the goal… couldn’t make it up, did the guy not see the assistant with his flag up coz everyone else did. As Alan Shearer said offside decisions were the one part of VAR that was generally acknowledged to work.

Dream run continues with fans singing 'I'm loving Big Ange' as VAR call helps Spurs take advantage of City stumble

He was a risk when he tested positive and chose to meet people during an appearance the following day and it’s that sort of behaviour that turns many against him, he’s entitled to be against vaccination which is understandable given his obsessive health regime but lying about having had the vaccine when you haven’t is not acceptable. As for whether he’s the GOAT I would say that there will always be a debate as there is in every other sport, personally for me it’s Federer who at his best turned tennis into an art form.

The debate is over - Novak Djokovic is the greatest of all time

Taking off Son was a bit strange but then so was Arsenal’s decision to remove Rice so early on.

Spurs march on but surprise Postecoglou substitutions raise eyebrows

The definition of handball changed a while ago but VAR has ramped it up, unless a player deliberately moves his hand to the ball it shouldn’t be given….having said that I thought this was a 50/50 decision. Spurs should be happier with a point, Arsenal did lack composure but we’re still the better team and gave away the softest of equalisers.

'The one rule in the game I just don't understand': Ange fuming over handball as penalty robs Spurs against Arsenal

It’s been obvious for months that Brisbane are the only team with a chance and that’s probably only a slight one.

ANALYSIS: Good luck everyone else as Penrith have way To'o much power - but Storm did everything to help them

As an England fan I couldn’t believe that Australia wanted Eddie Jones back and still don’t understand it.

'Eddie got found out': Jones in spotlight as 'ferocious' Fiji leave Wallabies RWC hopes hanging by thread in 69 year first

The Knights’ halves had little or no impact, the wings got almost no ball out wide where they’re most dangerous and the game plan seemed to amount to not much more than give it to Ponga and hope that he does something magical.
If the Warriors can be at this level next week then maybe they can pull off an upset against Brisbane but I don’t think that the Broncos will be firing blanks like the Knights did today, I’m still very confident that it’s going to be the predicted Panthers/Broncos final.

ANALYSIS: Johnson and Egan power Warriors into Prelim - but Newcastle did everything to help them out

I would say that they think a Panthers/Broncos final is inevitable because both teams are streets ahead of the rest, they’re also consistent so I don’t think that anyone is expecting a sudden drop-off in form… for the conspiracy theories, I don’t see it myself.

NRL Finals Talking Points: Hard to send a player off for biting, Knights on a roll but Panthers vs Broncos GF looks inevitable

I think that he probably did bite him but his arm definitely shouldn’t be there. It’ll be interesting to see what the judiciary make of it because I don’t think it’s as conclusive as some seem to think and that works in his favour but it also wouldn’t surprise me if he gets a ban, there’s definitely signs of a bite but if you force your arm into someone’s mouth that will also leave a bite mark.

ANALYSIS: Gamble blows up over Wighton biting allegation as Ponga propels Knights past Raiders in extra-time thriller

Exactly, talk about glass is half empty. You could say that they kept Melbourne scoreless in difficult conditions and can still play much better, also the media love to big up Munster and Grant but they were really ordinary in this one. Absolutely gutted for Papenhuyzen, sometimes life is just not fair.

ANALYSIS: Broncos surge into prelim after heartbreaking Papi injury - but were the Panthers the big winners?

I’m looking forward to this one but for me Melbourne have lost when playing good teams this year and Brisbane are certainly that.
I’ve been impressed by NZ but they aren’t good enough to challenge Penrith.
Cronulla haven’t looked like serious contenders this season and Nicho is way off of where he was last year but whilst the Roosters have been mostly mediocre all year they are playing well enough to challenge the Sharks…’s a toss up as to which one of these teams get one more game this year, neither will go any further.
With Ponga and Hastings back this is the easiest call, the Knights with a bit to spare.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions Finals Week 1: The road to premiership glory begins

Definitely won’t see Kris again this season after that, didn’t Cleary get banned for five games for the same thing last season and if anything I thought today’s tackle was even worse.

ANALYSIS: Cronulla kick clear to seal home final after horror Kris tackle spears Raiders' chances

Cipriani is bang on even though I do think some of it comes from believing he never had a fair crack for England and there’s probably some truth in that, for a good two or three seasons he was the best fly half in the premiership by a country mile but whilst the coach may have claimed to want to play more attacking rugby team selections didn’t bear that out. England are currently terrible and it wouldn’t surprise me if they fail to get out of their group but you won’t find many fans who aren’t happy to have seen the back of Jones.

RWC News: French rocked by another injury, Eddie whacks Poms and says Wallabies have one big advantage

As a Bunnies fan what a depressing end to the season although tbh it’s been pretty depressing since Magic Round when they dominated Melbourne and looked genuine contenders. To go from that to where they are now is hard to fathom and there needs to be some serious questions asked from those who run the club, the players and particularly the coach.

ANALYSIS: The worst collapse ever? Souths miss finals as Walker powers Chooks to famous win

All the big teams field second string lineups in the C Cup so I’d take any criticism of Ange with a pinch of salt but I would say that it’s very early to judge him at Spurs. Other managers have dominated in Scotland and failed in the EPL and plenty of big names have come and gone at Spurs and they’re still waiting to see a team capable of competing for the title again…..but definitely good signs early on, I wonder if Kane (who’s started well at Bayern) moving on has actually helped.

The world's noticing Australia's football talent - maybe some of our locals should too

The draw for the WC looks very lopsided for whatever reason with all the serious contenders in one half but that still doesn’t look likely to save this England team, Argentina are now big favourites to top the group and I’ve very little confidence that England will even finish runners up…..a low ebb indeed but one that’s been coming for a number of years, yes Eddie Jones certainly should have gone earlier but Borthwick was never going to be the right replacement.

UK View: Only three things wrong with 'atrocious' England - 'they can't catch, can't tackle, can't kick'

The Broncos lack a bit of control without Reynolds but they always have plenty of star power and that was enough to pull them through against the Raiders, I doubt it would against better opposition…..Carrigan was a big out too, he’s been immense lately. It was still an entertaining game in spite of the many mistakes and Brisbane must now be warm favourites to take out the minor premiership and with Luai probably missing the finals I’d make them joint favourite with Penrith for the big prize.

ANALYSIS: Reece Lightning strikes Raiders, Kotoni elbows Rapana and chaos reigns in Canberra

That’s the Bunnies season done for me, I can’t see them beating the Roosters and it’s probably best to just put us fans out of our misery. There needs to be a serious inquest into how this season has gone from looking like genuine title contenders into what we’re seeing now, I hope that Adam Reynolds can lead the Broncos (because they’re the only team capable imo) to a GF win over the Panthers just to underline how bad the decision was to force him out.

ANALYSIS: 'Silly' Latrell facing ban for elbow as Souths unravel - but demand explanation as Knights score on eighth tackle

I think this result means that the Bunnies have to win one of their last two but frankly if they can’t they’re not going any further anyway.

ANALYSIS: Roosters overcome Tedesco head knock to keep Finals dream alive - and all but end Parramatta's season

I really think that NQ had to win this game, with Brisbane right there at the top of the table I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see Penrith field a weakened team against the Cowboys as they’ll want to secure the minor premiership so that won’t help NQ although it could help Souths to limp in.

ANALYSIS: Sharks all but in after crushing win as Cowboys attack falls flat - good job they completed high, right?