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Some friends of mine were a part of that. I agree, consistency is needed, but you need to have the right set of precedents to follow that line of thought.

Pitch invasion probe warranted or a marker of the FFA nanny state?

Nice stuff Sam. Thanks for educating the uneducated!

Hayne's NFL dream doomed to fail

Yeah, supply is one thing, but sometimes a striker needs to do it all himself. Berisha’s a master of that; creating that half-yard, forcing that mistake. Hard to replace.

Man with the golden boot: Who will be the A-League's top scorer?

“But, managing a football club is much more than drawing arrows on a whiteboard.” Here here Fuss.

I’m sure that when Poppa does make his next move, it’ll be a calculated one. Hopefully.

How long until Popovic outgrows Western Sydney?

You’ll clearly see that I never said he’s currently at Spurs.

I was just highlighting the fact that someone who you say was below the standard of other potential A-League candidates was deemed good enough to be picked up by a Premier League team.

Mind the gap: The class gulf between state league and A-League

Cheers AP! Not too shabby yourself. Dare to dream indeed…

Result aside, was a super night and hats off to all involved. Hopefully more grassroots clubs get to experience the same buzz in the coming rounds.

Now get off the computer and start focusing on Saturday… 3 points please.

The grassroots graft behind the FFA Cup

Cheers Kris! Glad you enjoyed it.

Why I left my heart in Brazil

Cheers Ian. That means a lot.

Why I left my heart in Brazil

Benzema promised so much, but delivered so little unfortunately. Kind of like the real Benzema.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Why I left my heart in Brazil

Cheers Sam, appreciate it.

Magical place. Would go again in a heart-beat.

Why I left my heart in Brazil

Thanks for such kinds words, and congratulations on the win! Was a very special night: still can’t quite believe I got the chance to go.

Why I left my heart in Brazil

Definitely planning some more pieces. If it’s stuff on the Sydney derby you’re after, it’s gonna be unashamedly WSW slanted 😉

Why I left my heart in Brazil

Cheers mate, appreciate it.

Why I left my heart in Brazil

Haha oh yeah, not many Fred fans over there let me tell you.

Agreed. There’s is the type of culture that’s built into football, and not the other way around.

Why I left my heart in Brazil

Don’t worry, I’m still exhausted! Thanks for the words.

Why I left my heart in Brazil