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Hahaha. NEWSFLASH: Random internet poster, who labels himself “anon”, who’s stock in trade is dishonest posts and revolving names, labels a guy who under his own name works highly diligently at one of the hardest jobs in footy (it’s players who win, coaches who lose) an imposter.

GWS are staring down the barrel of a 2019 contract crisis

I have to jump in there, as much to bust a lazy myth as it is in defence of Blakely.

He never missed training, he left the club early as he was sick and he didn’t go surfing that day, but just went surfing with his mates on a prearranged trip on his RDO later that weekend.

It was a technicality that he got (overzealously) busted on that you don’ do activities like surfing while your sick or injured or somesuch.

GWS are staring down the barrel of a 2019 contract crisis

The word seems to be that Lobb is a reluctant ruckman at this stage. Simpson has shown to be a vastly more effective ruckman than him this season. Whether that would change over time remains to be seen, but it’s certainly far from a certainty.

GWS are staring down the barrel of a 2019 contract crisis

Good opportunity for someone to commandeer the old Roar platform. I’m sure there’d be a fair bit of uptake from the regulars on here.

Pre-agency: The next stage of the AFL’s glacial player movement evolution

This whole finals/stay thing is a massive cop-out.

For starters, what were the odds of playing finals with a new coach on board and the draw they had this year? Quite long.

It’s also fair to say Lynch’s form hasn’t exactly been of the world beating variety for a couple of years now. Listless and apathetic would be two words that come to mind for many games this season. It’s fine putting it on everyone else if you’re having a red hot crack, but it certainly didn’t look like it.

Lynch camp regrets messy Suns split in AFL

If Neale were to (nonce out and) go next year and Freo have had another similar year to this year, they’ll get a high first-round draft pick for him anyways.

If they have a much better year next year then that would heighten the odds of him re-signing. Of course he could just be full nonce and head off now.

Got to laugh on your new found list-bravado Paul. We’ll see who’s more likely to make more of whose apples fall-out of whose tree with some shaking.

GWS are staring down the barrel of a 2019 contract crisis

Saying the AFL would be richer without GWS is like saying Sergey Brin and Larry Page would’ve been richer without their little tech start-up all those years ago, technically true but denying the real possibilities.

Also I think the Academies are still too slight a source to sustain a level of success required in the frontier markets. Particularly with the constant white-anting coming from certain (generally Vic) self-interested parties.

GWS are staring down the barrel of a 2019 contract crisis

You can’ tell me that the Giants aren’t paying overs compared to what a Vic or even WA/SA club would need to pay for a substantial portion of their list. This “contract crunch” says to me they should have their market status accommodated in their salary cap still.

As for Freo going after Lobb. I’d be more reticent myself. They should keep their powder dry for a specialist forward and at this stage big money for Lobb might scupper the chances of other deals.

GWS are staring down the barrel of a 2019 contract crisis

Hahaha. umpiring? Turnovers? Nervy much? ????

Dee-molition job: Melbourne end Hawthorn's September in straight sets

It wasn’t really a kick, but a fend (the bulk of the force came from the player running in). It would also be very difficult to create a workable law that doesn’t also penalise a number of spectacular marks.

AFL Commission to consider four recommendations put forward by competition committee

The development of Narkle would be one they would be sweating on. They’d also be hoping that Cockatoo would have a miraculous injury-unaffected pre-season and season or two.

In five years the Cats could be Carlton - so go hard now

You do carry on like a toddler with your dishonesty, philistinism and passive-aggressive petulance.

I’ve never said he’s not going anywhere, just that he’s been as heavily invested in Freo as anyone and that I find it more unlikely than likely that he would leave.

The post above, which in your usual style you were a bit too lily-livered to reply directly to, was about the possibility of it being used as a holiday and the courting club actually being ok with that. Hence the phrase “It’s not out of the realms of possibility…”, but I understand with you feeling all pent up you were unable or unwilling to process that.

Why Melbourne should trade Jesse Hogan

Get your hand off it. It wasn’t a kick as the force of impact came from the oncoming player. It was a fend.

