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Crazy Horse is either one of history's greatest warriors, an interesting establishment in Paris or a slightly eccentric Rugby has-been who started in the forwards but finished his serious playing career on the wing. He is also a Motorsport tragic having held CAMS licences in Event Command, General Competition Area and Rally as well as Driving.



Both sports have been run by at best incompetent at worst corrupt Boards. At least cricket is owning up to it’s failings and moving to address them. The Rugby [East Coast] Australia Board continues with it’s mismanagement of the game spending money faster than it is coming in.

A woeful calendar year for the Australian ODI side and the Wallabies

Actually John from Fremantle would have a choice of several thriving clubs the are based within a reasonable distance of Fremantle.

The rest of your comments about why anyone from WA would move to the East Coast are spot on though.

Australian rugby must innovate or perish

Selecting the best player for each position on current form would be a good start.

Long term contracts are ridiculous in an underperforming team. Every player should know it’s perform or be replaced by the up and coming kids.

Dear Wallabies, sort it out ASAP please. Sincerely, all rugby fans

There is nothing in the Laws that require that the hooker throw in the ball. That’s just fashion. When I played the blind wing used to do it.

Dear Wallabies, sort it out ASAP please. Sincerely, all rugby fans

A good move. Now select a real rocket at 14.

Folau confirms switch to centres for Wallabies

The lesson that will be ignored is that Sydney Rugby is no longer significantly better than the rest of the country.

The NRC has shown us how to improve the Wallabies. Will we listen?

Sydney stone motherless last in in the NRC. The days of NSW being the centre of the Australian Rugbyverse are over.

Your only as good as your last performance. The last Waratahs performance against the Force was an 11-41 thrashing. In contrast after a slow start due to a major injury crisis the Force finished the 2017 season on fire with the same number of wins as the conference winners. If the East Coast vultures hadn’t destroyed that team would have been a serious contender this year.

Western Australia is one third of Australia and is home to the third largest and fastest growing Rugby community in the country. No organisation or competition that does not include WA can claim to be truly national.

Waratahs to take three games to Western Sydney Stadium in 2019

Great article Gatesy. The NRC continues to grow while Super Rugby continues to decline.

Hoped the humiliation Sydney has received will serve to get some proverbial fingers pulled out.

It would have been good if the Roar had used a photo from the current season to headline your article though. Property Powerhouse were Perth Spirit sponsors last year.

A rich vein of content - when too much rugby is never enough

Still no one from WA (except for Force players forced interstate by the EARU’s underhand dealings) in the East Coast Wallabies. But someone from the worst team in the NRC gets picked!

I would like to see a real speed machine at 14 instead of Koribete with Folau moving to blind wing. There have been several absolute rockets in the NRC.

Wallabies squad for Bledisloe 3: Dempsey returns from injury as Cheika names three potential debutants

The Force play (and train) at UWA’s home ground. It’s the best venue for an around 5K crowd in Perth by a long way.

The NRC stars of 2018

We’ve got plenty of tribal passion in WA.

The NRC stars of 2018

Twiggy doesn’t do things in the slow stupyfing bureaucratic way of Rugby Australia. He gets everything lined up then moves quickly.

Be assured that things are in place for next year. But they won’t be made public until it’s too late for the vested interests in east coast rugby to interfere.

Right now we’re just enjoying the NRC and looking forward to this week’s top of the table clash at The University of Western Australia’s Sports Park.

The time limit on scrums is the best thing to occur in years. No stuffing around. Get it over and keep playing.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

Folau is much better in the 3/4 line than at Fullback. Especially when there’s an actual Fullback being forced to play out of position to accomodate him.

He’s a brilliant attacking opportunist but the primary duty of the Fullback is the last line of defence for the team and Folau is nowhere near the best in that role.

Captains Michael Hooper and Jim Furyk share a common denominator - both dead in the water

There is nothing in the rules that requires the Hooker to throw in the ball. It’s just fashion. It used to be done by the blind wing.

Wallabies braced for lineout examination

What we call “Flankers” used to be called “Wing Forwards”. Back to the Future.

How the Wallabies can rebuild their attack

Yet another article portraying a NSW problem as a National one. The NRC is doing fine in the rest of the country.

NSW needs to sort out it’s own mess and engage with the NRC or just get out.

Super Rugby players are paid for a 52 week year. They don’t need more money to play NRC. That’s their job. Any available funds should be used to boost payments to the up and comers.

There must be incentives to play in the NRC

Fad is a star for his country.
Bed wouldn’t be in the Wallabies if he didn’t own a Tahs jersey.

Battle of the blondes: Faf versus Ned and other hairy questions

Haylett-Petty-Pertt’s normal position is Fullback where he plays for the Force, Rebels and in his club. Only Cheika makes him play on the wing.

He’s a great fullback. The complete package. Folau on the other hand is a great attacking opportunist but deficient in virtually every other Fullback skill.

Has Michael Cheika lost the plot, or is he a strategic genius?

NSW (and Qld?) Rugby’s fixation on schools is not the situation in WA. Here the Rugby WA Juniors club completion is the main game with the various school comps very much second tier.

Why rugby won't survive

It would be more productive than what he’s doing now which appears to be SFA.

The NRC bridge must be kept open. That was the whole point…

Yes. All at UWA Sports Park which is where the Force train.

The NRC bridge must be kept open. That was the whole point…

Very few in NSW seem to care about the NRC but in the rest of the country it’s doing quite nicely thank you.

The NRC bridge must be kept open. That was the whole point…

Good article Johnny.

One thing though. You say “Curtis Rona was poached from the Canterbury Bulldogs by the Force before winding up at the Tahs”. Actually Rona was poached from the Rugby WA Future Force Academy by the Bulldogs and simply came home to the Force. He was then, along with most of the Force team, poached by East Coast Rugby.

The decline of the NSW NRC and the death of the second-tier player: Part Two

After Izzy’s try (on the Left Wing, he was playing Right), the commentator described him as “like the big kid in the under 8s”. That pretty well describes Izzy. Convinced that no one else can do as good as him so hogs the ball and runs all over the field instead of playing his position and passing.

Izzy actually cost us two tries. Whilst he was swanning in mid field looking for glory the Argie Left Wing scored a classic wingers try through the hole Izzy as the Right Wing should have been defending.

The mindset behind Izzy's

State Ynion structures aren’t’ a problem in WA. We have one, Rugby WA, that runs everything.

(Except that the Force has been legally quarantined so R(EC)A can’t interfere again.)

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear