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For years now Sydney supporters have been telling us how COLA didn’t let them sign extra players, that it was evenly spread. Well this puts that lie to bed.

AFL's removal of COLA hurting Giants: CEO

Tim Kelly is 24, not 27. If Kelly wants out next year Cats will still get something for him. Only way Cats don’t is if Kelly goes to the PSD, in which case he will end up at Freo before WCE.

The Roar's 2018 AFL trade period report card - every club graded, as voted by you

You ever get tired of carrying that chip on your shoulder?

AFL Trade Wrap Day 8: Tom Scully, Steven May, Tim Kelly and more

What you purple eyed people are choosing to ignore is that Hogan passed the Freo medical exams when he toured the facilities the other week.
Sounds more like Freo fans are making excuses for your clubs inability to be sensible at the trade table. Never thought anyone would make Essendon look easy to deal with but here we are.

Dear Fremantle, I hope you know what you're doing

Five years does seem very excessive for a player showing wear and tear already

Why the Dan Hannebery deal was good business

Doubtful, the player would basically have to take themselves out of play for a period. Any advantage from getting instructions are going to be outweighed by playing a man down for a period.

What will the rule changes mean?

Like everyone will stand around and let him just have the ball? He is going to get gang tackled and umpire will say no prior and we’ll get repeat stoppages.

AFL unveils rule changes for 2019

Obviously you care because you keep popping in just to make stupid posts.

AFL unveils rule changes for 2019

If he has no prior it doesn’t matter

AFL unveils rule changes for 2019

How do you penalise a ruck for ‘just taking the ball’ now that it’s not considered prior? You can’t.

AFL unveils rule changes for 2019

6 x 6 x 6 is a waste of time. It will have so little effect as to be pointless.

AFL unveils rule changes for 2019

When haven’t you gotten compo?

AFL Trade Wrap Day 4: Mitch McGovern, Jared Polec, Gary Rohan and more

Very true. Collingwood choked hard. If you listen closely you can still hear the retching.

Even the American wrestlers are making Collingwood jokes


Best of the best: My top ten moments of the 2018 AFL season

No guarantees for any club.

In defence of shooting for the moon, or why I love North Melbourne's AFL trade strategy

On the flip side of that its the worst possible year to potentially be getting a bunch of FA compo picks.

The 2017 pick swap that could set the Eagles up for back-to-back premierships

“Hence why I reckon gaff will do much like danger did ultimately and make sure a club he certainly loves is not going to be impacted if he chooses to go.”

I have no idea why that load of crap keeps making the rounds. Dangerfield didn’t force Geelong into a trade. Adelaide did. Adelaide matched the offer and forced Geelong into a trade. Danger had nothing to do with what Geelong gave up.

A club-by-club guide to the 2018 AFL trade period

If Gaff nominates NM it doesn’t matter what any other team could offer you. You’ve been around long enough to know how it works once a player chooses a destination.

A club-by-club guide to the 2018 AFL trade period

That is assuming the Polec deal doesn’t happen first. From what’s rumoured it sounds like a done deal and may be one of the first done. What if NM has already dealt pick 10, would WCE still be willing to match knowing you’d get less that the AFL compo?

A club-by-club guide to the 2018 AFL trade period

WCE have no choice but to try and force NM into a trade – assuming T Kelly asks to be traded. Without North’s pick, there is no way they’ll be able to pry Kelly loose.

North could end up dealing their pick 10 as part of the Polec deal before WCE even has a chance to ask for it.

Interesting times ahead.

A club-by-club guide to the 2018 AFL trade period

That is where you and I disagree again. I do not believe in ‘5 year rebuilds’. I don’t believe in the idea of giving up for several years. In my opinion it is ripe for cultural rot. Clubs start accepting losing – so do players.

Priority picks are not the solution for the AFL's strugglers

How much can you front end a 2 or 3 year contract though?

Priority picks are not the solution for the AFL's strugglers

Who cares? Geelong is playing finals and we’re apparently still ‘lackluster’, ‘underwhelming’, ‘the worst skilled side in the 8’. Haters gonna hate whether you are on top, bottom or somewhere in between. If you are happy with your team, be happy.

Priority picks are not the solution for the AFL's strugglers

I think rebuilding clubs get carried away with the ’10-12 year players’ they envisage by picking 18- and 19-year olds and ignore getting players a bit older that are more than capable of giving 7 years. Some clubs and supporters are far too obsessed with birth years when the focus should be on talent.
Some clubs forget most young players spend a few years in the state leagues developing or in the AFL struggling (if they are rushed in) so they only get the same 7 years out of them if they are lucky anyway.

Priority picks are not the solution for the AFL's strugglers

Take all the time you want.

Priority picks are not the solution for the AFL's strugglers