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Yes, we’ll see how they go, there. Of course, you setting the bar at a premiership is positioning yourself for more bile venting.

You do realise that we’re talking averages across a group of 22 payers across 22 games of footy, right? You know how that works in washing out differences? For example, there’s the second largest gaps between successive teams on that ladder of 5.28 Collingwood above Lions, with all the teams following being Blues, Freo, Saints, Suns, Dogs. Nine games difference is potentially plenty (of course it is only part of the story). Capisce?

Part of Melbourne’s uber long rebuild is that they have a slightly unusual makeup of their game team demographics, where their playing group is stacked with 21-23 year olds. Which lowers their experience profile, but doesn’t have them running on with so many ultra raw players.

Numbers Game: Which teams will rise and fall in the AFL in 2019?

Ha. I guess we can maybe find some reassurance in your predictability.

FACT CHECK: While Melbourne may have had a less experienced list (just), the team they trotted out onto the park week in week out was more experienced than Fremantle’s. Melbourne’s average gameday experience in 2018 was 81.05, while Freo averaged 72.28.

INTEGRITY DISCLAIMER: anon is fully aware of this difference between squads and teams fielded for Freo, having been shown it time and time again. I guess it comes under the “Why Spoil a Good Fairy-tale, Boogie-Man-Lyon and all, for the Facts”. It would also come under the category “Lacking Intellectual Curiousity, Integrity and Good Intent”.

Some further points of interest:
• Freo fielded the fourth least experienced side by games across the 22 rounds behind the Bulldogs, Suns & Saints;
• Melbourne did exceedingly well given they were eighth least experience on average (albeit they were in about year 12 of their rebuild ???? ).
• Collingwood were exceptional at the seventh least experienced fielded team at 79.91.
• The most experienced teams fielded by games were put out by Port (104.30), Hawks (103.92) and WC (100.03).

Numbers Game: Which teams will rise and fall in the AFL in 2019?

Hey in my stand alone posts I am pretty positive/constructive re most teams and footy. I’m always happy to place the content of comments on here up to scrutiny though.

My points aren’t targetted at you per se, rather the tide of negativity that often hides behind the “why can’t we criticise” trope. I did mean to add a line or two that clarified that in that last post.

That article wasn’t pointed out to show one that was totally critical, but one that had a mix of positive and criticism, to respond to your accusation of them all being happy-clappy in tone. Gordon P. Smith also produces articles with mixed povs on a regular basis too.

Also low scoring doesn’t always equate to ugly footy, although I understand for some it can trigger a lot of gratification frustration.

What AFLW Round 2 taught us

Umm, yes Macca, I’ve experimented with a number of different strategies…it still does it even after that post-posting period. I was assuming it might be the browser I use. The dash is no hassle, it certainly caught the attention of IAP (easily distracted?).

What AFLW Round 2 taught us

The human brain being what it is, it’s much easier to tear things down and pick out the negatives than it is to build them up and find the positives. So I don’t think keeping it positive or encouraging is condescending at all.

There was an article just yesterday here that talked about ugly footy in AFLW.

Within clubs there will be plenty of analysis and work on improvement. It’ll be going on whatever the tone in social media land. The social media stuff is mainly for entertainment sake (also connection and support) and scorched earth will often feel more compelling than incremental change (more for some than others, granted), so that’s the way social media tends to go.

Absolutely there’s room for improvement and it’s heading that way (e.g. Freo’s scoring per minute of play compares very favourably, the increase in effective long kicking), but comparing the AFLW in these early stages to such an established league like the AFL doesn’t work on many levels. Holding the line as many do “It’s rubbish and always will be rubbish because women aren’t physiologically suited to it” just leads in circles.

What AFLW Round 2 taught us

Full of overlay as usual and invented windmills for you to tilt at (“progressives”, hilarity).

Feel free to criticise it and likewise I’ll feel free to point out your obsessive behaviour and limited thinking.

So you don’t think women have contributed plenty from grass roots footy through to the top levels, right from getting in the canteens, administrative roles, jumper washes, transporting their sons to training and games, emotional and first aid support etc for decades and decades? Are they not part of the “heart and soul”? You don’t think the “grassroots” footy clubs are benefitting from the increased participation of girls and women that has been sparked along by the AFLW?

FYI (an acronym just for you), your lack of curiosity and instead presumption about the dashes is pretty much on form. What I’ve found though, is if I don’t put the dashes in, the formatting engine they have here bunches all the paragraphs up against each other and the spacing making it easier to read differing points is lost. I can put stars in there if you like for a lift in enthusiasm or maybe some frowny faces. Maybe you’d be more comfortable with that?

What AFLW Round 2 taught us

Not every article is always “how great was that”, that’s a strawman alert, but even if it did, what’s wrong with that exactly? What’s wrong with celebrating it?

Let’s not pretend the sort of pervasive and constant criticism in social media I was describing has any substantial benefits. Especially at these early stages of the competition.

The skills have demonstrably improved substantially year on year so far and it’s the nature of the competition that those that improve will reap the rewards. Also the competition is opening more visible pathways and development programs for girls and women who want to play the sport, which also will add to talent levels bringing greater skill levels and quality.

I’m not buying the guff when blokes say they’re being denied a voice to criticise, when they’re there shouting it from the rooftops every chance they get. Or that negativity is somehow a public service, that is somehow condescendingly framed as the only chance for improvement.

The competition has patent differences to the AFL, not least of which the massive difference in opportunities to play the sport from primary school through to adult league level for the previous 100+ years.

What AFLW Round 2 taught us

There’s a plethora of blanket-style critics (most around these parts, funnily enough, repeatedly demonstrate a struggle to accept change across the board) that those who see the benefits of the AFLW to not have to focus too much on the negative anyways. There’s a constant lurking presence of those willing to foist their brittle black and white thinking style, pouncing on any and every hint, skerrick or invention of a negative and amplifying it exponentially and relentlessly.

The butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth attitude of “poor me, why can’t I criticise AFLW” is mostly a sham, probably as an attempt to hide the (bordering on obsessive in some cases) frequency of attacks, which seems more revealing of an inability to accept anything new that doesn’t fit their preconceived worldview.

What AFLW Round 2 taught us

It’ll be interesting to see how much pillaging they will do. Dowrick I’ve heard is a WC fan and the Lions may have a fight on their hands to keep her.

Why AFLW can look ugly, and what teams can do to fix it

Yeah, nice sledge XD…”jealous overarching”? What, did you use a random possibly-nasty-name-calling-generator? You really don’t handle the slightest whiff of a confrontation well, do you?

I am sorry I missed your article. No need for fevered imaginations to invent nonexistent conspiracies. There may have been a few things drawing my attention away from here between Christmas and New Year. Pesky things, like non-internet-life. I’ll check the article out sometime… See how it matches up with your other comments on here

Why AFLW can look ugly, and what teams can do to fix it

“I am a vocal critic of the standard of women’s football, not women’s football itself…” Are you sure about that?

You’ve made numerous comments on AFLW threads where you’ve said things like “women aren’t physically suited to AFL”, “women should play a modified version like AFLX”. Isn’t that being a critic of women’s footy itself? Or are you talking football as in soccer?

Why AFLW can look ugly, and what teams can do to fix it

Couldn’t argue with anything you say there. Particularly for the more neutral allegianced players.

I’d say a fair amount of Freo’s drafting and list management of late was centred around Freo and/or non-WC diehards. At least two of their draftees were lifelong Freo fans.

Interestingly, I’ve heard Michelle Cowan is a WC diehard and has an assistant’s role at WC locked-up. You don’t reckon she’ll be knowing exactly who to try and target to prise out of Freo?

Why AFLW can look ugly, and what teams can do to fix it

A good sighter of where the Roos are at this week. It’s a great acid test to see how worried everyone else should be.

It’ll be interesting to see how the introductions of new teams go into next year as well. Unlike the AFL, the new teams introduced into the AFLW come in on the back of an already established club, supporter base and infrastructure, so probably could be seen to be at more of an advantage to the current teams (particularly as they can target the other teams best talent along the way and get higher draft picks to boot).

Why AFLW can look ugly, and what teams can do to fix it

Kudos to you IAP for at least staying on topic here and not trying to evade and run away.

But are you illustrating my original point? Do you have any credible evidence for your claim or is it just another one of your feelpinions?

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Is that targetting the man IAP? Shock horror.

Who are these two mysterious supporters you courageously decline to name? Care to specify the exact posts of taking it personally?

I’d say a good portion of posts on here are negative ones by posters, such as yourself and anon, who show a potentially unhealthy appetite for negativity and a bit of an inclination towards oppositional-obsessive following of certain topics. But hey, if this is a safer place to vent your spleens (and seek some attention) all power to you.

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Good to see you being open with it.

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Maybe I don’t watch enough basketball, but I’m not quite seeing how Freo is any more like basketball than footy. They do have a focus on quick ball movement so there’s something there I suppose.

It’s great to see Freo get wins early and I did think from watching them in the previous two seasons they just needed to iron out a few things in their game to translate into a more winnable style. So far this season they’ve done it with aplomb and they should be building more confidence by the week.

The signs are fantastic across the league with the ongoing upward trajectory of skill levels, which is not only a function of getting more games under the belt, but also with the new recruits who come through the pathways the AFLW has opened up. Both will increase quality exponentially as future seasons go ahead. The introduction of four teams next year is probably too early and will likely cause a hefty level of disruption, hopefully that settles quickly and the growing pains ease back into the upward development in the game.

As for the conference system, surely if the current disparity continues they’ll adjust the finals qualifying and adopt the more traditional one ladder approach (maybe even with an arctic winds cold snap in hell extending the season for a few extra rounds to even it out). The conference system was always a bit of a shaky prospect, especially with the level of change in each AFLW season, especially with the intro of two new teams.

The AFLW Round 2 awards

Another one with the “I shall not be silenced” melodrama. You put things out there they’ll meet with scrutiny.

“No injuries to key players” ain’t a bankable strategy for winning games into the future. Injuries are always highly likely to happen.

Absolute reality might be overstating it just a wee bit. A more solid version of “absolute reality” might be that no one has run out there yet and that they won eight games last year. That and if no-ones bought it for so long before, they aren’t likely to start anytime soon.

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Yup. The “sycophantic Perth media” comment shows a completely distorted version of reality.

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Don, with this injury stuff, you’re like a guy who rocks up to the car boot sale week-in-week-out with same old stuff no-one’s bought for years now and lays it out and spruiks it loud and proud. No matter what he’s got there, no-one’s buying it.

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Haha your whole purpose of existence is to dodge the truth.

These supporters you so courageously name sure sound troublesome, especially with the specific list of egregious personal attacks you list in detail.

Tell us more about it. Did they make vague general nonspecific insinuations and false accusations? Write off those who don’t share their viewpoint as biased? Create sock puppet obtuse posts to try and distract discussion? Cynically play the victim card?

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Do you actually slip a sock on your hand while you type out these “conversations” for the full effect?

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Depends on where their list is at. More teams don’t. It’s a lot easier in some leagues over others.

Another nothing-over-simplification-statement to add to your vast list of them (and that’s just this article).

You really can’t stick to the point can you? Too uncomfortable?

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

You have a rolling list. The year before it was Richmond. Before that it was Hawthorn. Cherry picking is lazy.

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?

Is that a footy comment? Is it a positive comment? C’mon anonboy, I thought those meant so much to innocent ol’ you?

Fremantle 2019: Purple reign, or Purple rain?