It’d be difficult to police or write/amend a rule that accounts for it, without also penalising a whole bunch of marking situations.

Toby Greene's dangerous kung-fu kicks must be given the boot

How does dishonesty sit within your “standards?

Toby Greene's dangerous kung-fu kicks must be given the boot

So anyone standing on someone’s back or shoulders to take a speccy is penalised?

Toby Greene's dangerous kung-fu kicks must be given the boot

You really reckon it was a wise man who said “If you ain’t first you’re last”? I thought it’d more likely be some NFL boofhead or sandshoe marketing flunkie.

Geelong settles for near enough is good enough – again!

Just umpire accordingly, if he can get away with it under current rules so be it. I’m sure other players will be much more awake to it and find other counters to it. On the weekend he went a little early, so could of been penalised by the umps, but also he was a bit more off balance, which maybe taken advantage by the Swans.

Interesting in the hysteria-mongering there’s this urgency to conflate what happened on the weekend to the Dalhaus incident. The only danger on the weekend was maybe to the Sydney players testicles. There was waaay more danger in the way Naitanui slammed his knee into Sandilands’ ribs a couple of years back for example, yet it barely raised a ripple. It’s a physical game.

I’m not sure how you regulate it without eliminating a key component of spectacular marking contests.

Toby Greene's dangerous kung-fu kicks must be given the boot

Haha, everyone’s always so suss about footy club machinations.

From what I’ve heard the issue for Michell Cowan and Bec Goddard was that they weren’t being offered more full-time positions at the partner clubs (unlike their male counterparts).

The problem being that the AFLW positions wouldn’t sustain them financially through the whole year but were fulltime+ for 3-4 months. So there’s probably some degree of frustration with the management at Freo there, but I’m sure a plum footy manager’s position would wash that away pretty quickly.

I’m not sure Bell would want to take it on full-time though? He seems like he’s got a lot going on business and media-wise.

AFL top 100: The wash up - Fremantle

Players do it all the time job, it’s naive to think otherwise. Dustin Martin to GWS, Bennell at Richmond, pretty sure Cloke even did it to Freo. Maybe you just lack the imagination (or maybe just embittered or desperate) to understand that getting a player on a plane, staying in the city and seeing the sights is seen as a legitimate expense with no obligations. Timeshares often operate on a similar but less extravagant models.

Why Melbourne should trade Jesse Hogan

Agree on it being a bit of a long shot and Geelong would be wanting more out of losing Kelly I’d reckon, but it’d be a great way for Freo to come out of it with made to order players good to go.

On the backline, don’t forget Duman, who was super impressive in his last few showings.

Why Melbourne should trade Jesse Hogan

It’s not out of the realms of possibility. You could envision a scenario where Neale would say “I’m going to stick to my contract.” Brisvegas goes, “don’t worry about it, come over, treat it like a holiday, we’ll fly you business and put you up at a five star, just come in and have a look and a chat if you like.” With a “you gotta be in it to win it and just never know” approach on sponsor’s coin.

Why Melbourne should trade Jesse Hogan

Peter Bell’s seems a smart bloke and affable enough, but from my vantage point I’m not sure he would be dynamic enough in that space. He’s got no footy department experience to speak of either, which is also something I would hope the new guy would have plenty of.

You’d really want someone who could complement the senior coach, while working with them. Maybe someone with that high level coaching experience, but without too much ego getting in the way. Hey how about Michelle Cowan?

AFL top 100: The wash up - Fremantle

Who can blame him for feeling a “bit” tense, Collingwood really needed a goal there.

It was also a case where you could see the free kick scenarios go the opposite ways at the MCG.

Eddie goes troppo in the stands over umpire's call

Careful, your slip is showing.

You’ve gotten caught out on not knowing Jesse Hogan’s game and that you weren’t aware of his stamina based running. You don’t want to leave that hanging, but can’t address it, so you manufacture some bodgy accusation in trying to divert the attention to a well-worn trope hoping to get to safe territory.

Why Melbourne should trade Jesse Hogan

Nice wheeling and dealing scenario Steve J, top work.

Why Melbourne should trade Jesse Hogan