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Too close to call: Who the numbers say will win the flag

Too close to call: Who the numbers say will win the flag

5 Jul 2016

With the bye rounds behind us, I thought it would be a good time to have a deeper look at how the top eight teams have performed against each other and see what each team has been doing well and not so well compared to their opponents.

Are AFL attendances really falling?

7 May 2014

I’ve observed and participated in many discussions about how bad AFL attendances have supposedly been this year.

18 AFL Talking Points: Round 7

6 May 2014

Drawing inspiration from Peter King, one of my favourite American sportswriters, I welcome you to what I’m hoping is a regular weekly feature of talking points from the AFL world.

AFL Round 7: Ins and outs, preview and tips

2 May 2014

I’ll bring you all the ins and outs from Round 7 of this year’s AFL premiership, as well as look at who’s going to come out on top in each game.

Six tough questions after six rounds of AFL

1 May 2014

After six round of the AFL season, here are some tough questions that need to be asked.

A look back at AFL preseason predictions

30 Apr 2014

Prior to the commencement of the 2014 AFL season, most pundits had three teams ahead of daylight: Hawthorn, Sydney and Fremantle. The season is far from over, but it’s safe to say the start has not gone as predicted.